February 28, 2015

California Cops Acquitted In Murder Of Kelly Thomas

January 14, 2014

Two former police officers were acquitted of all charges Monday in the 2011 beating death of a homeless man at a Fullerton, Calif., transit station.

It took a single day of deliberations for jurors to reach their verdicts regarding the culpability of former Fullerton Officer Manuel Ramos and former Cpl. Jay Cicinelli in the death of 37-year-old Kelly Thomas.

Ramos, the first police officer in Orange County to be charged with murder while on duty, was found not guilty of one count each of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Cicinelli was found not guilty of one count each of involuntary manslaughter and excessive use of force.

Charges against a third former Fullerton police officer, Joseph Wolfe, will be dropped in light of the not guilty verdicts, Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said outside the courtroom.

Reaction was emotional on both sides after the verdict was read. Ramos and Cicinelli began to cry when they were acquitted, with Cicinelli hugging his attorney. Thomas’ father, Ron, burst into tears, kicking or stomping his foot.

California Cops Acquitted In Murder Of Kelly Thomas [continued]


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  • Crosshairball

    In z new fascist homeland stasi thugs can legally murder with impunity. There will be no war in Fullerton, CA and the Fullerton P.D. will not burn to the ground. The local bar/DUI economy will continue alogn with the property taxes of the home owners being taken to continue funding the corruption. Nobody will do much about it. The judge and jury will walk as Scott free as the gaggle of blood thirsty murderers. There will only be peaceful demonstrations from mostly likely controlled opposition “occupy” types, lest some real citizens should get ever so slightly out of line they will have their heads cracked with the stick of the jack-boot pigs. Fuck the Slide Bar. I’ll never play a gig there, ever.

    • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

      One or two of these cops and judges will catch a bullet while out at the mail box, and the pigs will start to get the picture. Stop murdering people. Stop protecting dirty cops.

  • va5thvoter

    Where the hell do they find these jurors!!!!?????

    • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

      You can never know exactly what the jurors were allowed to see, though. The deck is stacked in favor of the blue line.

    • Tim

      Has nothing to do with the jury. Dead men tell no tales. A 3rd party impartial witness would have had to testified, and pointed over to the two men, who sometimes masquerade as officers, beat the other man to death. Simple, done. Since there were no witnesses (as far as the court could tell), then there was no one to point out the wrongdoers.

    • peck2

      They go thru the applications for police employment.

    • Jason Vega

      the find them at the crisis actors studio. where the false flag narrative is written. complete with tearless crying moms.

  • fatwillie

    This is a disgrace to humanity, this is a disgrace to any free thinking free man. But it proves that you cannot and will not get justice in this nation. If you want justice, seek your own. I think this young mans father is an ex police officer. I would hope he would do what you and I would do, and that is to hunt them down and eliminate them. It is up to you to protect you and yours. I wonder like many of you how in the world a jury could do this, but am convinced that anyone of them would have a different view, if it were a member of their family.

    • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

      “Seek your own.”

      That’s where we’re going. Street justice. This country has yet to see the effect a single, well-trained, well-equipped, and properly motivated individual can have on police brutality.

  • Tim

    Dead men tell no tales… too bad no 3rd party impartial witnesses went to court to stand up for their fellow man and say “Yes, i saw that man, who was acting as an officer that day, beat that man to death”. End of story, they would have went to prison. Be more informed people.

  • wandamurline

    I would not be the end if it were my son….the next court room would be in civil court on how much money I was going to get from the policemen individually and the city for whom they worked. That is what the family of the young man who was murdered by OJ Simpson did and after years, they finally took everything O.J. had as far as monetary income. To beat someone to death by 3-4 police officers is just wrong….they could have cuffed him and shackled his legs and he would have been defenseless….what happened is they got mad and unjustly killed someone….a homeless, mentally ill person who probably needed help instead of death. This is what the police state of America is escalating toward….they won’t stop with the homeless, mentally ill.

  • thepaulrevereshow


  • FreeOregon

    Disarm the police. You will attract a different kind of person to peacekeeping. You will be rid of cowards whose courage comes from being armed.

  • peck2

    Hey! As long as the pigs were acting as they were “trained”, and it was “department policy”, what can you expect. No way would I ever enter Kalifonicatia, but if I ever saw any of those costumed thugs, anywhere, I would shoot first.

  • escapefromobamastan

    To the parents and family of the murder victim: PRIVATE JUSTICE.

  • hp b

    How long before millions or armed citizens, when seeing the cops coming just start shooting and consider it self defense?

    • sprky777

      just repeat the phrase ‘I was in fear of my life’. it works for the cops.

  • Joe

    Why in the world would police officers have to beat and kill anyone. They should have been properly trained to subdue a person not trained to kill people. Just watching the video anyone can see that the police used undue force against this person. Someday if things like this continue one of these people that were on the jury will they themselves or a loved one be injured or killed by a police officer that is out of control.

  • marineh2ominer

    WHY ? There is no longer a justice system in the United States and the legal system is so corrupted they wouldn’t know justice if it fell on them like meteorite .

  • D308cat

    R.I.P. America, and shame on you, you have allowed yourself to be filled with vicious beasts and cowardly saints, Satan rules the land. Civil War II is knocking at your doorstep , Judgment awaits.

  • Jason Vega

    im calling false flag on this. see any tears in mom and dads eyes at the 1:07 mark? this is staged to incite a cop vs citizen war.

    sandy hook taught me to look very very closely. now the fbi crime syndicate is getting involved? that’s Hegelian dialectic. booyah!!!

  • Bobby Hutson

    There is no justice in the world any more…only gangsters that only understand one thing. And the only way to get by that is to become the law yourself.

  • jollyroger

    Some day, one of those pigs is going to walkout to the mailbox and not return.

    Those idiot, mongoloid jurors should be ashamed of themselves. I hope the family sues all three cops and the city for every dime they can get . Bankrupt the city entirely.
    This nation is going to hell! The jews are behind it all.

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