China: “Violent Government Thugs” Beaten To Death By Angry Crowds After They Killed A Man Documenting Their Brutality


Riots in southeastern China after brutal police-inspector killed a man with a hammer in broad daylight. People smashed several police cars and were attacked with tear gas.

At least 4 Chengguan, the most hated police-inspectors in China, were beaten to death by angry people in Cangnan County of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province (located in the industrial southeast), after they killed a man with a hammer. The police-inspectors hit the man with a hammer until he started to vomit blood, because he was trying to take pictures of their violence towards a woman, a street vendor. The man was rushed to hospital, but died on the way.

Thousands of angry people took to the streets, surrounded the police-inspectors in their van, attacked them with stones, bats, and beat them to death. People were shouting that the police-inspectors be killed on the spot for what they did: “Kill them! Kill them!”











China: “Violent Government Thugs” Beaten To Death By Angry Crowds After They Killed A Man Documenting Their Brutality [continued]



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  • tamajam10

    This is very sad and upsetting; however, it exemplifies what happens when The People unite against victimization, tyranny and abusive government. It is happening across the globe. The evil ones are being exposed, and The People will no longer tolerate being slaves to corporate/government greed and corruption. We will no longer accept their dangerous lies designed to keep us subservient and apathetic. We are Awakening. That being said, I pray that we can will ultimately be successful in making positive change simply through a collective and more peaceful refusal to participate in the insanity…..the illusion that the evil ones have convinced us is ‘reality’.

    • Marten

      Yes, you are right ( Violence breed Violence )

      • Vile

        That’s a fairy tale. Violence can end disputes permanently, but this use of violence doesn’t solve the problem at hand. If people put half as much motivation into changing the system to prevent things like this from happening, they wouldn’t need to resort to violence.

        • PoliticalMayhem

          Tell that to a rabid dog or hungry wolf.

          Then back a human against a wall and insist he be thankful for your scraps as you lavishly live luxuries unknown to him or his higher peers with college degrees just because you’re a gubbermint employee with buckets of cash to blow on Call of Duty and Taylor Shhhhh it.

          Then watch humans become the animals they are. Problem solved. Your reasoning only applies to your peers, the 10% top income bracket here in the US lucky enough to recieve an Uncle Sam signed check from the tax money they steal from the ACA.

          • Nick Larghi

            I literally have no clue what you just said.

          • HvacNews

            that’s just how mayhem works

          • Vile

            You make many assumptions about me so I’ll start with shooting those down.

            #1. I am not part of the any 10% and I don’t work for the “gubbermint”, so drop the ad hominem fallacious attacks and come up with a real argument for once.

            #2. I’m actually fairly poor. (Happy, but poor.)

            #3. Equating a “wolf” to a sentient being capable of cognitive thinking is a large fallacy in and of itself.

            #4. It’s sad anyone upvoted your childish dribble.

            #5. Human beings have the capacity to learn.

            Many cases of violence are a direct result of .. wait for it.. resources. If we, as a society, can eliminate the need for resources, we can eliminate almost ALL crime excluding rare cases usually involving the mentally/psychologically ill. It may sound like a fantasy, but it was only a generation ago when we couldn’t even fly. Extremist views are fading, tolerant ideals are becoming the norm and advancements in medical science are helping millions of people every day.

          • The Federal Farmer

            and if your aunt had wheels she’d be a bicycle.

          • Giovanni Campanella

            We’re not wolves. Violence begets violence, just look at the middle east.

            That said, violence works when you have no choice, or in self defense. Yours is a really snobby statement that is not backed up by history. No one is arguing against self defense.

            In this case, violence may have been the only choice. However, if the people were using nonviolent means of resistance, they could’ve solved the problem from ever happening, instead of last minute shit.

        • Steven Black

          If violence ended violence, then why is there so much violence in the world?

          Can you name one case where violence created peace? Ever lasting peace? Peace without resentment? Peace without the constant threat of punishment?

          • spherical

            Violence has been on an everlasting trend downwards that has lasted all of human history. Contrary to what the Press and everyone else seems to think, things like wars, school shootings and terrorist acts are becoming rarer and rarer as time goes on.

