Christopher Columbus: The Man, The Myth, The Murderer

“In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,

He had three ships and left from Spain;
He sailed through sunshine, wind and rain.

He sailed by night; he sailed by day;
He used the stars to find his way.

A compass also helped him know
How to find the way to go…”

(excerpt from teaching poem about Christopher Columbus)

Most elementary school students are familiar with this poem, which is supposed to teach them about Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America. The words are attributed to  Winifred Sackville Stoner Jr., a 17-year-old “prodigy”, who penned the poem, called “The History of the U.S.”, in 1919. ( There is some controversy as to whether the first line was original, or copied from an earlier text, but that’s irrelevant.)

Columbus Day has been celebrated in the United States since the early 18th century, but did not officially become a federal holiday until 1937. The holiday is supposed to commemorate the discovery of America on October 12th, 1492. Children all over the world have been taught the “facts” about Columbus’s famous voyage. However, most of those facts are fabrications.

For example, here is a Columbus “fact sheet”, used in English as a Second Language curriculum:

Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus was looking for a new way to get to the Indies. He did not want to sail around Africa.He wanted to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to China and India.

Columbus needed money for his trip. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain helped him. They wanted Columbus to find gold and a new way to travel to the Indies. They gave him three ships: the Nina, the Pinta,and the Santa Maria.

The three ships left Spain on August 3, 1492. The sailors did not see land for a month. They wanted to go back to Spain. Finally, on October 12, 1492, they found land. They put a Spanish flag on the land and called it Espanola. Columbus thought he was in India. He called the people Indians. But Columbus was in the Bahamas.

He found a new continent by accident. He found America.


The story is that Columbus wanted to find America, or prove that the world was round, rather than flat. He supposedly convinced Ferdinand and Isabella, the monarchs of Spain, to finance his voyage, and Isabella allegedly sold her personal jewelry to give him money. He and his crew headed west into the sunset and discovered America. They made friends with all of the natives, and returned to Spain covered in glory.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Schoolchildren have been taught many things about Columbus that are myth, rather than fact. Here are a few of those:

Myth #1: Columbus was from Spain.

Christopher Columbus is the anglicized version of an Italian name, which was Cristoforo Colombo (Genoese, later changed to Cristobal Colón, when he became a citizen of Spain.) No one is really sure why he changed his name; it may have been that he wanted to sound more Spanish, like those who changed their names when emigrating to the U.S. It has even been speculated that he was actually a Portuguese Jew, and changed his name to appear Italian in order to carry out a covert mission to distract Spain from finding a true route to the Indies. Some scholars believe that he was actually Salvador Fernandes Zarco, which is based on analyzation of Columbus’s sigla, which he used to sign documents instead of his name.

Myth #2: Columbus wanted to prove that the world was round.

The idea that the world was flat had actually been discredited long before the 15th century. In fact, Thales of Miletus (c.a. 624-547 B.C.E.), a great mathematician and thought to be the teacher of Pythagoras, predicted an eclipse of the sun on May 28, 585 B.C.E. Aristotle later credited Thales with the hypothesis of a spherical earth, rather than a flat “disc”, which was what was initially believed.

The Egyptian-Greek scientist Eratosthenes measured the circumference and diameter of the world in the third century B.C.E.

Columbus based his calculations for the journey on incorrect assumptions about the size of the earth, and assumed that Asia could be reached by sailing due west. However, Columbus landed in the Caribbean, incorrectly believing that he was in Hindustan.  He was unwilling to acknowledge that his calculations were wrong, and made a laughingstock of himself in Europe by claiming that the world was shaped like a pear, rather than being round.

Myth #3: Columbus was able to get financing for his trip after Isabella sold her personal jewels.

This one is pure nonsense. Isabella didn’t need to pawn her jewels. Ten years before, she and Ferdinand launched a war against the Muslim Moors (Berbers and Arabs) and forced them back to Africa after four centuries of occupation. Granada was taken in January of 1492. Isabella also managed to recover the estates that had been sold off by Henry IV, as well as establishing a monopoly over the mints in the first year her reign.

The Portuguese had already rejected Columbus twice.  Allegedly, the first hearing that Columbus requested with Ferdinand and Isabella was in 1485, at which time they were not interested in his proposal. In his arrogance, he demanded that they provide him with ships and crews, and he asked to be governor of whatever lands he found.  After many years and several rejections, the couple finally agreed to sponsor Columbus and he was loaned three relatively small ships, crewed by released prisoners.

