Adam Kokesh Charged With Felony Assault On An Officer, Held Without Bail


Eye witness reports are saying that Adam Kokesh is being charged with a felony assault on an officer during his arrest and is being held without bail because the state believes he may be abusing drugs.

Arrest Documents – Click to view

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Footage of Adam Kokesh being arrested:


Media Contact
Lucas Jewell (904) 200-7016

Free Adam Kokesh Campaign to Melt US Attorney’s Phone Lines

(Philadelphia, PA, May 20, 2013)— Activist advocate Shield Mutual has launched the Free Adam Kokesh Campaign in response to the US Park Police’s arrest of activist Adam Kokesh while speaking to a marijuana legalization rally on Saturday, May 18 in center city Philadelphia.

A video on YouTube shows the US Park Police arresting Kokesh while he was speaking to the crowd. He is currently being held at the Philadelphia federal prison. “They just came after Adam and N.A. Poe, the organizer of Smokedown – the only two there out of hundreds present who were taken into custody,” said Michael Salvi, an observer of the rally.

Shield Mutual is conducting a call flood on Monday, May 20 starting at 8AM. Friends of Adam Kokesh are currently calling the US attorney, the US magistrate and other federal bureaucrats to politely but firmly demand that Kokesh be immediately and unconditionally released. More than 1,000 people have already RSVP’d on Facebook for the call flood and hundreds have already called.

Supporters of Kokesh and N.A. Poe, who was arrested with Kokesh on Saturday, are currently rallying outside of the Philadelphia federal courthouse at 601 Market St.

About Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh is a former US Marine corporal and veteran of the Iraq War who is active for peace, marijuana legalization, the right to keep and bear arms and other libertarian causes. Kokesh is the host of talk radio show “Adam vs the Man.”

About Shield Mutual

Shield Mutual is the agora’s first defense agency. We defend activists from government attack using public relations. More information about the Free Adam Kokesh campaign is at More information about Shield Mutual is at


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  • Bianca Behler

    what state is he in??? and its too true. No Victim, No Crime.


      Corpus Delicti. :)

    • Tim

      No victim is needed under “contract law”. Adam probably admitting that he’s a “U.S. citizen” slave (see here: www. sovereigntyinternational .info/The%20US%20citizen.html) so, he’ll be going to jail. Too bad he didn’t say he was the living beneficiary in court and appoint the judge as trustee and to discharge the debt. The only type of procedure in the U.S. is “civil” unless you’ve injured another party, and that party is smart enough to bring a common law suit.

  • Tim Trudell

    police state? scare tactics? BULL SHIT!!


      It’s Obongoland, silly.

      • greg scott

        Has little to do with obama. Just typical thuggish behavior by the ruling class who have a monopoly on the initiation of force due to the almost universal belief in authority of all the sheeple.

  • MoNgO

    Someone in power apparently doesn’t like Adam rocking the boat…..The whole thing is on the video & it clearly shows that he didn’t assault anyone or resist, so this should be a no brainer for a legit judge that’s not in someone’s pocket….This looks like this is a clear message to show who’s boss & re-think his future – especially his plans for the March on D.C. that’s planned….The orders to shut him up couldn’t have come all the way from D.C….COULD THEY ????……….nah !!….ΜΟΛΩΝ

  • csh7

    This is absolutely despicable!!!! First of all, Their charge is bogus….. Adam was conducting himself in a lawful manner, in an assembly to protest, which is a right recognized in the 1st amendment. He did not go after them…. rather, the “assault” was made by the officers, as they grabbed him in plain view of everyone, and pushed him where they wanted him to go. They had no legitimate cause to humiliate him the way they did, to arrest him, detain him, and now hold him in jail without bond. They are purposefully just trying to cause pain on those who speak their minds and may disagree with unconstitutional bullying from officials. The Bullies are strutting their stuff and trying to stomp on the little guy. Regarding the charge that he “may” have smoked weed in the past tense….. I thought they had to Why is that all of a sudden a felony???? The cops probably smoked in the past as well. I hope he gets an excellent lawyer and the police dept. and whoever else is involved in this bogus arrest is sued out the wazoo. What a kangaroo court!

