February 28, 2015

Liberty Candidates

A listing of political candidates with a liberty orientation. Listings are not endorsements. Discuss candidates by clicking organization name, contact us to add a candidate. Canidates are listed by popularity. To find a candidate by name use ‘control + F’ and search on the page.

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Rand Paul 2016  
Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano For President  
Gary Johnson 2016  
Robert Paul For U.S. Senate 2014  
Gary Johnson for U.S. Senate 2014  
Wyllie For Governor FL
Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano For U.S. Senate NJ
Glen Bradley for NCGOP Vice Chair NC
Draft AJ Spiker for US Senate IA
Draft Kent Sorenson for US Senate IA
David Andrew Gay for Common Council NY
Draft Mark Warden for Governor Of New Hampshire NH
Ron Paul For Governor Of Texas TX
Ken Van Doren for 3rd District Vice Chair of Wisconsin Republican Party WI

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September 19, 2012

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