January 30, 2015

22 Year Old With Down Syndrome Beaten By The Police For “Bulge In Pants” That Was His Colostomy Bag

October 28, 2013

Gilberto-PowellA man with special needs is speaking out after he was left badly bruised by police. Twenty-two-year-old Gilberto Powell, who has Down Syndrome, is left with horrible bruises and scars on his face after he had an encounter with police outside his home.

“That’s my son. That’s my baby. I really love this little boy. He’s my love,” said Powell’s mother, Josephine.

According to the family, they were inside their Southwest Miami-Dade home last Saturday when Powell, who is also called Liko, called his parents on his cell phone to let them know he was walking a block from his friend’s house.

On his way home, Liko said, “The police followed me.”

Liko said, the officer smacked him in the face with an open hand and knocked him to the ground.

“His whole hand,” he said.

According to the police report, a Miami-Dade Police officer noticed a bulge in Liko’s waistband. The officer attempted to conduct a pat down, and Powell tried to run away.

“I said, ‘Didn’t you know he was a Down Syndrome kid?’ And he said, ‘No, I’m not a doctor. I don’t know.’ And I said, ‘Well, you can see it in his face that he is a Down Syndrome kid,'” said Josephine.

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  • Tye

    Another out of control rent a cop !

  • oldironsides

    This raises several questions. How do cops know a person can hear a verbal command or comprehend it? Deaf people don’t carry signs with them. How about visually impaired, Alzheimer’s, speech impediment??? What kind of training do cops get in dealing with these people. Recently a 13-year old boy was shot and killed by cops because he refused an order to drop a pellet gun that looked like an AK-47. Did he hear and understand the order before the cops opened fire??

    • http://www.mormonstruth.org/products.html Dave P.

      He didn’t have time, according to the reports I’ve read. They gave the order from a fairly far distance and opened fire just a few seconds later.

      • oldironsides

        Yeah, from the official report, the kid was killed within 10 seconds after the cops first observed him carrying the pellet rifle. During those 10 seconds the cops stopped their patrol car, got out, drew their weapons and yelled out the command to drop the gun and then fired.

        • Anothercoilgun

          Why were they not fired upon for there display of weapons and murdering?
          The hypocrisy has no bounds.

        • everyoneIsOnBathsalts

          i heard they werent even cops, they were bailiffs

      • Garnette

        and I haven’t heard that they even id’d themselves as cops.. since they were behind him yelling it seems pretty natural that he would turn around… ALSO.. it was apparently just the one who did all the shooting..

    • peck2

      Obviously the police are trained to deal with “these people” as they are trained to deal with most people. That training stresses “beat them to death or shoot them to death”, knowing that they (the cops) will be exonerated because they felt threatened. In reality, these costumed, badged thugs are too stupid to realize just how “threatened” they really are.

      • oldironsides

        That phrase “felt threatened” is getting overused a lot and not just about people. Read cops shoots small dog who barked at him inside home. Read retired Sheriff’s Deputy while riding his bicycle shoots a small dog with a .357 magnum when it ran up to him and barked. All because they felt threatened. Read Prince George’s County, Maryland SWAT team shoots dogs running away from them inside a home because they felt threatened. My thoughts are that an armed police officer that feels threatened by small dogs shouldn’t be on the force in the first place.

        • peck2

          Of course the phrase is overused. But, apparently it works for them as they are usually let off of the hook.

      • Garnette

        I was reading how they are training towards not thinking but just reacting to their perception of a threat.. if they are not “thinking” and just reacting to feeling threatened then there is somehow less “legal culpability” nice eh? Judge says ok since cop didn’t make a “conscious” decision to kill and he did it because he felt “threatened”.. it’s justified.

    • ConcernedOH

      This martyrdom brought to you by MAINSTREAM MEDIA GUN HYSTERIA!! Selling fear, division, and ignorance for a living since 1935.

  • omnipotent one

    Officers such as these should be striped of their badges also their pension and be held accountable for medical expenses, also pain and suffering of these individuals. Next time, if their badge hasn’t been taken they will think first before acting.

    • Redmet007

      This is assault. They need to be arrested and charged like us “common” folk. Wearing a badge does not make one above the law.

      • http://twitter.com/macsplean macSplean

        well, it actually does make one above some laws. Perhaps you meant to say it shouldn’t …

        • macSpleanisstpuid

          It actually doesn’t put them above the law. Perhaps you meant to say they think its puts them above the law.

          • Adam

            It actually does, you think that officer is going to even get fired let alone charged? LOL

            Probably given a promotion for outstanding form and posture while administering beatings.

          • Jacob

            I think what he means is that they get to do some things that we do not in order to perform their duties. For example an officer is allowed to detain someone for 24 hours before they have to come up with an actual legal reason. If I tried to to that regardless of reason I would be… well, arrested ha

          • Jay Steremy

            “Detaining” is a “power” not a right. The power to detain, does not place an officer above the law.

          • BrianIUP

            juries also consider them above the law since they never convict them.

            they also consider their fellow officers above the law which is why they never turn each other in

          • welskie823
          • welskie823
        • PointMan

          No, have your facts straight before you speak.

          • Mike

            No one spoke. Have your facts straight.