            This long trend towards peace is neither wholly due to pacifists nor to overt violence, but to the judicious use of both at appropriate times.

          • Steven Black


            I am especially curious about the school shootings. As far as I was aware they were a new phenomena, not a fading trend.

          • TheEthicalMan

            Funny how some people paper right over the dirty, in-the-trenches aspects of successful social justice movements. The unjustly powerful don’t tend to cede their unjust power without a fight. Meanwhile the risk-averse masses don’t join a cause unless they are pushed into it by extreme circumstances.

            The civil rights movement in America, for example, did not begin with Martin Luther King and his message of peace. It started with a brutal system of slavery, which gave way to a civil war, which gave way to a hundred years of brutal repression, with blacks having to fight and scrap and persist just to win small incremental legal and political gains for *hundreds* of years. MLK’s message of peace and reconciliation made no sense until that unjust system was already in its death throes. Before then, it was doing everything in its power to ensure there would be no justice, no peace, no end to the violence it perpetrated or the violence it incited.

            The powerful and clueless lament violence for any reason, because violence upsets the system favoring the former and simply upsets the latter. You ask why violence of the sort depicted in this article persists in the world in a way that only someone who has never been on the wrong end of oppression would ask. You also ignore the plain fact that violence of just this sort has hundreds of other potential causes, from individual mindstates to overriding conditions.

          • Steven Black

            Violence might be something that works when both sides are relatively equally equipped, however that is not the case today. The oppressing group has weapons of mass destruction, government control, media control, and every other weapon you can imagine. Most people are too stupid to even know who their enemy is and actually believe it is their neighbor or some immigrant or any white guy walking down the street.

            MLK did not preach violence and neither did Gandhi. They both understood the source of the problem as well, which no one has mentioned here so I find that quite terrifying. People will riot and never solve anything.

            The problem is the incentives the monetary system causes. Our current system values profit over all life and the environment. If we do not transition away from this destructive system and update our vales to something based on reality, we will simply destroy the planet and die together.

            I am an activist fighting for global social change, not some hot head suggesting we start killing random people without a vision of a peaceful future.

            Money is a form of social control and most people are debt slaves. Until you understand who your master is, you have nothing to fight.

          • asdfasdfsadf

            let me google that for you

          • Steven Black

            Maybe if you actually did you would understand why I wrote what I did instead of making assumptions without evidence.

            The number of school shootings is rising exponentially from 1 in 50 years to 1 every few years, to yearly, to present where we have a shooting every other day.

            You people have the internet, how can you remain so ignorant?

          • Evan Neumann

            school shottings source:


            Note: the school attack with the most casualties occurred in 1927. Once you correct for growth in population growth, school killings are down cherry picking and looking at shorter terms, like 5 years, we can see growth.

          • The Federal Farmer

            This very website has an article today about what all the school shooters had in common.

          • Thomas Child

            Incredibly untrue. War is the only item you listed on a downward trend, and it’s safe to say globalization and mutually assured destruction are the two main reasons.

          • Evan Neumann

            Please see my citation below regarding school shootings.

            Regarding terrorism, it is a term that was coined in the 20th Century and hence has a short history. Moreover, it is a political term and is applied willy-nilly by politicians to attacks they philosophically don’t agree with. For instance, the bombing of the USS Cole is considered a terrorist attack despite the fact that it was against a military target. This stretches the boundaries of the term to incredible lengths. Similarly, calling roadside bombs in Iraq terrorism is a misapplication of the term. Most terrorist organizations have disbanded (KKK, IRA and ERA) and those that are left are ineffectual outside of their geographic strongholds.

          • Sticky keys

            The brutal death of Fulgencio Batista

          • Steven Black

            That ended all violence in Cuba?

          • Andrew

            Hiroshima. Nagasaki.

          • Steven Black

            Yes, and that led to the arms race and now we have countries all over the world threatening the life of the entire planet with nukes. That did not end violence.

          • John Jumper

            World War II, for example.