Myth #4: Columbus discovered America.

Columbus and his crew made landfall on October 12, 1492, not in North America, but in the islands in the Bahamas. In his subsequent trips to the New World, four in all, Columbus never set foot on the mainland.

On that first trip, Columbus traveled back and forth among the islands in the Caribbean, searching for gold, precious jewels,silver, spices, and anything else that he could take back to Spain to prove his worth. He didn’t find much. In March, 1493, he left 40 men behind in a makeshift settlement and returned to Spain.

He thought that he could go just a little farther and reach the markets of Japan. Columbus believed that he had found the eastern fringes of Asia, and maintained that notion for the rest of his life.

Myth #5: Columbus and his men made friends with the natives.

The Arawak people of South America started migrating north about 1500 years ago, and populated the islands known as the Bahamas. The main group of natives that Columbus encountered were the Taino, a very well established people who hunted and fished, and cultivated crops as well as hunting and gathering. They were a spiritual people who recognized a divine presence, which they referred to as Yocahu, and they had special reverence for the earth mother. They had rituals and ceremonies, and their young were considered eligible for marriage around puberty. They were a civilized culture that had endured in the area for a thousand years.

The Taino had not seen white men before, so Columbus and his men were a shock. The Taino may have believed that the white men were a form of the divine and came from heaven, and they went out to greet Columbus and his men with food and gifts. On his first night in the New World, Columbus described that the islands were populated by strong, well-built, and handsome people, and that with 50 of his men and weapons he could easily overcome them.  

“They will give all that they do possess for anything that is given to them, exchanging things even for bits of broken crockery,” he noted upon meeting them in 1492. “They were very well-built, with very handsome bodies and very good faces….They do not carry arms or know them….They should be good servants.”

Columbus impressed some of the Taino to help him search for gold and other riches. When very little was found, he decided that he would take back something just as valuable for trade: human lives. He sent some 500 Taino slaves to Isabella, who was horrified, and returned his “gift.” He had initially captured 1000 Taino to be sold as slaves, and over 250 died en route to Spain.

In 1494, Columbus established a colony at La Isabela, on the north coast of what he had named Hispaniola. The Spanish and the Taino coexisted peacefully for a while, but things began to deteriorate. The Spanish began to force the Taino men and boys to work in gold mines. Those that refused were tortured and killed.

According to the biography, The Mysterious History of Columbus: An Exploration of the Man,the Myth, the Legacy,”written by John Noble Wilford, Columbus had sent five hundred men into the hills on an expedition for gold. Upon hearing that the Indians were planning to attack the group, Columbus sent four hundred soldiers to terrorize them in order to show them how strong the Christians were.  He believed that as Christians his men had supreme authority over the Taino. One of the Spaniards went through the hills, terrorizing the Indians and stealing their food. Columbus punished the Taino victims instead of the Spaniard. War erupted between the Taino and the Spaniards. Due to their inferior weaponry, thousands of the Taino were killed,  while those that were not were captured and enslaved.

Another incident, reported by Michele de Cueno, a Spaniard in Columbus’ traveling party, was especially graphic. Cueno tells of how the group came upon Taino men in a canoe and attacked them. They thought they had killed one of the men and threw him into the water. Upon seeing him begin to swim, they caught him and cut off his head with an axe.

Columbus also felt it was his right to pass out women that he had captured to his men, and they would take turns raping the women, sometimes killing them afterwards. One of his favorite ways to send a “message” to the other Taino was to take one of the men, cut his hands off, and tie them around the man’s neck.

Without men to work the fields, the Taino were unable to plant the crops that sustained their people, and they began to starve. The food shortages were so severe that the Spaniards took Taino babies to feed to their dogs, and many people died from lack of food as well as suicide. Many Taino also succumbed to the measles and smallpox, which were diseases that had come from Europe. The Taino had no natural immunity, having never encountered these diseases before.  Many others were killed fighting against the Spaniards, and in time, many of the women were starting to marry the “invaders” due to a lack of their own men.

Myth #6: Columbus returned to Spain, where he was revered and glorified.

By 1498, conditions were so terrible that Spain had to send someone else to govern the colony, and Columbus was arrested. He was transported back to Spain in chains, to stand trial for his crimes. He was stripped of his titles and all claims to the lands that he “discovered.” He was later cleared of the most serious charges, but his titles were no longer his to enjoy.

