British Olympic Hero Held By US Customs For Suspicion Of Being A Terrorist

By Telegraph Sport

Team GB’s Olympic hero Mo Farah’s two gold medals could not prevent him being held by US customs officials on suspicion of terrorism as he returned home to Portland, Oregon for Christmas.

Farah, who won a 5,000m and 10,000 m double at London 2012, was detained for questioning after the US border force saw he was born in Somalia.

The 29 year-old came over to Britain with his English-born father as a child and is one of the most famous athletes in the world, but this did not stop judicious officials from grilling him at the border.

Farah moved to Portland last year to work with his coach Alberto Salazar at Nike’s HQ in the Pacific Northwest and was travelling back to spend Christmas with his wife and children.

And even presenting his two gold medals to the officials did not help his cause.

“I couldn’t believe it. Because of my Somali origin I get detained every time I come through US Customs. This time I even got my medals out to show who I am, but they wouldn’t have it,” he told the Sun.

This is not the first of Farah’s run-ins with US customs. He had similar struggles when he tried to get a residency permit to live in Portland.

British Olympic Hero Held By US Customs Suspicion Of Being A Terrorist  [continued]


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