3-D Printing Revolution: Printing Human Hearts

Tom Clarke reports on the 3-D printing revolution that could save lives.

How Investors Can Join the 3-D Printing Revolution

Creating a solid, three-dimensional object from a printer sounds like science fiction but it’s very real. 3-D printing has created prosthetic legs, racing-car parts, customized mobile phones and more.

“These were experimental technologies for decades and now they’re commercial,” says Josh Brown, vice president of Fusion Analytics. “And the applications essentially cut across every vertical from health care to defense to aerospace to manufacturing to oil and gas. There is nothing that’s not going to benefit from some of these newly commercialized 3-D technologies.”

Investors can benefit too. There are three publicly traded 3-D technology companies: 3D Systems (DDD), Stratasys (SSYS) and Proto Labs (PRLB) and all are trading at record highs.

How Investors Can Join the 3-D Printing Revolution [continued]

3D Printed Robot


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