By the early 1500s, it was estimated that 85% of the Taino had vanished.When Columbus made his 4th trip back to the New World in 1502, the Taino had been reduced from 8 million to some 60,000. He got to Panama, where he had to abandon two of his four ships under threat of revolt from hostile natives.

Columbus returned to Spain, where he died in 1506.

So, there you have it: the real “contribution” that Columbus made was to open the Americas up for takeover by Europe and the subsequent displacement and genocide of the native people. In his greed, he almost singlehandedly wiped out an entire civilization.

He didn’t discover anything but a group of islands, which he claimed for Spain, and mismanaged to the point that people were starving and killing themselves. While governor of Santo Domingo on Hispaniola, he kept all of the profits for himself and his brothers, causing the other colonists to loathe him and threaten revolt.

There is evidence that Columbus and his crew were responsible for bringing syphilis back with them, causing an epidemic that would go on to kill five million people in Europe within two years of the 1492 voyage.

His contemporaries despised him. He was a slave trader, taking people from their families to make up for the fact that he was inept at trying to “discover” a new trade route or riches. People tried to assassinate him, and he was returned to Spain in chains and stripped of his nobility and the entitlements that came with that status.

So, why do we, as Americans,  praise Columbus and celebrate a day in his honor? It could be theorized that the story we were taught as children caters to our nature as a dysfunctional society of conquerors; a survival of the fittest mentality and a society that reveres avarice. However, the truth is even more ridiculous.

Our modern-day historical renderings of the voyage and discovery have been handed down from a fictional novel written by Washington Irving in 1828, and from other writers who have created an idealized version of the voyages and the life of Columbus. Irving’s Columbus was a figure of heroic stature, incredibly useful to Americans who were attempting to exert their own independence and mold their nation. Irving presented Columbus as a hero and an inspiration, glossing over the truth and ascribing all of the virtues to him that were considered noble and highly prized in society in that time period.

Since then, Americans have molded Columbus into a person that is just as fictional as the works that have been published about him. It has suited our purposes to create in him a powerful symbol for America, when in actuality, he was perhaps a greedy misanthrope that lied his way into the courts of the Spanish and killed and enslaved millions for his own gain.

Barack Obama perpetrated the lie today in his Columbus Day Proclamation:

“As dawn broke over the Atlantic on October 12, 1492, a perilous 10-week journey across an ocean gave way to encounters and events that would dramatically shape the course of history. Today, we recall the courage and the innovative spirit that carried Christopher Columbus and his crew from a Spanish port to North America, and we celebrate our heritage as a people born of many histories and traditions,” said Obama.

Frightening when your POTUS is just as brainwashed as the rest of them, eh?

We have created a hero that did not exist, and we have lied to generations of people about his accomplishments. His contributions to our society are a figment of a collective imagination.

In truth, Columbus really has nothing to do with America at all. Using him as a symbol of liberty and independence is a grave insult to those who have fought for the same. Rather than teaching blatant lies to our children, we should use him as an example of the cruelty and inhumanity of those who torture and kill innocent people under the guise of subduing the enemy. The atrocities committed by Columbus and his men should serve as a lesson that diplomacy is preferable to war.

Today, we honor Christopher Columbus , who opened the Atlantic slave trade and launched one of the most massive waves of genocide known in history.

“I should be judged as a captain who went from Spain to the Indies to conquer a people numerous and warlike, whose manners and religion are very different from ours, who live in sierras and mountains, without fixed settlements, and where by divine will I have placed under the sovereignty of the King and Queen our Lords, an Other World, whereby Spain, which was reckoned poor, is become the richest of countries.” Christopher Columbus, 1500



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  • libertynorth

    The Vikings had discovered North America long before him anyway. They always made it sound like the Natives were savages but sounds like Columbus was to me.

    • Silverado

      Myron Paine has written about that very subject for years here: http://le'
      I hope you find his theory and websites as interesting (and anti-establishment) as I do…

      I first read about this guy at Lew Rockwell’s website a few weeks ago.

    • Blank Reg

      The natives WERE savages, but the savagery of Columbus and the Spaniards who followed was two orders of magnitude higher. So…”savage” compared to WHAT?

      Yes, the Vikings discovered and even settled what they called Vinland, some ruins from which were found in north Newfoundland. The sagas reported them in constant conflict with the native Inuit, and they finally gave it up as being economically unsustainable. I often wonder what might have happened, however, had they continued 1000 miles or so further south, to, say, the Chesapeake Bay area, where the climate was better, natives friendlier, and food plentiful. 500 years later, their descendants might have told Columbus to (1) trade fairly, or (2) go home, or (3) die right there on the spot. Vikings didn’t f**k around. We might all be speaking Old Norse today.