        • Jay Steremy

          Having a badge does NOT place an officer “above the law” by any interpretation of Police powers, procedures and policies. In order to understand the role of Police in society, remember this phrase; “Police officers do not have “rights” (no more than you or I, anyway), They are vested with “powers”. And their “powers” are limited…by your RIGHTS!”

          Remember, “Rights” are for individuals. “Powers” are for Governments and their agents. Whenever a Police officer says, “I have the right to….”, they completely misunderstand the nature of those powers. Police have no more rights than you or I. Therefore, they are NOT above the law.

          • MaxwellSearcy

            Yes. It really does. One very important “right” they have that you don’t is the protection from mistake of fact. If a private citizen believes that someone is committing a felony and shoots that suspect and kills him, the private citizen that stopped the felony is protected (in most states) only if the person actually was committing a felony; a police office in the same situation is protected from prosecution whether the suspect was really committing the felony or not.

          • Jay Steremy

            Two things, you are wrong on your interpretation of the law. (show me deadly force statute or code that “gives” police any immunity not available to the Citizen). Secondly, even if you were correct in your assertion, that does not constitute a “right”. There IS a right of “self defense or defense of others” and is contingent upon whether or not the person REASONABLY believed that deadly force was necessary to protect themselves or another person from a forcible felony. The fact of whether or not a felony was actually being committed is NOT the test. The test is whether the person was REASONABLE in their belief that a forcible felony was being committed. The law is the same for citizens as well as police. Unless you can show me a specific citation of Law (USA, please). I remain unconvinced.

          • phuc_yaul

            Who police’s the police ? More police ! Kind of like Erick Holder being in charge of the Erick Holder investigation ! Police departments are the true definition of Organized Crime !

          • ninammam

            Amen! That IS what it has become!!! WE ARE ALL in Danger of these Criminal Thugs! WAKE UP America!!!

          • Angela

            They are above the law, retard. Anyone can see the policies grant them powers with immunity. It’s the way the system works, and they protect each other…where do you live, under a rock?

          • Jay Steremy

            Your invectives illustrate quite clearly, your inability to argue based on the facts or the Law. I will allow your own comment to stand as indicative of your inability to cite, statutes, codes or case law to refute my assertions and observations. No refutation is required by me to address your lack of critical thinking. Have a nice day. Additionally, anyone who upvotes their own post…is pathetic.

      • Meepmeep

        I AM THE LAW (sorry, i just had too)

        • kofsaero

          Dredd; is that you?

          • PoodleSheep

            Thank you, captain obvious.

          • kofsaero

            no problem, monkeyfucker.

      • ActualyNotEnglish

        I think it’s time to bring the street judge model. It would clearly empower the police, but at least the judge would be liable to his actions; unlike the unqualified police officer. In our modern times, the use of unecessary roughness by cops is the number one cause of disrespect of their organisation. They act like they are judges but when they fuck-up or do something bad/stupid, they aren’t responsible because they didn’t know… The solution I came up with: Group a normal police officier with a newly trainned ”cop judge” + with a camera on their chest. We would see less of this Bullshit honestly and people would fear less to be killed for no reason by a stupid police officier like the retard( the cop…) did here in this story.

      • zola98

        Me think they were jealous of the buldge in his pants and beat him up out of spite. These goons should be fired and spend some time in jail. Too many of these goons are being hired by Police forces across the country and they have neither the qualifications nor the intelligence to wear a uniform or carry a gun. Seems the police forces are now choosing their recruits from the bottom of the barrel.

        • gordiduk

          Ain’t diversity grand!!!

    • Art

      The problem is that this officer will temporarily lose his job only to be rehired with backpay. Look what happened to the officers that allowed that boy back into Jeffrey Dahmer’s custody. One became the chief of police.

    • musings2

      This is the second story I have heard of police mistreating a Down syndrome person. It strikes me that they might simply be sadistic. The other kid died of asphyxiation. Yet in any community there are people who are disabled in ways that are not immediately apparent. The police lack the training to deal with them. That is a horrible shame. I pray for this young man and his mother, and hope that he can recover his independence. I am so sad about this.

      • Jon Clifton

        The reason cops like this pick on kids like this young boy is because they know if the run into a real man, they’re liable to get their sorry asses kicked! Frigging punks.

  • BobtheGrape

    Protect and serve my ass. Cops are just getting out of control and I don’t believe that it’s just rogue cops. I believe that the departments are training the cops to view us as the “enemy”, or it is the policy of the cop department. Why else would these cases of police abuse keep on happening? Then most of the cops, when the “internal affairs” investigation is complete, get off with a slap on the ass even for killing some innocent folks.
    Our politicians, once elected to office, think they have a mandate to do whatever the hell they want. They think that they are better than the folks who elected them and are PAYING them. And now, the cops are becoming their enforcers to keep us under control and guess what? We are PAYING them to abuse us. WTF is wrong with that system???

    • soulsabr

      The supreme court has ruled that an officer has no duty to protect OR to serve. FYI

      • Burzghash

        What does that say about our Supreme Court.