          • Steven Black

            Are you telling me that WWII ended all wars? If not, then you made my point.

          • Emil D.

            Yeah for example when Allied forces landed in France to end WW2? Think what would happen if America didn’t resolve to violence, half of Europe would be speaking German today.

          • Steven Black

            That didn’t end violence forever. Do you understand the difference between getting a country to say “mercy, stop” for just long enough to get more weapons and fight again verse creating peace? Do you even understand what peace actually means? America didn’t end violence, it just won the fight with violence.

            Right now America is the bully of the world, killing innocent civilians, and threatening the life of the planet.

            America has been at war continuously since before I was even born. How can you possibly believe that America’s violence ended violence when it obviously became addicted to it. America is considered the most violent country on the planet. It is obvious when you see that its citizens believe that violence is the only solution. No wonder we have more prisons in this country than anywhere else in the world.

          • Arius

            racism is one of the reason why you will kill people officially. What’s wrong if half of Europe would speak German? U see it wrong because it’s not the current reality but if it is and u live in it, u can’t recognize. Like do u see anything wrong that half of Europe now speaks different languages?

            I bet that u cant see it. But I do. I see separations.

          • Joel

            Yeah you idiot Hitler killing millions of people was no big deal. And the millions more he would have killed, no big deal either. Let me guess. You are either an antisemite or a neo-nazi.

          • Arius

            I’m not familiar either with antisemite or neo-nazi. When talking about German, I just simply didn’t relate to Hitler. It’s your own stereotype. You have been trained to stereotype every single day of your life while within the last 10 years, I’ve tried to undo it. I’ll let you guess what i’ve learned from it or you can continue “guessing” what stereotype you should put on me.

            Over 90 million people have died from hunger last 12 years, it’s the result of separations and just few pay more attention on it over the hatred for some person called Hitler. And there are more ways of harmonizing the world than conquering it with power, control, politics, money, etc. but most people when thinking about harmony, they just direct themselves to the conquering methods. You know, that’s just not intelligent. It’s a systemized path of “thinking”.

          • Vile

            Violence is not the cause of violence, violence is a reaction to many things. The source of all violence lies in resources, mental/psychological issues and even land. Personally I think we could potentially eliminate the resource and land issue within a few generations.

            Either that, or things will get exponentially worse.

          • The Federal Farmer

            Violence is the only thing that will ever end tyranny. You cannot successfully beg a bully not to beat you up & steal your lunch money; you have to beat up a bully to make him stop (or kill him so other potentials bullies know not to fuck with you.)

        • jotunndigital

          Not to sound the pessimist, but it is usually violence that is the only
          thing that can stop violence; Suppose a man comes up to you, and he decides it’s a keen idea to assault you. Your options are either:

          A) Say “No! Stop, knave!” and promptly get bludgeoned, or stabbed, or whatever it may be.

          B) You, realizing that option A is not a great choice, decide to opt fight this person, and successfully defend yourself.

          This situation can be extrapolated into other concepts as well, as well defending others, etc.

          Violence exists as a necessity, not a luxury. Without it, life cannot survive.

          • Steven Black

            Only in the short term. Violence has never ended violence because we still have it, obviously.

            I am trying to discuss a permanent solution to violence and I don’t think it is more of the same. I believe we need to use science and technology to meet the needs of all humans on the planet. Make education available so people can learn based on evidence instead of popular opinion.

            If we want to continue as a species, we need to learn to get along. It seems we have a long ways to go and very little time to do it.

          • zenofplastic

            The saddest part to me is that people scoff at the thought of a world without violence as we know it. i would wager that most of you hanging on to the philosophy that violence is inescapable do so because of an immense fear of it.
            ” it’s a fruitless endeavor that will go nowhere.” it wont because of that kind of attitude. you obviously are so apathetic that nothing means a shit to you. when people care about one another then they make extreme efforts to avoid pain and violence. someday i hope everyone here cares enough to make it happen. id like to think our species is better than that.