  • ter ber

    Asians have been immigrating to North, south, central Americas for thousands of years. The native American’s DNA goes all the way back to Asia. Haven’t checked your DNA yet? $99

  • MarcB1969

    While the Vikings were likely the first Europeans to make landfall on North America, it was Columbus who established renewed transit between the New World and Europe. Anybody of European descent who appreciates living in the Western hemisphere owes him a huge debt of gratitude. People were far less broadminded in his day, so it’s unreasonable to judge him based on an enlightened world view. The Right of Conquest was accepted universally until recently, and his actions were in line with the standards of his day.

    • NukeWaste

      The Rights of Conquest are just as valid today as they were back in Columbus’ day. Look at how Europe divided the Middle East after WWI and invented political boundaries based upon feuding clans. The UN is trying to force countries to take refugees into their countries that should be left in their homes. Italy just refused a batch. Neither China, Japan, nor Russia accept any of them. Ever! None, period!

      • honestann

        Any so-called “rights of conquest” are 100% invalid today, and 100% invalid for thousands of years. Anyone who accepts the notion of “rights of conquest” is a 100% pure predator.

  • pearl87

    Wow, this sure is a ****load of liberal revisionism. Congratulations on jumping aboard the bandwagon to further tear down the reality of Western civilization’s history, “Liberty Crier”. This writer, Angie Davidson, is just another liberal calling herself an “unconventional” conservative, when she is actually just another lying unconservative imposter. Take your lies and pedal them elsewhere, you jerk. IN FACT, Columbus was a devout Christian who was far more concerned with spreading the Gospel of Or Lord, Jesus Christ than conquering, or finding wealth and personal acclaim. Anyone with the intellectual integrity to actually research the personal logs of Columbus himself, before writing such a worthless screed would know that. I just wonder how this piece of liberal trash is being featured by the Liberty Crier. Featuring a hit piece full of lies to trash Columbus, ON Columbus Day, is in such poor taste and is so counter to the spirit of America’s reverence for this icon, it’s nothing short of disgusting.

  • Jon Doe

    The Romans went back and forth to North America a bunch of times…

    • Doubting Thomas

      And, the Phoenician seafarers had regular trade routes far up the Mississippi River.

      • jollyroger

        I read that coca leaves were found inside the stomach of a Pharaoh/mummy.

      • Niku

        Dumber and dumber.

    • tionico

      as did early celts

      • Niku

        Don’t forget Neanderthal man.

        • Pete

          A Celtic monk may have seen North America. They sailed from Ireland to Iceland often enough.

          But the chances of going to north America and surviving would not be good.

          A round trip would be virtually impossible.

          • Niku

            I have to assume that you realize I was kidding. You do know about Neanderthal man, don’t you?

          • Pete

            Yes, I know.

            there was a a History channel show that gave a hypothetical story of how some Cro-Magnon seal hunter could have been trapped on an ice flow and reached North America. It was showing how it might have been possible. The odds would not have been good for that either.

            As far as genetic contribution to look for such a happenstance that would be hard to prove. There has been a lot of miscegenation and American Indian most of the time absolutely want know DNA testing of any bones.

            They want to maintain control of the story.

    • Pete

      The Roman might have got to the Azores or the Canaries. That is about it. If they got that far it was because the Cartheginians had done it before them.

  • CTLovesNathanHale

    Uh, they fed babies to their dogs? Eight million people lived in the Bahamas? Sounds more far fetched than the first story.

    • Angie Davidson

      The Historical Encyclopedia of World Slavery, Volume 1; Volume 7 edited by Junius P. Rodriguez (Editor). Published by ABC-CLIO. Publication date: 1997

      One of the many sources that cite the estimate of around 8 million people initially.

      • Niku

        The first estimate I ever read on the subject said one million.

  • Jack O’Brien

    “They were a civilized culture that had endured in the area for a thousand years.”

    That isn’t accurate. The term “civilized” has come to be synonymous with “honorable,” or “civil” or “virtuous,” but it has an objective, sociological definition. To say they were a “civilized culture” actually mean that they had civilization, which they didn’t. By the true definition of the term, these cultures were not civilized. They did not have urbanization or specialization of labor, public works, etc. They were subsistence hunters and horticulturists.