      • anonomus

        Yes and the Supreme Court also ruled that for a woman to contract for the murder of her unborn child is beyond the jurisdiction of law enforcement because she has a right to privacy when she is murdering a person that is living in her whom. The Supreme Court is a collection of perverted, corrupted, exceptionally focused bunch of scam artist that run there scam by using “case law” to make excuses for there rulings that at every opportunity pass the buck to some other agency or branch of government and change the subject and refuse to address the issues brought to them to make a ruling on. They are decrepit, cowards full of excuses , but having no answers, or solutions. All they know how to do is perpetuate there branch of tyranny.

        • AnonymousTip

          I respect your opinion, but it is a bit hard to do so with your spelling… it’s womb not whom, and their not there. By definition abortion is not murder. For a killing to be considered murder it must be unlawful, which abortion is not, and premeditated, which abortion most certainly is. Execution is another example of killing that is not murder.

          These cops should have been aborted. Maybe it’s not too late…

          • Jim

            I agree with most of your opinion, but to discredit someone because of spelling errors shows your lack of humanity since you sink when you step in water just as everyone else. Pet Peeves do not judge anyone but the person carrying them, not the victim.

            As far as definitions, that does not matter when the evils ones that support that kind of behavior also write the definitions and enforce the laws. Execution is a punishment for doing wrong, so why is the unborn child being punished. The mother that is seeking the abortion should be punished if they kill someone who should not be punished.

            Your much learning has made you mad and you lack common sense…guess it is not so common anymore.

            You can take a turd and wrap it in a tortilla and call it a taco, but it is still a turd.

            “These cops should have been aborted. Maybe it’s not too late…”

            Their day is coming, just learn history, you will see their end.

          • Jay Steremy

            I think his point was that the misspelling of a simple word like “womb”, indicates a lack of formal education and training when it comes to critical thinking. It is not a crime to be ignorant, and recognition of ignorance is not an insult, rather it is an observational point that can be used to indicate the veracity and education of the writer and by extension, the veracity of their opinion.

            We all make errors, true. However some errors are so blatant, as to clearly indicate the opinion offered may be overly generalized or simplistic. Additionally, I didn’t see the writer being discredited, rather it was the opinion that was discredited, albeit respectfully with a carefully crafted rebuttal.

            Disagreeing with a persons opinion is not “discrediting” the person. And if I may, that is the problem in today’s society. Everyone seems to see a difference of opinion as a personal attack.

          • Jim

            Does the “ignorant” person (as you stated) lack the ability of critical thinking if he/she does not have a degree? Is that your position?

          • TrevorLyman

            When the Nazi’s killed it was lawful. Are you saying that wasn’t murder?

          • Steve

            Either all killing in war is murder or none is, it’s one way or the other. I’m not saying which is right, just pointing out that there can’t be any double standards with that statement.

          • TrevorLyman

            Not true at all Steve – killing those with weapons who are shooting at you may be one thing, but killing those that have no weapons and who do not mean you any harm is quite another. The Nazi’s did both and one may have been ‘war’ (which some would still say is murder) and the other was definitely murder (rounding up innocent, defenseless people and firing machine guns into them). You’re all or nothing definition couldn’t be further from the truth.

          • Steve

            Perhaps, or perhaps not, but if so, then that definition needs to apply to ALL countries who have ever been involved in a war. Britain involved in the Falklands, USA in Vietnam, there isn’t a war at any time where innocents aren’t knowingly harmed in the process. I understand the point you are trying to make, but Hitler and his death camps are an easy target, it’s a harder point to make when you have to defend against the reality that all wars and all countries involved in wars have committed crimes, including murder. The hows and whys are just semantics. To ask a painful question, are the deaths of innocents in the middle east not considered murder, even if those attacks were undertaken knowing civilian casualties were possible? Are they just collateral damage and NOT murder? Again, I’m not saying one or the other, I’m just playing devil’s advocate, but I DO believe that the subject of murder in war is one which is often used to demonize our enemies whilst glossing over our own acts because they are ‘justified’ in our eyes. It’s a double standard that shouldn’t exist.

          • TrevorLyman

            I don’t think I’ve strayed into any of that grey area. I’m defining murder (here) as any time you intentionally kill someone who cannot fight back, or kill someone who can fight back and who is not at war with you. The OP said that murder is not murder if it is lawful and I’m saying that’s not true. Governments make bad laws and government law does not define murder. That is my point here. This can be applied to today’s police as well. Some government policies allow police to get away with murder- like when they kill a double amputee in a wheelchair wielding a ball point pen and get away with it (true recent story), not even manslaughter charges filed against police.

          • Jay Steremy

            Indeed, your logic is inescapable except for one simple truth that you ommitted: “History is written by the victors.”

          • Lickylick

            hahahahahaha. Wake up. Government defines words and phrases using specialty meanings. It is why you and most other people in the US continue to allow the IRS to steal more than half of what they labor for. Learn the law, quit paying these pieces of garbage. losthorizons.com

          • Jay Steremy

            Depends on what “killing” you are referring to. When Nazi soldiers killed in combat, it was lawful and therefore not murder. However, the killings that took place in the camps, in the ghettos and even the killing of American POWs at Malmedy, was indeed “murder” and many Nazis had their necks stretched for it.

          • Hans Solo

            Don’t you mean “executed” not “aborted”.

        • Steve

          I respect your opinion, though I don’t share it, however the abortion issue is not an absolute one way or the other, both sides of the argument are valid and as such, any rational human being can’t use this as an example why the Supreme Court are bad or stupid or unprofessional or whatever. They made a ruling based on all the information at hand and it is different to yours, that doesn’t make it less viable.