          • Steven Black

            It is simply the culture they were brought up in and if they do not take the effort to learn science, these are the conclusions they will arrive at. I assume most of them are Americans because the USA has a very violent culture and it is in the masters best interest to keep them that way. People who fight cannot work together to make social change. It is a shame that a country with so much potential as fallen so far.

            What will they fight for? What change can they hope for when it is obtained through bloodshed? If humans want to live better, they have to think differently and outside their current value system. Humans are capable of amazing things when they cooperate and nothing but death when they fight.

          • blhjr

            i agree with a lot of what you are saying. but you are talking about a fairy tale land with unicorns and rainbows. everyone is not going to suddenly love each other and do no harm. america’s society has grown into one of everyone wanting what everyone else has. all about the bling. money and as much “stuff” that you can get your hands on. people will kill each other for more “Loot”. statis is what people think they need. they will celebrate and love each other on Thanksgiving and go out the next day on Black Friday and kill each other over a Toy, or other crap they dont need. it’s only going to get worse in my opinion. Beans, Bullets, and Baindaids. stock up now.

          • Matt Swayze

            If you really want to stop all violence as well as solve all the problems anybody has, the solution is simple. Occam’s Razor says: Get rid of the human race.

          • Steven Black

            Using Occam’s Razor, the correct answer would actually be getting rid of the monetary system as that is what has created today’s culture and aberrant behavior. Yes, getting rid of money is much simpler than killing everyone. Transitioning to a resource based economy is also much simpler than killing everyone.

            The amount of soon to be murderers is terrifying. Try education before violence…

          • Arius

            U’re right but what u’re afraid of so that u won’t choose the unusual methods? I mean unusually an intelligent plan is the thing that will stop violence. There’ll be no man like in ur example if u fix him before he’s the man who would assault u. The problem with people is that they react, not proact.

          • jotunndigital

            There’s an old adage: “As long as there are at least 2 people left on earth, somebody will be trying to kill somebody else.”

            People, by our nature and the nature of the world we live in, are violent. It is an inescapable fact. Life feeds on life, and by extension, is bloody and violent. To attempt to remove violence from the human condition is like trying to remove the need to breath or sleep or eat – it’s a fruitless endeavor that will go nowhere.

          • Arius

            At least, within the conversation between 2 of us. Do I see 2 people who are not violence-oriented or you will start to beat me because I’m just not attacking? There must be some reason for the 1st person starting violence on earth, it’s not our nature. Violence is one path and peace is another. I don’t desire to remove violence from human. I desire to give the knowledge of choices, so that who want to be violent will be and who don’t want will not have to be.

          • Vile

            There is a time and place for everything, but what I speak of is merely a prediction. One day, there could be a world without violence. The reasons that man assaulted you is the true question we need to ask ourselves. Was he hungry, angry, deranged? The advancements humanity is making could eliminate the disease of violence at it’s source. There will always be violence, without a doubt, but we could effectively minimize it to levels never seen before.

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          So how do you change a system working against you? i..e. Voter cheating; non-representative “Representatives,” Government spying, government propaganda, dumbing down of students, conspiracy of the politicians to manipulate the public, etc., etc., etc.

          • Vile

            Education and advancements in medical and psychological/mental science. All of the things you state are not the cause of violence, but merely symptoms.

            Violence is a disease with many symptoms, and to attack a disease you need to start at its source.

        • Tatiana Covington

          Violence can and does solve problems. Once, in a time and place before the Internet, there were those who hated me.

          So I had them arrested and jailed: i.e., I used armed force, i.e., violence.

          Problem solved… finally.

          • Vile

            Violence has it’s time and place and can be a tool to offset further violence, but it does not eliminate the cause or source. Why did those people hate you (rhetorical question) and what rational is there to hate anyone? To eliminate the sources that cause violence we will require many more advancements in medical and psychological science, but we must take things one step at a time.

            First up on our list, as a society, would probably be to eliminate the need for resources. The reason people invade and hurt others on so many levels, throughout all of human history, is largely impart due to resources. If we could feed, clothe and educate the world, violence on the scale of which we see it today would be a thing of the past.

