CBS News: ‘Expect To See A Band Of Soldiers’: Militia Members Arrive At Nevada Ranch

militia-preparing-for-nevadaLAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas/AP) — Militia groups are rallying behind a rancher whose cattle are being seized by the federal government.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that two militia members from Montana and one from Utah have arrived at Cliven Bundy’s ranch.

“We need to be the barrier between the oppressed and the tyrants,” Ryan Payne of the West Mountain Rangers told the Review-Journal. “Expect to see a band of soldiers.”

Payne said that militias from New Hampshire, Texas and Florida are likely to join and stand with Bundy and stay at his ranch.

“They all tell me they are in the process of mobilizing as we speak,” Payne told the Review-Journal, adding that hundreds of militia members are expected.

The Review-Journal also reports that Bundy’s son, Ammon Bundy, was shot with a stun gun by law enforcement officers Wednesday and that the rancher’s sister, Margaret Houston, was pushed to the ground.

“I pulled the tasers out of him,” Cheryl Teerlink told the Review-Journal.

Lawmakers are adding their voices into the fray, criticizing the federal cattle roundup fought by Cliven Bundy who claims longstanding grazing rights on remote public rangeland about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada said he told new U.S. Bureau of Land Management chief Neil Kornze in Washington, D.C., that law-abiding Nevadans shouldn’t be penalized by an “overreaching” agency.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval pointed earlier to what he called “an atmosphere of intimidation,” resulting from the roundup and said he believed constitutional rights were being trampled.

Heller said he heard from local officials, residents and the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association and remained “extremely concerned about the size of this closure and disruptions with access to roads, water and electrical infrastructure.”

The federal government has shut down a scenic but windswept area about half the size of the state of Delaware to round up about 900 cattle it says are trespassing.

CBS News: ‘Expect To See A Band Of Soldiers’: Militia Members Arrive At Nevada Ranch [continued]

Action items:

  • Bureau Of Land Management Phone Number: (202) 208-3801
  • Brian Sandoval Email Contact Form-
  • Brian Sandoval – Carson City Phone # – (775) 684-5670
  • Brian Sandoval Las Vegas Phone # -(702) 486-2500
  • Senator Dean Heller Contact Form -
  • Phone #’s For Heller – Reno: 775-686-5770/ Las Vegas: 702-388-6605/ Washington: 202-224-6244
  • Sheriff Douglas Gillespi – (702) 828-3231 or (702) – 828 – 3111
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  • gringott

    The Federal Government has gone insane. They serve everybody and everything except the citizens of the country.

  • Kory

    So this guy got his day in court and lost. The law worked, so is the militia there to escort him off of the land, otherwise they would be in the wrong.

    • Bob Wire

      In FEDERAL court! The feds have no right to own any land except for what they need for their buildings. All land seized by the feds should be returned to the states and the people according to constitutional guidelines. Your stupidity is showing Kory!

      • iohannes

        Not stupidity; servility. ;)

      • Kory

        How old are you Bob? What do you know about Federal lands? Who bought that land? Who owns it? That is quite clear and it was brought up in court. Also, just as a disclaimer, I’m a patriot that works for the Department of the Interior and they have been doing everything according to the law (except for what others have been doing against the protestors.) We all have a right to protest it but where were they during the court battle? We have courts to prevent violence.

        • betsyanne

          The Dept of Interior. One of the biggest most fraudulent of the gubment “agencies” ever to be spawned by our leaders. More regulated regulators who don’t have a clue. Get rid of the DOI and all its tentacle agencies and the problem is solved. It also solves problems like Kory who is just as arrogant as the administration he serves. Just because something is done “according to the law” doesn’t make it right – or even legal. At least not the way the law works in today’s world.

        • Herb

          you work for the dept of the interior, hard to call yourself a patriot.

        • Another Guest

          Governments making laws to control and manipulate are the problem Kory. Doesn’t matter how old Bob is,he is obviously wiser than you ,and a heck of a lot more patriotic.

          • Kory

            Without laws the world would be a lot like “The Walking Dead”. Without courts people would settle their disputes with violence. This guy had his day in court and lost. Time to move on and there are many more patriots working for the government. Much more than commercial. I’ve been on both sides and came back to working for the Government. Patriots today uphold our constitution and the laws of the land. This guy is in violation of the law and the DOI BLM is only doing what they are legally allowed to do. Hopefully it all ends peacefully because no one needs another Ruby Ridge. If the BLM gets to that point of murdering people then that is when I’ll flip sides. We need to do what is morally right always and this guy is in the wrong.