          • gordiduk

            Oh, so you are saying there are no absolutes in this world? Let me absolutely correct you on that erroneous belief. Killing a human being inside its mother for whatever reason is absolutely and positively wrong. You can take that to your grave with you.

          • LauraQ

            does anyone know what happened with this story. What happened to the police offier. Who is her etc etc.

        • Floyd Wilson

          Do you consider removing a tumor murder also?

    • Dred Dormammu

      trained by Israeli IDF

    • Lickylick

      These thugs get trained using military weapons and gear and attitude. The only thing they understand is to destroy first and let the court or review board deal with their abusive ways.

  • brizkymom

    While this represents a serious problem in society, This event happened 2 years ago. September 2011. I am sure that is more recent news you can report on.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1218368247 Valerie Engh

      Not everyone knows about these incidents since the mainstream media doesn’t cover them nearly as much as they should. These incidents must be widely exposed , even if after the fact.

  • jag uffluc

    Instead of protect and serve, LEO motto is now do as I say or else…

  • ConcernedOHIO

    No, you’re not a doctor; but you are a FREAKING SENTIENT HUMAN BEING. Your knuckle-dragging use of “Force First, Questions Later” is NOT EXCUSED. You are a simple thug, wrapping yourself in the cloak of legitimacy.

    • Cin

      My ten year old niece knew that boy had Down Syndrome !

      • brownskie

        I’m an internet troll and I can see he’s Down Syndrome!

        • LordPeckerwoodFour

          watch out – poppin’ a stiffie is grounds for a search now

      • LauraQ

        what happened to this case?

    • Tyler Briley

      The most horrifying thing of all is that it will probably, in fact, be excused.

    • n4zhg

      I believe the word you’re looking for is “myrmidon”.

      • 10

        had to look that on up, you hit the nail on the head.

  • BillyBaloo

    This or these officers need to be relieved of their jobs and lose their Pensions

    • everyoneIsOnBathsalts

      little do they know the govt is stealing their pensions LOL

      by the time they realize it will be too late

  • Michael

    This happened more than 2 years ago?

  • Neo

    When people get tired of abusive cops, the citizenry will starting arming themselves and take them out one by one.
    Now that’s called justice.

    • Steve

      No, that’s called stupidity. There are many good, honest, hard working and fair men and women who work in law enforcement, and your answer is to kill them all just because a few of them are bad? In this age of social media it wouldn’t be difficult to name and shame a bad cop and force action to be taken against them.

      • BrianIUP

        If only a few were bad, then the good ones would be turning in those bad ones and reporting them when they lie to cover their asses.

        The blue wall is a lot stronger than you think, they all consider themselves above the rest of us.

    • mike

      you are a moron.

  • Josh

    Definition of stupid cops. If they can’t recognize down syndrome…..what can they recognize? This story makes me sad.

    • BigUgly666

      Well, they certainly can’t recognize real weapons or real threats to their “safety” … what do you expect.

  • J. Nev

    Semantics, stop beating yourself in the head with my fist… SUE SUE SUE. What’s the cops name???

  • David Stovall

    Started. with illegal search. We need laws to get police under control. The exemptions to protect them so they can do their job , are now being abused.

  • BigUgly666

    Even if he did have a stiffy, it’s not up to the “police” to do a pat-down … unless the cop is a PERVERT.

  • Lou

    Unreal I seriously am left speechless.

  • Betty Liberty

    Jackbooted Thug! He needs to be locked up!

  • Garnette

    Thank goodness he made it home unlike the 13 yr old boy here in california. Approached from BEHIND and shot 7 times and killed within 10 SECONDS of them calling it in because they thought he was armed with a real weapon and felt threatened when he turned towards them. Is it natural to turn around when you hear yelling behind you? I shouldn’t say “they” because only one officer did the killing.. the other one apparently didn’t feel the need.

  • PlainOldTruth

    The cop has low IQ and has been given a gun and a license to attack people. His boss was too lazy to train him. So he goes after a disabled victim. The cop needs 10 years without parole. Let him pay for his sadism. I don’t care that the cop is borderline retarded.

  • Angelo S

    Instead of taxpayers getting the shaft on these lawsuits these LEO’s need to carry insurance so they can pay the judgements.

    • theendisfar

      Just go after their pensions. When good police officers’ retirements are threatened, they will more likely start policing their own.

      More importantly, we need to restore our ‘Law Enforcers’ back into Peace Keepers. When you have 10’s of 1,000’s of laws to ‘enforce’, you end up needing 100’s of 1’000’s of ‘Law Enforcers’. Having 10’s of 1,000’s of laws makes it impossible to follow them all. All too often it is the ‘Law Enforcers’ enforcing stupid laws that ends up ‘Disturbing the Peace’.

  • jg10289

    forget whether the police knew of his condition… how about the fact that NO ONE should be subjected to a random pat down or physical violence because of a “bulge” in their pants. folks, we don’t all wake up very soon, we will deserve what we get.

    • Kira00

      Oh, USA is not Sovjet? The police are probably confused about that, since they are so similar nowadays.