          • Douglas W. Rodrigues

            The basic cause of problems in society are Greed. i.e. the lust for power, wealth, and control of others. These people are usually found in politics.

        • Tatiana Covington

          Violence can and does solve problems. Once, in a time and place before the Internet, there were those who hated me.

          So I had them arrested and jailed: i.e., I used armed force, i.e., violence.

          Problem solved… finally.

        • Matheus Grunt

          When tyrants and badged thugs put us into the situations to use violence (which is justified to resist tyranny), then we have no choice. And it’ll be their own downfall.

      • Rafa

        Do you really think you can change the status-quo just by saying “excuse me”?

        • danskal

          Actually, that might be the only way of changing the status quo, when the status quo is hatred, fear and resentment – it is known as diplomacy. Even wars end with diplomacy.

          • Jim

            They also start with it. Diplomacy does not deliver threats, but that is what most government call diplomacy these days. Nothing more than organized threats.

    • PoliticalMayhem

      A bloody revolution to rival France in their own Revolution of Antionette and her husband-king.

      Its been to China, Syria, Latin America, Europe… Will the US be exempt?

      • Beat

        Definitely no. The hose of cards is crumbling.

    • tamajam10

      Regarding the discussion about violence, I’d like to add my two cents. While I agree that sometimes a violent response is necessary to a violent action (I would certainly defend myself against an attack, for example), there is one simple Truth we, as a collective whole, must always remember: There is insurmountable strength in numbers where violence does not become necessary. This is solely because a unified group of committed people stand ready to respond with violence if they are met with violence (does that make sense?). The standoff in Nevada exemplified that power. (Though the U.S. government controlled media quickly used its machinations to label Bundy a ‘racist’ based upon carefully edited comments…blatant propaganda in an effort to incite the masses). But, ‘they’ want us to become violent because it then justifies implementation of martial law, which ‘they’ have been preparing for.

      The thing is, the ‘evil ones’ know how collectively powerful we are; so, they use such things as propaganda and fear (and fluoride, and chemtrails, and drugs, and vaccines, and…..) to keep us passive and apathetic. It has worked for many years. In spite of all that pollution in our bodies and minds, however, we are Awakening. We are increasingly joining together and refusing to be victimized by brutal governments who do not care about us and use us as slaves to fatten themselves. We are the 99%. Unified in peaceful resistance, have all the power. And, that is what frightens ‘them’ the most.

  • Jay Hanig

    What goes around, comes around. Simple karma. They had it coming. I won’t be losing any sleep over this.


      I’ll actually sleep BETTER knowing that THIS may be coming to the USSA soon.

      • Will ……

        I think about the future riot times…. and all That comes to mind is that riot tank in kiev bursting into flames.

        gonna be a rocky road.

        • PoliticalMayhem

          I’ll be hiding out if the angry masses revolt. I mean I asked the government to do it legally and so did others. I can’t stop a revolt. I hope my children won’t be killed in the wreck.

          I’m not participating but I’m not crying either.

      • Justin Hurst

        Is that the United States Student Association, the US Sportsman Alliance, the United States Ski and Snowboard association, or the United Suffolk Sheep Association?

        • PoliticalMayhem

          Go look it up on Urban Dictionary and get off your Call of Duty, spoiled DOD government job that pays you 80 k a year to get off at 2:30 pm.


          • Justin Hurst

            Wow, you sure do have me pegged. You must be a real man of “the people.”

            Gonna see if I can find an article about this on a site that isn’t for looney toon conspiracy theorists and mal-educated tea baggers. Have fun believing rumors and/or out right lies. I’m going to step out of the little crazy bubble for some fresh air.

          • PoliticalMayhem

            Hell ya now go try and get probable cause on me and if i’m silent too long, trusts me.

            No one will miss me when i’m ‘gone’.

            I mean I will be gone the next time I smoke a fat joint and by gone I mean high as a kite. Like I have a medical clearance and reason to do so as well as practising my first ammendment so come on, stop me. Shut me up for good.

          • dermotmoloney

            80k, not bad.

          • Mike

            Man you sound like such a smart and reasonable person. Not at all like someone with a major emotional issues.

