Choose Your Own Crime Stats (Crimes Stats They Don’t Want You To Hear)

An interesting look at the real crime and gun crime statistics and what they reveal about gun murders, our politicians and the mainstream media.

From the YouTube channel description:

Crime stats they’d rather you not hear.

FBI Uniform Crime Reports Table 1

FBI Uniform Crime Reports Table 16

FBI Uniform Crime Repots Table 8

Crimes Detected in England and Wales 2011/2012

(Note: not every recommendation given by the author is in line with the liberty message. e.g. It is not the job of the government to create jobs or to deal with poverty. That is the job of the people).


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  • Parker Orfield

    The Obama Administration and Liberal Democrats uses propaganda to say that anything that anyone else has to say is only propaganda! We are the government, believe us if you know what’s good for you, oops I mean, the government knows what is good for you!