    • Guest

      He received physical violence because he ran from the police. If someone does not have the mental facilities to understand how to interact with authorities he/she should have an escort with the proper mental capabilities. This man should not have been walking alone.

      • TrevorLyman

        You’ve just weakened my faith in humanity.

      • mero818

        Oh, so please tell me where that is in the Constitution that you must always have an escort? There are down syndrome people that can live pretty independent lives.

      • Jay Steremy

        Why? He was minding his own business. If the “authorities” don’t have the mental facilities to understand how to deal with members of the public who comport to no common standard, then they should not be vested with Police powers or entrusted with badges, guns and nightsticks. The onus is on the Police to comport THEMSELVES. The onus is NOT upon members of the public who are minding their own business.

      • jg10289

        Sorry, I must have been mistaken to think that people in the U.S. were free to walk around without being subject to random stops and searches.

  • Dave Infinger

    There is no excuse for excessive force like this. What is wrong with these cops?

  • Adam_Rodriguez

    We just need Americans to wake up and realize the cops are NOT your friends. They are a militarized force that obeys the police state and hold allegiance to the dollar.

  • Michael Mahoney

    I’m not a Dr. ? No shit ! And the story of how the young man received his injuries while the officer was trying to pat him down , for no reason I might add , is total bullshit ! Downs syndrome people could all comprehend that . But obviously that cop is of such limited intellectual capacity that he should not be allowed to be a policeman and certainly not trusted with a gun ! Fire him now along with any others who support or defend his actions !

  • Michael Mahoney

    I’m not a Dr. ? No shit ! And the story of how the young man received his injuries while the officer was trying to pat him down , for no reason I might add , is total bullshit ! Downs syndrome people could all comprehend that . But obviously that cop is of such limited intellectual capacity that he should not be allowed to be a policeman and certainly not trusted with a gun ! Fire him now along with any others who support or defend his actions !

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  • oldman67

    when are people going to learn the people the police protect and server are not the citizens who the governments.Town, city State or federal.Like Alan Grayson once told Bernanke. We know you serve. The question is who do you serve?

  • Patick M

    This story is over two years old, but now because of Trayvon Martin, people want to jump on it? Where was the initial outrage when it first happened?

  • terry lee
  • anonomus

    At least 8 cops literally beat to death a retarded man in California under similar circumstances. So we have a Federalized, militarized, paranoid, misinformed, lawless gang of criminals that dress in the costume of government agency and are getting away with premeditated murder and other lesser capital crimes. The very act of this cop “patting down” this retarded young man, has no legal basis and is a crime on the part of the cop, even before he began the battery on the man. That “pat down” is a criminal assault. These cops are a product of congressional laws that are treason, and criminal, the law itself a crime. It is time we take these action of cops and rub them in the faces of congress and demand repeal of this madness. And the cops doing this need justice metered out to them in any manor capable of delivery.

  • policearefuckingstupid

    Every single cop in this world can suck a big fat cock.

  • Arizona Eagletarian

    People should be asking WHY local law enforcement agencies are militarizing their forces. But how many Americans have TIME to engage in civic activism of any kind?

  • BellevuWA

    So sick and tired of police breaking the law. We all know you hardly even need a GED to become one, but this is getting ridiculous. I read about police brutality more and more. Police are NOT above the law.

  • jjjjojojojo

    I don’t see why people are surprised by things like this, when police departments regularly try and dumb down the force, setting a max IQ for the officers they hire.

  • sudomudo

    Its punk cops like this I jsut LOVE to hear about in the news getting clipped in the line of duty!


  • Sir.Crozett

    Even if he hadn’t had down-syndrome, what the f*ck gives them the right to just hit him? This is utter rubbish! I’m so sick of the law as a whole, it’s corrupt, it’s uneducated and it’s pathetic!


  • Capital7

    I am so fucking sick of cops. March them all into the sea.

  • The Nev

    If the scared little girls of the LAPD can put 8,000 bullets into an old lady’s truck because someone said, “Dorner,” you might as well give these guys raises for public service.

  • Glasheengal

    jesus, what next? this is so upsetting, that poor boy

  • kofsaero

    Kill the pigs and hang their bodies from street lamps! haha. Seriously arrest and prosecute these bullies. No more slap on the wrist paid administrative leave. Tried, convicted and FIRED.

    • tegger

      Exactly. It seems to me it’s happening more and more and I’m starting to think they are just doing this for paid vacation. Bullies is the exact right word for cops these days.

  • HadEnough

    Who is the piece of trash who did this? There should be a registry of cops like this one. Just like there is for sex offenders so people know who they’re dealing with in their community.

  • Duncan

    Did this not happen in 2011? What about an actual update on the case, or an apology from the police department or at least a settlement?


  • ratz

    And they say Russia’s bad…

  • brittany

    The police tried to illegally search a mentally handicapped guy and beat him when he ran away? Having a bulge in his pants isn’t probable cause. I hope lawyers are lining up to sue over this one.

  • HombreGranJefe

    He should’ve punched the cop in the face. Apparently, that’s how Miami handles bullies. I’m sure that would’ve solved the problem.

  • Scotch

    This is the fourth or fifth time I have seen this county in the news. I am glad I don’t live in this ‘police state’. And to the remarks about these cops getting fired, they won’t. This county seems to favor beating the living crap out of people.