          • Another Guest

            Spoken like a fear mongering liberal.Unjust laws are not laws no matter how you present it.Keep your blinders on and stay in lock step with your comrades Kory.Sad that it would take murder to wake you up.Society as a whole would do just fine with out the 3 million laws on the books.They are there so the government can control we the people.

        • kktex12

          And we have you dedicated to provoke violence. The feds do not own that land. It is state land.

      • jackw97224

        As Marc Stevens on TheNoState Project asks: What factual evidence does the government have that the “laws” apply to Cliven Bundy?” To date no persecutor/prosecutor or judge or IRS agent has provided such evidence in the form of a sworn affidavit by a first hand witness that such “laws’ apply! So, unless Kory can supply that first hand witness and sworn affidavit of truth, you have the stronger foundation. Also, Kory has a conflict of interest as he is paid out of the trough and his job depends on supporting the government stance or he could be given the boot, i.e. Kory has sold his soul to the Devil’s children, the politicians.

        • Kory

          No, I did not sell my soul but yes, I’m the government’s bitch and eating at the trough. Regardless of that, what is right or wrong in this case? The guy should just leave, take his cattle (before) and say I’m gone. After 2-3 years he should move back there and then they would have to go through the process again. Rinse and repeat. Maybe he’ll be smarter about paying for good lawyers this time around. If you guys think that the Federal courts don’t have jurisdiction in this case then that should have been argued in court. We are in the land of laws and no one is above the law including Mr. Brady.

          • peck2

            Yep! We are “in the land of laws”, run by the lawless.

          • Kory
          • jackw97224

            And still no factual evidence. The assumption that the “laws” apply fails because there is no factual evidence. If anyone or group can make a law forcing anyone to obey, then that admit slavery, contrary to the “law.” This is why no one, no judge, no attorney, no lawyer, no bureacrat has taken up the 5000 f.r.a.u.ds challenge by Marc Stevens to provide that first hand witness factual evidence in the form of a sworn affidavit. It is necessary to know when one is chasing symptoms of the “cancer” and when he is treating the root cause. Yes, the “law” is a cover, a shelter for criminality and using it as a justification is a mistake.

      • thetruthmaster1

        “JURY NULLIFICATION” Learn it and spread the word!!

    • Herb

      the law written by and enforced by the feds….Pure conflict of interest.
      It isn’t a legal law

    • kktex12

      You have your head up judasbamas rear end.

    • peck2

      When they come for you, you will be all alone.

    • Ron Roy

      You mean Kangaroo Court!

  • James

    Every true American should be standing between this rancher and the government goons. they are nothing but Obama’s brown shirt army.

    • jackw97224

      I agree. Most people weigh the costs of travel and sustainance for say several months and just can’t do it. But if each of us gave just 10 f.r.a.u.ds to perhaps a collection of 100 well armed men, then perhaps the gd government/politicians and their hired lackeys might just back off.

  • jackw97224

    Remember Waco! Remember Ruby Ridge! Remember Gordon Kahl! The murders perpetrated by the politicians and their hired thugs in the BATF and IRS are coming with greater frequency. The filthy commie/socialists operating under the cover of “law” are indeed “the Great Satan.” How diabolically ironic that the military people have sacrificed lives and limbs and mental faculties ostensibly in defense of freedom, but in fact have empowered evil, criminal politicians and their hired lackeys to destroy freedom. Amerika is doomed! The loot A to satisfy B slop-at-the-troughers, the suckers-at-the-golden-teat socialist welfare statists are rotting this nation, the people, from within. The “cancer” of commie/socialism is damning for those who adopt it and sadly, even for those of us in the minority that know better.

  • Al Falffa

    ‘Expect To See A Band Of Soldiers’: Militia Members Arrive At Nevada Ranch’

    YEP! They’re just STREAMIN’ IN from the surrounding countryside! Already the numbers of militia members present on site have swollen to about 3!

    YES WE CAN! (take it up the arse forever & ever & ever, that is)

    (image below: hardcore American’t militia member sneaks onto Bundy property)

  • trupatriot1971

    I see another Waco and Ruby Ridge in the making…..and of course another government cover up.

  • thetruthmaster1

    The photo is missing a “Desert Ghillie Suit,” a “Camel Back Hydration system” and a good set of “Boots.”