    And even if the term is being used in the more colloquial way, that is debatable as well. These people were endemically at war with neighboring tribes/bands; they took heads as trophies; they routinely tortured and ritualistically dismembered prisoners; they took slaves from neighboring bands as wives and servants, etc.

    It’s one thing to try and shed some light on the truth of Columbus and European exploration, but don’t undermine your case by propagandizing and spinning myths about the indigenous people.

    • Phil Freeman

      much time has past, yet little has changed. We are merely evolved to the level of tree dwelling feces flingers, and fewer still have ever been self actualized..P. Freeman – Lakota Oglala Brule Sioux First Nations People.

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  • Capt. Parker

    Obama still dreams of “conquering” these united States of America by his unlawful seizing of the United States and the Presidency ….. why would he not praise other “conquerors”?

  • Dave P.

    What else can you expect from a country that pretty much worships people like Abraham Lincoln?

  • tionico

    your “Myth Number 5″ is complete bunkum. Those three ships were quite small.. I beleive the largest, the Santa Maria, had a lenghth on deck of about 90 feet, the other two smaller yet. HOW COULD 500 slaves be carried on such small ships? Impossible. I’ve read several other biographies of Columbus, one written by a man who exhaustively researched every scrap of information available in original period documents found in the archives of Spain, and Genoa, and included the information found in the logs of all four of Columbus’ voyages. THAT distillation from period sources (all studied in the originals, not copies or reports made later)

    NOTHING in this work mentions anything about Columus bringing back large numbers of slaves, though I DO recall him bringing a very small number of the Taino to show to theSpanish rulers… which were then returned on VOyage Number Two. Columbu had expressly forbidden any harm to the locals, specifically prohibiting any use of them as slaves. Yes, they were generous with their things… they were a people of that nature. You have based this article on ONE source only and have left out information readiy available from others.

    Further, the biography I mention carefully researches Columbus’ history, including working for his Father, a seafarer and trader throughout Africa, the Indies, and into China, for some time operating a ship for his Father, and tradking along those routes. His history and parentage and cities of residence (when ashore) were quite well known and documented.

    Yes, he was well aware the earth was not flat, but relied upon calculations of others for his eseimate of its curcumference. His accomplisments as a navigator are simply astounding, particularly as there were no reliable or acccurate time pieces in his time.. not for another 300 years, at least.

    The new myths about Columbus are merely agenda driven to tear down his real service to mankind, and the doors he has opened to European ezploration and wealth.Yes, many who came after him were driven entirely by insane greed, and the genocide and bloodshed on their hands is massive. But do not blame the first guy to “find” these territories for the foul conduct of others who came in his wake. Had he not done so, others were, and in fact were already in the process of discovering what we now know as the Western Hemisphere. This is merely one more aspect of the agenda to discredit the european white man/ Don’t buy it.

    • jollyroger

      Obviously you still believe the public school hockum you were fed with.
      Columbus did NOT discover America. As the writer states he only landed in the Caribbean islands And yes he was a murdering racist S.O.B. As always xtianity raises its ugly bloody hand to enslave and murder those whom it always considers as inferior. Not much different from zionism.
      Columbus was no hero. He was a greedy, self centered little plutocrat as well as corrupted and bigoted.

    • Angie Davidson

      Actually, I used several sources and spent quite a lot of time researching the article. The second voyage consisted of 17 ships total; two flagships and 15 caravel; definitely enough room to handle 500 slaves as each of the flagships were at least 100 burthen. I am not going to pick apart the rest of your comment; I actually wrote this article in 2012 and it has been republished for the last two years. There is plenty of information out there if you look beyond what is supposedly “truthful documentation”…and a lot of that has come to light since the article was first published.

    • Angie Davidson

      Btw, your last sentence is ludicrous. I am white and of European descent…that I would have some agenda to discredit my own ancestors is completely ridiculous.