  • carbonated_turtle

    Let me guess, this POS officer is on “administrative leave”, AKA paid vacation? Goddamn pigs. If IQ tests were a requirement to become a cop, there would be a lot less of these single digit IQ bullies running around with badges.

  • Guest

    I will never trust the police, I suggest everyone do the same.

  • Peter Straub

    So if this kid didn’t have down syndrome and did have drugs in his front pocket, we’d never hear about this.

    99% of the time, if a person runs away from the police with a giant bulge in their pants, it’s going to be drugs.

    1% of the cops fuck up so the other 99% can do their jobs. But fuck the police right?

    • spassky

      you, sir, are an idiot.

      • Peter Straub

        You, sir, seem to enjoy a certain amount of internet anonymity that provides you with means of not saying that directly to my face like a little bitch.

  • A.J.

    I’m now under the assumption that most police are terrible people. That the bad ones far outnumber the good.

  • IdgaradLyracant

    Remember the left only wants those special elite LEO types to have guns because they have the proper training and discipline to use force properly.

    • Oliver Grayson Eckert

      Shut up. This is not about left or right. The police were just wrong. End of story. You’re ignorant.

      • IdgaradLyracant

        How so?

  • Peter Horak

    Police don’t have to follow the law, because they protect it, right ?

  • Anon

    Train the police better, or we will begin to kill them in self defense. No self-respecting officer of the law should not be trained in things like this, as well as basic first aid, which seems not to have been administered.

  • Jeff LeFevre

    Zero excuse for this. Zero. This is no longer America. The worst part is that everyone here (including myself) fully expects these assholes to get a paid vacation out of beating a kid with downs. The LEAST that needs to happen is stripping these jackasses of their badges. What should happen is federal convictions and financial responsibility. Life is tough enough for kids with disabilities, now this poor guy will freak out every time he sees a cop. We’re talking a lifetime of suffering on top of his disability, and any permanent injury – all for having a bulge in his pants? What is a disabled kid with a bulge in his pants going to do? I hope his parents, caretakers, whoever press charges and fight like hell to win.

  • roby

    A police officer that cannot distinguish a down from normal people shouldn’t be entitled to represent the law.

  • thisreallygridinmygears

    no you’re not a doctor, apparently you don’t have common sense either.

  • Sensia

    I don’t understand, what the hell? Every damn day another article about corrupt abusive cops… and the lawsuits just keep piling up and the taxpayers pay out the ass for this stupid crap!

  • dewey

    Fascist pigs

  • bassman

    regardless this guy was a downs or not the officer had no right to hit him

  • Sarah

    Disgusting. Those pigs could benefit from watching some educational films on down syndrome: http://www.justlikeyoufilms.org

  • DragonTattooz

    Stupid fucking pig. Fuck The Police. This is what happens when you let imbeciles become police. The problem is that smart people don’t want to be cops, so we are left with the idiot bullies who nobody else will hire.

  • Joe Public

    Yes officer you’re not a doctor, but I do know you’re a dumbass to use that lame excuse.

  • NotEnglishButStillClear

    I think it’s time to bring the street judge model. It would clearly empower the police, but at least the judge would be liable to his actions; unlike the unqualified police officer. In our modern times, the use of unecessary roughness by cops is the number one cause of disrespect of their organisation. They act like they are judges but when they fuck-up or do something bad/stupid, they aren’t responsible because they didn’t know… The solution I came up with: Group a normal police officier with a newly trainned ”cop judge” + with a camera on their chest. We would see less of this Bullshit honestly and people would fear less to be killed for no reason by a stupid police officier like the retard( the cop…) did here in this story.

    • musings2

      Expensive solution, but I like your thinking. The cops actually resent citizens standing there and observing them. Perhaps a start would be that if you stand at a distance (with your cellphone camera) they cannot arrest you or stop your citizen’s observations.

  • http://bigdanblogger.blogspot.com/ Big Dan

    Look: if a cop spots a bulge he doesn’t like in someone’s clothing, HE’S NOT A DOCTOR! SO HE CAN BEAT THAT PERSON TO DEATH!

  • Batranul Muntelui

    Now, we all know you’re not a doctor, because you’re a policeguy, right? But then, anyone who is not a complete moron can tell if a person has Down Syndrome or at least that the person in front of him is mentally challenged. So, either you are a mean douchebag with no respect for the human beings that you are supposed to protect, either a colossal moron, your choice.

    • Keith Cameron

      I think he’s clearly both a mean douchebag and a colossal moron.

  • We need vigilante justice

    Fuck those cops, fuck them long and hard with a barb wire wrapped hot poker. stripping them of their badges is far to nice. Where are the watchmen when we need them. Who is watching the watchers.

  • suezz

    I would of took the bag out and spilled it all over the cops uniform.

  • Dred Dormammu

    Remember this – US police are being trained by Israeli IDF. Somebody wants to turn the USA into Gaza. Everyday, we see these brain-damaged cops shooting dogs, beating sick and old people, all with immunity from legal action.

  • 7geez

    I am an ardent supporter of the police – my wife is a sheriff’s deputy. The majority do a very good job under challenging circumstances. But this officer needs to be fired and the family needs to sue the living p^$$ out of this department. It’s unconscionable how this young man was treated and how little due cause there was for stopping him in the first place. Officers this ignorant have no place as authority figures in our country.