      • PoliticalMayhem

        The United Socialist States of America..

        Once the USA, but Obama is a traitor and once the masses refuse to acknowledge and obey authority it ends.

      • Mike

        Yey! Mob action! Its the ultimate in fair and balance justice. Mobs never get anything wrong!

      • afsaf

        Lemme tell you this – you guys need to get your shit together against those false flag attacks your government delivers. And at the same time, be sure to fortify your military bases in the mainland. Can’t believe Fort Hood happened again with all those $$$ spent on surveillance and drones.

    • sorval

      You are certainly welcome to your beliefs, but I think “Karma” is wishful thinking. People who do bad things dont get any comeupance, no karma, and few enough of them feel bad about what they have done. People can, and do justify almost anything to themselves. I’ve seen that much much more than I’ve seen guilt or karma. I believe my own eyes.

  • Capt. Parker

    A little bit of advice to all who wear the “uniform of the King”.
    This could be you! It is coming closer and closer every single day.
    When the “police” break the law in order “do their job” …. they are no longer “doing their job”.
    “Police” who break the law and breach the Constitution are the lowest form of criminal and should be dealt with appropriately.
    The Constitution is LAW, above all legislative law.
    Any “legislation” …..all “legislation” that violates the letter or intent of the Constitution is, by Law, NOT LAW and need not be obeyed.
    If you do not understand your duty to the Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE (who ARE your Masters), then you have absolutely no business being an “officer of the law”. You are no more than a paid, mercenary thug, if you think you are above those you serve.
    The time comes, soon, when those who wear the “uniform of the King” will be treated as those in this article.
    You have been warned – obey the Constitution or be removed from your office.

    • ReadyEagerAndWaiting

      Blah, blah, blah. Can we STOMP their fooking BRAINS OUT already?

      • Capt. Parker

        Go ahead …… be no different than they.

        • Capt. Parker

          There will be a time and place – and that is rapidly approaching.
          If those sworn to uphold the law, breach the law, then it is incumbent upon ‘we the people’ to enforce those laws.
          the ‘stomping of brains’ and ‘execution for crimes’ are two different things, are they not?

          • Will ……

            Depends, are we executing these hypothetical tyranists by foot? then no they are no different.

          • PoliticalMayhem

            OMG ABOLISH FEET!

            Oh wait the Chinese Already tried that!

          • PoliticalMayhem

            It says in the constitution if the government breaches the constitution then the people have probable cause to do just that..

            Good for China. Now they really are a people’s republic.

            Humans are carniverous animals. Drive them too far backward into the undoing of the jobs and homes that hold civilization apart from beastial brutality and domestication will unravel as a once housed dog in Detroit becoming hungry and stray, and they, once civilized, but now uncivilized, humans become as wild and ravening as a pack of hungry wolves with a lamb walking sweetly past.

        • PoliticalMayhem

          YOu must be on government’s fat payroll.

    • PoliticalMayhem

      That goes for any authority in any country whose corruption and riches ignite the wrath of the long suffering, and educated masses whose peaceful protests once quelled finally boils over into a full scale stampede revolt.

      Look at the holocaust in Syria and Obama insisting ‘It is the Rebels’..

    • David Belk

      Um… do you know that that the Constitution is, itself, legislation? It’s the main framework of legislation in which all other legislation must fit but it can be changed by legislation (amendments). Also, the Federal Courts (including the Supreme Court) have the sole power to determine if a piece of legislation fits within the Constitution. Constitutionality isn’t determined by God, political pundits or angry people who listen to too much talk radio, just the Federal Courts.

      • PoliticalMayhem

        Go tell your gubbermint employer you said too much.

        Then tell all your homeless, unemployed AS or BA holding ex high school buds and decade older grandmother aunt and uncle you just bought a car and a house.

        Then sublet a room in the new house to everyone who does have a day job and wonder why the roles are disgustingly, erronously reversed while you INSIST those people speaking arabic are legal?

      • Mike

        They really do seem to believe the Constitution was handed down to American from God, don’t they? Even liberals behave as if its devine.

