Andy Griffith and the American Values

By Jack Hunter

I was sad to hear today of Andy Griffith’s passing at the age of 86. Like many Americans, I grew up watching The Andy Griffith Show. Being from South Carolina and watching a show about the town of Mayberry, North Carolina, Griffith’s program was a heartwarming example of small town values I readily recognized, and also exemplary of much of America during that era. Sure it was television. But it had heart.

With today’s news, many Ron Paul supporters have been sharing a particular Andy Griffith Show scene in which Andy teaches his son Opie about the importance of the right to privacy and due process. Someone even titled this clip “Andy Griffith vs. The Patriot Act.” Do not take this to be a commentary on the personal politics of the late Mr. Griffith, but an example of how his program, much like The Cosby Show decades later, often reminded Americans of their most core values.



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  • Brandy Smith

    "…often reminded Americans of their most core values." Sadly, this should read "often reminded Americans of their LOST core values."

    The way things are looking, we'll never get them back either. It's 'back to the drawing board', once again perhaps, for our "Creator". Time to clean the slate and start over with a new pair of Adam & Eve's in the Garden. Maybe, just maybe, our "Creator" will get it right this time…