    • Ricky Moore

      You know, the only thing bullies understand is VIOLENCE. And until you pussies start meeting the cops violence with violence, nothing will get solved.

      You people think that something like that may backfire. But think about it.

      How many cops are willing to throw away their lives when they are ordered by politicians?

      What if people actually started meeting ulawful violence WITH lawful self defense?

      How many cops would back off and say “My paycheck aint worth losing my life!”

      They will keep pushing you peacenicks, even so far as 6 feet under.

      The only thing that can stop an oppressive force is a equal and opposing force.

      Unarmed people can NEVER defeat armed people. Fact of history.

      • Obama Zombie Killer

        MLK Jr did. The civil rights movement was non-violent despite abuses by the cops. Just sayin.

        • TrevorLyman

          MLK was murdered by the government and the civil rights act contains civil rights violations that give the government more power and control over our lives. The government took away our right to discriminate as individuals, and while that appeared to be good on the surface it handed the government more power to regulate us and our businesses. Now they can tell us who to hire and who not to hire. It hasn’t always ended well, in fact it’s ended poorly for many.

        • real talk

          MLK himself was non-violent (as are most poster boys for a civil movement) yet unfortunately change takes war and violence i.e. look up the Black Panther Movement. Our country was founded on fighting back against tyranny, our civil war was also fought under the same precedent. The US is not special and if history tells us anything it is that as empires become more invested in themselves the closer they come to falling apart. We are not under “God” we are under millions of Franklins.

  • Tom Mccoy

    They’re doing this to keep Kokesh from demonstrating in D.C.
    This was planned

    • Sean Moran

      Wake up:

      • TrevorLyman

        If I were planning the gun march in DC I would know I was going to be arrested. It only makes sense to plan for that fact ahead of time. Doesn’t it?

  • Lee-Tammy Brewer

    Sad that while we have a communist-hiring person in the office of POTUS, someone decides to protest legalization of something sure to cause problems like drunk drivers do. You would think fighting a communist would be more important than friends getting their high. Epicureanism, unfortunately, is alive, well, and being used as a drug itself to keep people form the REAL issues that matter.


      You like to hear yourself talk, don’t you?

  • David McElroy

    No doubt Kokesh was targeted because of his planning an armed march to the White House July 4th. The video appears to be solid evidence Kokesh was NOT assaulting any officer. But, of course, merely asking an officer questions can be interpreted in the cop’s playbook as “resisting arrest”. I believe Kokesh was arrested for being a vocal activist, and that our entire Bill of Rights is deemed “null & void” by the federal goon squads. A Second American Revolution must come if Liberty is to be restored.

  • Tom Berry

    This type of charge normally has a low bond. Interesting that they are treating Kokesh as if he was a murderer or a pedophile. The no bond status should be immediately appealed on Eighth Amendment grounds. Barring that, maybe his option is to go on a hunger strike. It is a effective means of protesting a unjust imprisonment. The USSR government was very fearful of their imprisoned dissidents hunger striking, so why not use that tactic.

    • Tim

      Depends on if he claimed he was a “U.S. citizen” or not. U.S. citizens are not entitled to the first 8 amendments in the Constitution. See here: www. sovereigntyinternational .info/The%20US%20citizen.html.

      “…the privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States do not necessarily include all the rights protected by the first eight amendments to the Federal constitution against the powers of the Federal government.” Maxwell v Dow, 20 S.C.R. 448, at pg 455;

    • pearl87

      This is political

  • Duane Carroll

    This guy is a bad example for the legalize hemp movement!

  • Tim

    Well, they’ve accepted “legal council”, so they will definately be going to jail. Wish all you want for “the best”, but it ain’t gonna happen.

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  • Sean Moran

    Kokesh is a shill:

  • pearl87

    God protect Adam Kokesh