April 21, 2014

Ben Swann Claims Ron Paul Has Plurality of Delegates in 5 States

July 17, 2012

The following are Ben Swann’s findings related to the Republican Party nomination process posted today on his Facebook page.

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  • Don Jusko

    Look at it this way.. We know we won a lot more than is shown. They lied cheated and stole. Our people didn't change. We still are in charge because we have the biggest numbers. Come Tampa time we will show our numbers. Ron Paul will be the delegate of choice and we the people will be at the polls just watching for any shenanigans. We saw the way they work in the caucasus and they won't be able to pull those stunts again. Vote Ron Paul 2012.

  • Contrarian Rex

    Someone needs to tell Ben Swan and all the other zombie Paulbots, that Ron Paul has left the building — and isn't coming back. He doesn't want the delegates or to challenge any of the voter fraud. If he did he would do it himself and not leave up to you hapless morons.

    Ron Paul's mission was to get Romney the Rep nomination. That's it. Oh, .. and get his sonny boy Rand a plum job in the Romney admin as a reward.


    • http://www.facebook.com/leon.welch.524 Leon Welch

      I am a delegate to the National Convention and I have not left the building. You may just be surprised when Tampa rolls around. I do not know what crazy is, but I would have to think that you are very close to it, especially if you truly think RP job was to get Romney elected.

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