Celebrities Call to Ban Guns From ‘Government’

This video is a spoof on this PSA:


From the YouTube comments:

“EPIC. Whoever did this video is a GENIUS.
To think, those mass murdering maniacs want to strip us of our guns…Disarm the Government, NOW.”

“Oh god, they got to Conan. And Ron Swanson should know better! This is shameful.”

“Everyone of the actors and actress in this commercial have used guns in moves or shows that have glorified guns and violence.”

“I’m anti war but pro 2nd amendment. All citizens have a right to bear arms against a tyrannous government and we are heading towards perilous times as each regime becomes more corrupt. I fear the day is coming where our government will try to use arms against it’s own people; fortunately our soldiers are smarter than that.”


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