2 Years After Nuclear Disaster, Japan Spawns Mutated Fruits And Veggies

It might be wise to steer clear of vegetables from Japan’s Fukushima area for, oh, say a few hundred years. A Korean website assembled this image collection of produce from towns and villages surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. And they are NOT pretty pictures. From Siamese-twinned corn cobs to what can only be called peaches with elephantiasis, the region’s agriculture appears to have taken a heavy radiation hit from the nuclear disaster in 2011. It’s not clear yet what effect eating the produce might have on the population, but you never know. It could be pretty dangerous, but you never know.

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  • MichaelZWilliamson

    Some of those are existing hybrids, some are random mutations that crop up anywhere, some may be photoshop. A few of them could be direct responses to fallout contamination. Within a few years the high energy radionuclides will be all gone–there were people living at Ground Zero in Hiroshima within a few years of the blast. That was a lot more significant than a reactor leak.

  • R.Young

    Why I do believe someone has actually found pictures of some of the Fruits and Veggies we have running the Government!

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    The scariest of all was the mutant dandelion. I grew up on Japanese science fiction movies, and if anything strikes fear in my heart as a likely plague to destroy the planet, it would be a radioactive mutant dandelion.

  • Jim McClarin

    Unless there are statistics to report you are just agitating with images the likes of which may be gleaned at any time or place. I’m not opposed to your thesis, just back it up with something meaningful.

  • William Dix

    I’ve actually seen double cob corn in the past in Central America usually as the result of damage early in corncob development by an insect or blow. And I agree with Michael Z Williamson that a fair percentage of these photos can be easily explained by photoshop, natural mutation, as well gall forming insects, viruses and fungal infections all of which can sometimes have very odd effects.

  • Milt Farrow

    Hey Let’s not publicize this, The pukes of Monsanto will be up the Japanese Government’s ass for
    first option to develop and sell these “beauties”