Can a Christian Be an Anarchist?


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  • anonymous

    anybody can be anything they want to be.

  • Dr. J

    Can a Christian Be an Anarchist?

    Well, its a heck of a lot less contradictory than being a Democrat or Republican!

  • greg scott

    I think being a ‘good’ Christian is synonymous with being an anarchist.

  • Thebes42

    Those Christians who I’ve known who try to live their beliefs, eg that we are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of God, etc… all of them have been anarchists. Further, none of them have tried to condemn me or convert me (I am Wiccan) and we’ve often had excellent and intelligent theological discussion… obviously we disagree on scripture but we agree a surprising amount elsewhere.

    I think its interesting that while critics claim anarchism would lead to a “Darwinian, survival of the fittest” mentality, those anarchists I’ve know (Christian, agnostic and Pagan) have most often lived modestly while helping their fellow man. It seems to me that a hierarchical power structure legitimatizes and manifests a society of greedy and needy.

  • bcrisler

    Read Jaques Ellul…he is a great Christian Anarchist…the only government that will ever be just is the one headed by Jesus Christ himself!