Bill Maher calls U.S. military drones a form of ‘terrorism’

On November 30, Bill Maher posted an entry on his blog in which he equates the practice of unmanned drone aircraft in foreign countries used by the United States military with “terrorism”.

The comedian, who is the host of an HBO political program called “Real Time with Bill Maher”, specifically referred to the use of drones in foreign countries to “blow up the people we consider the bad guys even if that means collateral damage in the form of civilian casualties. When someone does that exact same thing to us, don’t we call it ‘terrorism’?”

Maher takes issue with the fact that the drones are unmanned, which means there is no live face-to-face confrontation between two soldiers or pilots, and would theoretically allow the U.S. armed forces to conduct more risky and dangerous counter-terrorism operations without putting military or intelligence personnel in perilous situations.

On his blog, Maher describes the use of drones as a form of remote control warfare by writing:

“We can now visit death upon our enemies without having to show up in person, look them in the eye and have an actual fight. It just feels wrong — like breaking up with a girl via text message. If you’re going to vanquish your enemy, shouldn’t you have to confront them? How does a warrior willing to die for his cause in the Takhar Province fight a guy operating a joystick in Tallahassee?”

Bill Maher calls U.S. military drones a form of ‘terrorism’ [continued]



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  • jollyroger

    Strange how Maher supports the very criminal who is responsible for all these “deaths by drone” namely the Nobel Peace prize winner, Obomber
    I do agree with him however. The use of drones to supposedly eliminate designated terrorists or whatever one could be labelled as, instead murders thousands of innocent people including children.
    So who’s the real terrorist?
    And who’s the coward?
    Just consider some pimply kid wearing a uniform and ascot sitting on his butt inside a bunker in So. Carolina military base who considers what he is doing as just another computer game, now actually destroying innocent lives, having no remorse or empathy for those he just murdered on command from his superiors who are themselves following orders from the zionist neo-cons in Washington.
    The old saying ” As ye reap, so shall ye sow” comes to mind.
    America no longer exists. It has become a dangerous military driven state that threatens the peace, stability, safety and freedom of the entire planet.