March 1, 2015

New Hampshire

Below you’ll find a listing of liberty projects and initiatives of all types taking place within the state of New Hampshire and displayed by order of facebook page ‘likes’. Please use this page to familiarize yourself with different liberty initiatives in New Hampshire and remember to ‘like’ and engage those you want to support most.

To request your resource be added to this list please contact us using this form.

note: Resource listings are not the same as endorsements. Do your own research and engage with the projects you like most! Page last updated: 12/26/2012.

Liberty Oriented Activism and Political Candidates in New Hampshire

Free State Project – Activist Organization
Free Talk Live – Syndicated Radio Program
Free Keene – Blog, Community
Porc Fest – Liberty Festival
Homeland Stupidity – Blog
Civil Disobedience Fund – Blog
Daily Anarchist – Blog
Shire Silver – For Profit Business
The Shire Society – Blog, Community
Sex, Lies and Anarchy – Internet Radio Show, Podcast
Hardy Macia – U.S. Congress, Candidate
Live Free or Die Rally – Liberty Festival
Jenn Coffey – NH State Rep, Candidate
NH Liberty Alliance – Political Action Committee
Mark Warden – NH State Rep/Incumbent
Robert Boyle – NH State Rep/Candidate
Keene Activist Center – Activist Organization
Share Sharing – Charity, Non-profit
New Hampshire Liberty Party – Political Party
NH Capitol Access – Radio Program

National Organizations with Chapters in New Hampshire

Cop Block

Non Partisan Political Organizations

The Live Free or Die Alliance – The nonpartisan, nonprofit Live Free or Die Alliance serves NH citizens by providing objective information about issues and candidates.

Headlines for New Hampshire

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