Chinese Survivor Of Tiananmen Square Cautions Against Gun Control In America

from the DailyPaul:


China condemns U.S. gun ownership as human rights violation

A report issued by the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic ofChina has included U.S. gun ownership among a list of human rights violations…

…The conclusion that gun bans will result in enhanced protection of lives and personal security flies in the face of both the American and Chinese experience. Predictably, the report presents many of the same cherry-picked arguments used by “leading” U.S. and international “gun control” organizations that totally ignore the protective benefits of arms in private hands. And, as typical with advocates of a centralized monopoly of violence, Chinese-style genocide, which resulted in government-caused deaths of unknown tens of millions of defenseless human beings in the 20th Century, and the current brutal occupation and tyrannical suppression of Tibetan sovereignty, is left unacknowledged. Left unsaid is the inconvenient truth that rendering captive populations unable to resist makes such monstrous crimes against humanity not only possible, but inevitable….



Images from the Tienanmen Square massacre that killed over 241 (the official Chinese government number) and up to 4,000 peaceful protesters.


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