  • Jimbob

    People no longer become cops because they want to help others and protect the public. They do it because they want to join a gang and “kick /ss” and prefer to pretend they’re on the “good” side.

    They’ve completely lost touch with the fact that they aren’t actually ABOVE the law just because they enforce the law. They’ve poured so much money into militarizing the police force that they no longer fear the public. The only thing they truly fear these days are hidden video camera’s and the internet.

    There needs to be a massive clean out of the police force from the northern tip of Canada to the southern tip of Mexico. A good start would be random drug testing for steroids!

  • Whatthehell

    Why does this say “last Saturday” if this happened in 2011?

  • SamOfTheChalk

    Anyone who can, send an email here, the office of the Miami-Dade mayor: mayor@miamidade.gov

  • kantflimflamdazimzam

    black down syndrome people look suspicious.

  • A.C.A.B

    Officers like this shouldn’t just be stripped of their badge, they should be hung from trees.

  • nathan rabalais

    only in the great state of Flori-duh you see something like this come on how dumb can this cop be saying you don’t know someone is down syndrome shows a sign of ignorance really the man knew he was down syndrome more then likely he harassed kids in high school who had special needs amazes me how they let idiots like that on the force

  • john burton

    we give the bottom of the gene pool a gun and a badge. why are we surprised when something like this happens?

  • fatwillie

    stopping him for a bulge in his pants is not probable cause. how many men could be stopped daily because of a bulge is almost hard to comprehend. unless of course the officers are homo’s and have an ulterior motive. when I was a teenager, you could have stopped me everyday for the same thing correct me if i’m wrong but this is nature at its best. now having seen the young man anyone with a brain, and not raised in a bubble could or should have easily noticed the young man had down syndrome . this officer should be fired, and any and all benifits taken away. he should never be able to hold a job at any level of police or security work. I am not sure he even qualifies to flip burgers. he is a disgrace of a man and human.

  • James

    I hope they (the family) sues the hell out of the police dpet.

  • Sean

    So many stupid cops in this country

  • Guest

    These guys are dammed criminals and should kicked out of the force and locked up with the rest of the prison population. Buba’s waiting for them!

  • Charles

    I am sorry to say but it seems like Police Officers are getting to be real STUPID here lately. Killing a kid for carrying a B.B. Gun, Killing a kid because he had his dads truck with out permission and now this beating of a kid due to a colostomy bag. Are cops just getting plain STPID or are they so scared to be on the streets that they need to finds another job??

  • historian

    “It’s a problem that’s faced by police departments in every major city in our country, that criminals infilitrate and sign up to join the police force,” says Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, CXLVI Newsweek, p 23 (10 October 2005). See examples, e.g., by Guy Lawson and William Oldham, The Brotherhoods: The True Story of Two Cops Who Murdered for the Mafia (New York: Scribner, 2006); Louis Eppolito, Mafia Cop (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1992), http://medicolegal.tripod.com/govtcrime.htm

  • phuc_yaul

    Cops don’t THINK they are above the law, they KNOW that they are above the law ! Hell, they ARE the law !

  • SomebodySmart

    “According to the police report, a Miami-Dade Police officer noticed a bulge in Liko’s waistband.”

    Excuse rejected. The cop wanted to conduct a pat-down search without probable cause. SCOTUS says cops may do so, but that does not mean the human race has to put up with it. A cop tried to subject a human to a pat-down search without probable cause in West Memphis, Tennessee on 20 May 2010 and the undertaker straightened out that cop.

  • Nancy Robinson-Jackson

    I have a handicapped son 18, god help the person that ever hurt him! ….his dad

  • Cecile Charles

    How terrible for this young man. Appalling, that a cop did this.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ZionMarQuiese.Devereaux Zion MarQuiese Devereaux

    Let’s see if the people in that area cause enough ruckus to get this police officer fired.

  • Pingback: Man With Down Syndrome Brutally Beaten By Police Because Of A "Bulge" In His Pants()

  • massvocals

    i wish i knew more like the officer names these cops need to be fired but we can not rely on system of things to do the right act .. so its up to us send the word far and near the public will act sooner or later

  • BarbL

    Police every where seem to be going nuts. I’d say out of control but it isn’t as if we’ve ever had control. This is horrible and so are the stories below his. They need a lot more schooling it seems.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      They don’t need schooling–unless it’s from those who’ve been brutalized by the pigs. They need to be G.O.N.E., one way or another.

  • LauraQ

    What was the result of this case?

  • n4zhg

    If you test all police officers for steroids, and get rid of the 90% who test positive, these kind of stories will become a thing of the past.

  • jcalex

    I guess that`s better than putting 8 rounds in him like did to one young man with a Pee Bag Bulge.

  • anarchyst

    1. Eliminate qualified and absolute immunity for ALL public officials. If they could be personally sued, they would tend to behave themselves.
    2. Establish a video audit trail for all public official / citizen interactions. Severe punishment should be meted out for public officials who fail to maintain the audit trail. Equipment malfunction is no excuse. Quite often police will turn off or otherwise tamper with the equipment.
    3. Prosecutors must be subordinate to the grand jury. Grand juries must be able to bring charges on their own without the prosecutor’s “permission”.
    4. Civilian review boards must be composed of citizens with NO police background in their families. All police misconduct must be investigated by outside agencies with the civilian review board having final say.
    These changes would help to stem the increasing tide of (official) police misconduct.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Yep, thinking and aware people know that what you wrote makes absolute common sense. However, it seems that a majority of American sheeple STILL have expectations of right behavior from the thugs in blue.

