60 Minutes Confirms Benghazi Is A Real Scandal, And You’ve Been Lied To


When Chris Stevens was killed in Benghazi, Libya, on the anniversary of September 11th last year, it was only the sixth time that the United States had lost an ambassador to its enemies. The events of that night have been overshadowed by misinformation, confusion and intense partisanship. But for those who lived through it, there’s nothing confusing about what happened, and they share a sense of profound frustration because they say they saw it coming.

Tonight, you will hear for the first time from a security officer who witnessed the attack. He calls himself, Morgan Jones, a pseudonym he’s using for his own safety. A former British soldier, he’s been helping to keep U.S. diplomats and military leaders safe for the last decade. On a night he describes as sheer hell, Morgan Jones snuck into a Benghazi hospital that was under the control of al Qaeda terrorists, desperate to find out if one of his close friends from the U.S. Special Mission was the American he’d been told was there.

Morgan Jones: I was dreading seeing who it was, you know? It didn’t take long to get to the room. And I could see in through the glass. And I didn’t even have to go into the room to see who it was. I knew who it was immediately.

Lara Logan: Who was it?

Morgan Jones: It was the ambassador, dead. Yeah, shocking.

Morgan Jones said he’d never felt so angry in his life. Only hours earlier, Amb. Chris Stevens had sought him out, concerned about the security at the U.S. Special Mission Compound where Morgan was in charge of the Libyan guard force.

Now, the ambassador was dead and the U.S. compound was engulfed in flames and overrun by dozens of heavily armed fighters.

60 Minutes Confirms Benghazi Is A Real Scandal, And You’ve Been Lied To [continued]

Hillary Clinton’s public reactions to the Benghazi attacks:


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  • sp2580

    Liars,Sociopaths, Marxists

    • http://www.mormonstruth.org/products.html Dave P.

      In other words: Career politicians.

  • jag uffluc

    Wonder if this new evidence will convince the BHO worshipers that he and his administration really did drop the ball in Benghazi…

  • Frank_O

    60 Minutes Confirms Benghazi Is A Real Scandal, And You’ve Been Lied To
    -We all knew that & I was surprised that Romney never really beat Obama over the head with that in the debates. Being the author of RomneyCare, he could not beat Obama over the head with ObamaCare. I preferred a third Party candidate to Romney, but I knew Romney was going to lose to Obama. America died a little more with the re-election of Obama.

  • ynot202

    Hypocrisy is color blind.

  • jbyork3

    It’s 3 A.M., and your children are safe and asleep. Who do you want answering the phone? Are you ready for Hillary? What difference does it make?