      • Faithkills

        Wrong. The Constitution doesn’t grant SCOTUS any authority to decide what is Constitutional. Go look.

        Constitutionality is determined by english. When it says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” that’s what it means. When it says “the right of
        the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” that’s what it means.

        The Constituion is also not legislaion because it was not written by anyone with authority to write law. Nevertheless IF it is to have any legitimacy the government it defines must obey that supreme law, since that is its ONLY claim to legitimacy.

        When it does not obey the Consitution it has no legitimacy, and the putative parties to the agreement must assert their own authority. Nothing in the Constitution gives the federal government, certainly not it’s SCOTUS arm, the power to interpret the Consitution (as it would be insane to do so) but the Tenth Amendment clearly gives the States ALL authority outside the enumerated powers.

  • Kory

    Did anyone notice the hand-cuffs? It looks like this guy was on his way to jail/trial but never made it.

    • PoliticalMayhem

      Thats actually better than jail. Death is much more humane than prisons or hospital wards.

      But do not tell Obamas mental health Nazis any of that.


  • Anothercoilgun

    Sadly, the universe only knows physics and force.
    Looked like F=MA, and 1/2MV^2 won over.

    • PoliticalMayhem

      Be careful knowing physics is a marker for schizophrenia now since meta and astro physics are ‘not officially scientifically recognized’ in the US. So is knowing a word of Hebrew..

      So dont try to explain the ethics there to the people on the Gubbermint Payroll.

  • Tim

    Hmm, China more “democratic” than U.S.? Seems to me the people voted, and acted on the vote in a heartbeat. There you go! As we learned from the Nuremberg trials, any government agent is FIRST a man/woman, secondly an agent. So, don’t think you’re going to keep hiding behind the “I’m just doing my job” card you guys keep throwing out there.

    • PoliticalMayhem

      Doing their job to buy a house that costs 135k at the age of 21?

      Sure. Tell yourself that. They aren’t being compensated enough, my man!! God I wish I got off work at 2:30 to play Call of Duty and shop at big corporate franchises with a 20k car!

      I mean I guess you think we ALL have it that good! THE American Dream does exist! Just not for me or them.

  • SmasTheirBrainsIn

    Any hope this can be done to Amerikan uniformed thugs TOO?

    • PoliticalMayhem

      Geez, dont say anything.. It might mean arrest now. Freedom of speech is threatened as it is.

  • m. flowers

    Remember this:

    Eph.612 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.:
    (This is in your face in every country; the people that are in government offices hand down the laws, that change our society, and they cant do that with us being armed, and speaking out, but it happens here everyday, Its not going to stop its going to get even worse, the evil powers in high places will kill millions to complete there plain, but sadly for them it backfires. Pray for our country, and repent for the time is always with us.

  • jerrynAtl

    Good for the PEOPLE! I HOPE other tyrannical governments will take note of this! It very well can happen in their country when you take away peoples rights and treat them like they are dogs! …and you DON’T have to have a gun to do it!

    • Matheus Grunt

      True but a rifle or handgun makes it so much quicker to do. Personally, I prefer to make my enemy suffer before killing them.

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  • Some Guy

    Tyrants had better remember: all government, even the most vicious and violent, ultimately depends on the consent of the people.

  • Alexander

    There is nothing sad about this, beyond the fact that these people have to live under this tyranny, an innocent man had to die, and a woman was beaten by those who are charged with protecting her. Justice is a good thing, even if it had to be brought on by the streets.

    • PoliticalMayhem

      Yeah its about time, a life for a life.

  • denisse

    the guys on the van doesn’t look like they were police… they’re dressed casual and not in uniform, pretty different from the others in the pics.. I think this note can be fake.. but if Im wrong.. good for them, was about time to do something about that tyranny.

    • Obama Pizza

      They were plain clothed police

      • PoliticalMayhem

        Yeah well everyone knows who they are because they are the only members of the middle class.

        The rest of us depend on them for housing, shelter, jobs, etc..

    • PoliticalMayhem

      They were probably the Chinese version of DOD or other higher paid authority. I mean its okay to love this in China.