  • ninammam

    So buisy bickering over a stupid comment you lose sight of the problem at hand and that is a Disabled American was Assaulted by Criminal thugs in uniform and that is exactly what they are. They call these Criminals police and that is a LIE it is proven Everyday with all the Criminal behavior, intimidation, Assaults, Murders of Innocent Americans, it happens every day and they are protected by the leaders of their Criminal organization sometimes with paid leave/vacation.

  • ninammam

    STOP calling these CRIMINAL THUGS POLICE! There are no more Police, they are Military guards in charge of this prison planet, and we are ALL Guilty, the Disabled, children, elderly it matters not!!!

  • Boomhauser

    This is just wrong. On the other hand the old lady got what she had coming, technically. Last I checked once bullets are impacting in your general direction, for any reason. a cop will fire back.

  • Tav

    The 14th amendment to the constitution makes persons subject to the authority of the laws of the state through due process. What we have here is a subject citizen of the United States getting his ass due processed by a law enforcement officer. If the 14 amendment was truly about extending rights to black persons that were formerly held as private property, it would have called them People and said Rights but it calls us all citizen persons and talks about our privileges. You cannot be both a People as in “We the People” and a person subject to authority at the same time. When this amendment extended “privileges” to former slaves it managed to enslave us all, and managed to change We the People and their posterity to nothing more than property of the state exchanging the natural law of the Constitution for maritime law that we live under today. 14th amendment person citizens have NO RIGHTS.

  • enyrhtak

    This particular officer should be punished but I work closely with law enforcement and most of them are good people who’s true intent is to serve and protect. A few bad apples don’t have to spoil the whole bushel. I’ve worked in a county and interacted with local municipalities, county and state police and have seldom ever run into an officer that I believe is a danger to the public. I know they exist, but generalizations are not the way to treat many men and women who lay their lives on the line every day they go to work.

    • blakmira

      Just how “closely” do you work with “law enforcement”? Enough to pretend and claim that these “bad apples” are extremely rare and in the minority? Enough to bend over and keep your mouth shut if you see one of those bad apples? Why, you’re just a little whore in a uniform.

    • nate

      I agree with blakmira. you obviously don’t realize these uniformed terrorists are twofaced. when they are in your building they put on their choir boy “i just care so much” mask. but when they are prowling the streets they are predators looking for prey. just like lions looking for the most vulnerable gazelle, these twofaced terrorists are looking for easy prey. in today’s society that is poor people, minorities in particular.

  • geltman

    Personally, I think this SS officer should be put in jail for 10 years, but only with the general population, no separation for him. If you don’t want to put him away and pay his keep for 10 years, just execute this piece of crap, he is most definitely worse than a criminal. Look at this poor kid’s face after the beating. Autistic, Downs Syndrome kids? They are G-d’s Children for us to protect.

  • Lickylick

    yet another pos leo who will go unpunished.

  • jhk

    This makes me sick… and yes, I see the petty argument going on in the comments!

    The point of this, is that the police think they are above the law… they think they have the right to beat, maim or kill anyone that they want to, without cause! I am more afraid of the police officers in todays world, than I am the gangs… they have become villains and we have no control over the abuse so many have taken at their hands!

    Back in the day, we told our children to find a police officer for help.. now we have to teach them not to trust a police officer and get away as fast as possible!

  • davd

    Some cops are mean people and need to be fired. Most are great people. The good ones have to police the bad ones. We have to police them all.

    • nate

      pull your phone out of your pocket at the wrong time and watch your alleged “great people” cop blow your brains out and brag about it for the rest of his life.

  • davd

    These cops need to be put in jail.

  • davd

    These posts are seldom discussed without half of the posters going off on their own tangents and getting on soap boxes. Interesting theatre. But, seldom on point. Everyone has an agenda. A few are just nut jobs and this gives them a place to vent. I’d prefer it if everyone stayed on topic and didn’t degenerate into name calling. But, I’d like a lot of things….

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    Even I can see this poor kid has Downs. From the looks of the guy, EXCESSIVE force was used….God bless him! SUE, SUE, SUE!

  • Kennethpytn

    I am very pleased that all this is going on in America. Initially the police were given the green light to beat, rob, rape, and murder Black people. However, what America forgot was that absolute power corrupts. Now the cops across the nation are crossing the line and beating, robbing, raping and killing white citizens and anyone else they feel needs a lesson. Now, what is America going to do to retake the power from these animals? NOthing! A Fifth Estate has been created in America, and as we all know the only way to eliminate a Fifth Estate is to create a war and destroy them.

  • rejco


  • rejco


  • Jack Rauber

    Some of these cops are criminals and ought to do time for actions such as these. Is the cop really that stupid? Yes, yes he is.

  • 12grace

    A huge law suit is on order.


    Cop should be in jail.

  • Fred W

    He didn’t know the kid had Down’s?
    What does the Officer have, Duh’s?

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