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While the election may be over, Hillary Clinton supporters are not taking the results well.

They’ve protested in the streets and laid the blame on just about everything and everyone but themselves.

They’ve blamed the Russian Government, Putin, Wikileaks, The Electoral College, James Comey of the FBI, fake news, the vote counters, the non-voters, Libertarian voters, white female voters who voted Trump and even Huma Abedin (Hillary’s own staffer).

I’m sure we’re missing a few scapegoats, but honestly, it’s too much work to keep track of them all. 🙂

Now, can you guess who isn’t on their blame list?

That’s right…

Hillary Clinton.

So, in response to the Clinton campaign’s ‘blame game’, we’ve put together 24 great quotes on how real leaders handle defeat, lose with dignity and accept responsibility for their outcomes.

Obviously there are a lot of angry and frustrated people out there who greatly need to see this message so please share widely!

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