      It won’t happen here in Middle Amerca, USA!!

  • Honey Goat

    Wow. Didn’t expect that.

  • Swampfox

    Red Horse behind pale horse be a coming.
    Show this to all your cop friends

  • Matheus Grunt

    LEO’s in America best pay attention because their time is coming where we patriots will rise up and stop taking it. The rest of the dolts in America can sit down and not do anything and keep worshiping this unlawful system but the rest of us aren’t going to keep doing that.

    • PoliticalMayhem

      There’s a lot of people who don’t have any access to even one week worth of the money per year 18 year old kids get paid to work for this corrupt administration under Obama the traitor.

      Buying houses at 22, with those fat taxpayer funded checks? Man, I cant get that job and neither can my degree posessing friends, ivy league or owner notwithstanding.

      What gives? I guess they sure are luckier than the 96% of their lower classmen.

  • The Demon Slick

    When the people feel the law serves the government and not the people, when they feel that the law is applied unequally, anarchy will surely follow. This is known.

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  • Jesus Christ

    Someone tried to peacefully film them, they (the police) answered with violence, so they got a taste of their own medicine. As much as I hate violence, it is necessary sometimes.

  • V

    So be it.
    People should not be afraid of their Government. Governments should be afraid of their people.

  • jamescrackscorn

    Wow – the Axemen live!!


    The government should fear the people, not the other way around.
    Or perhaps we should try a governing system that is not rooted in fear, whether of the people or government.

  • PoliticalMayhem

    Good for The Citizens of China. Now it really is a People’s Republic.

    Beware to corrupt leaders everywhere. When the masses are as soldiers on foot and the few and priveledged drive their tyranny home the nail in their coffin will be their last.

    This would not happen if there were more people in jobs, cars and houses, then on the streets standing or walking or biking about, now would it? The vehicle seems to be a rare display of wealth.

  • skwirrl

    Take note BLM

  • Eric M

    Good! Sends the Corrupt Regime a strong message

  • V

    Fucking good. Let this be a lesson to the governments of the world. The people will not tolerate corruption. What’s done in the dark will be brought kicking and screaming into the light to be purged.

  • NeoNegro

    FInally, the Chinese are fighting injustice

  • asdf

    This article contains no sources and is full of mistakes. Neither the bystander taking photos nor the chengguan died, although all were injured, some severely. Full story here:

    • Poon

      They certainly look dead in the pictures above.

  • Seth Wooten

    Sweet, sweet, justice.

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  • Roman Kwiecinski
  • Bwr

    “Maybe we’ll show some mercy, maybe you’ll get what you deserve”.

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  • Tonya-Clay Davis

    So what are the people to do? Appeal to the police? Appeal to the Chinese government? Cops are thugs paid by governments to keep government in power. Cops don’t think about what’s right or wrong. They do what they’re told and take their sociopathology out on the people. These cops killed a man with a hammer, they deserved to die. What more needs to be discussed? I only wish the people had turned on the rest of the cops on the scene.

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  • watersisland

    Community cooperation can work wonders!

  • anon

    God bless the people of China. I understand that this response was ruthless on the public’s part, but these officials (co-erced with money and indoctrination as they may have been, human themselves) comitted murder, and criminal harassment in the eyes of any decent human being. I am proud of the people of China for defending themselves and standing up to such an assault on their right to live in peace. God rest those dead.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Good… kill all communists… the sooner they’re all dead, the better, for everyone worldwide!

  • Tatiana Covington

    Good… kill all communists… the sooner they’re all dead, the better, for everyone worldwide!

  • Arthur Webb

    Even with all of this pseudo intellectual hyperbole on pacifism the bastards got what they deserved.

  • Anon

    Good, they deserved it.

  • Daniel Platten

    Good! It is about time we start killing them all back and the 1%!

  • Robert M. Rovinsky

    OK, after the feel good moment has passed try to recognize that a mob is chaos unleashed. Riots are generally unproductive vis a vis legislative and societal progress. Still those motherfuckers had it coming….