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  • MyronDavid

    Hey, Guys. I have been looking at the evidence for 14 years. One thing an engineer MUST do is to understand the evidence. In our profession that understanding is the difference between a good life and a sudden death. The evidence says:

    The Norse were in America 1,000 years ago.
    The Norse called themselves “Lenape.” which means “abide with the pure.”
    The Norse used the “Lenape” name twice in the oldest Genesis in the world.
    The Norse were using the “Viking” waterway in Minnesota to float their boats from the Red River valley to the Mississippi River Valley.
    [The archaeologists call that era the Mississippi culture, but they do not know where it came from.]
    At the start of the Little Ice Age 4,000 Lenape abandoned Greenland because of the cold.
    [They left i8 churches behind. They were Christians with a catholic adminstration.]
    [The migration to America stripped away the Catholic administration.]
    The Greenland Lenape split with some going down the East Coast. The met the pilgrims.
    The other group proceeded to the “viking waterway” and their Lenape relatives there.
    The increasing cold climate forced most of the Lenape out of the “viking waterway” region.
    At a rate of about 20 miles per YEAR. the western Lenape Migrated through the Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio,
    (Indiana) (Pennsylvania) to (New Jersey) and (New York.) The states without () have Norse names and many places in them have Norse names.
    The Lenape met nearly all the English Invaders.
    [The Pilgrims recognized the Catholic crosses and other antiques. They stuck Metcom’s head on a pole outside their gate for 18 years.”

    That action might have been a signal to Lenape to never enter Plymouth.]
    The WASPS and the English around Jamestown exterminated the Lenape.
    Then in 1686 the Catholic King of England established the Dominion of New England over the New England colonies.
    The WASPS chose to suppress the knowledge of Lenape.
    [The had the only printing presses and the only semblance of schools in their churches.
    The suppressed the Catholics, Lenape, and Cherokee by the simple act of omission]
    The Lenape were not mentioned in the Native American Indian Handbook, except for a few references about Lanfuage.]

    That is the skeleton outline, I would like to see your evidence and have discussion. My American (Indian) friends do that with me all the time. I find that a good discussion, with evidence changes, minds on both sides.

    I suggest you come to comment on my blogs, so my friends can join in.
    The Blogs are LENAPE EPIC,
    LENAPE HISTORY, (The oldest history in North America),

    • Niku

      What a waste of time, the time that you spent composing this fairy tale, that is.

      • MyronDavid


        My evidence lays on the web and linked in the blogs. Please post links to your evidence that shows my evidence to be a fairy tale in the appropriate comment section.

        • Niku

          Sorry for the delay. I had forgotten about your post, but not about Leif the Lucky, Eric the Red, Leif Erickson (was Olaf his father?), etc, which we all read about in grammar school. So, your information, part of it, was no revelation. Yes, the Vikings did come to North America, but to equate the effect of their voyages and settlements on America to those of Columbus is absurd. Columbus started it all. Some say that there were Chinese who visited our shores early on. Maybe, but so what? What did their visits, if there were any, have to do with America? Likewise, in what way, did the Viking explorations have to do with us?

          • MyronDavid


            What did the Vikings have to do with us? The story is long and convoluted. I will try to give you the links in days to come. But the chorus is that the Vikings gave us our form of government, with separation of church and state–the key element–that NO European nation had. The Vikings also gave us most of the ten commandments because their descendants, the LENAPE, lived them.

            If you remember the White Anglo Saxon Colonies (the WASPs} of the colonial period. They all, except Rhode Island and Pennsylvania , where the Lenape ininfluence was felt, had a CHURHC which dominated the STATE which whipped people that did not go to church and wear the approved clothing. The Church>State>People was in effect.

            The King James Biible many Christians believe to be the word of God was the pet project of King James so he could strengthen the phrases that upheld the divide fight of Kings. The church-Via the Bible–supporting the Right of the State.

            Meanwhile, Roger Williams, was earning his Ph. d. sitting in a village watching a State (a council) operate without a church in site. He saw men, young and old stand to speak on issues. He saw the judge decide for the side with the best argument. He saw men take up assignments (ecuative officers).

            When Williams went to England to get an English Charer for the land the Americans had given him he left his “Ph.D.” thesis behind. It was titled the body Tenent It advocated separation of Church and State. Williams said that if England would follow his advice they could tolerate and religious sect–Including Chatholics.

            Parliament voted to execute Williams and burn the books. Williams was out to sea. They did not find all the books. A decade later thodr sttogsnt Englishmen believed that they invented the separation of Church and State. Ie was those cocky young English who came to America and demanded the separation of church and state.

            The Vikings were first. The Vikings called themselves Lenape, The Lenape taught Williams how government by the state, without the church, worked. God put a power elegant man on earth to drive the message intto the breast of the beast. The previous sentence began with “the Vikings were first.” T can cite tiy tons of evidence that they were. Can you provide evidence that they were not first.

          • MyronDavid

            NIKU:The “vikings” called themselves “LENAPE.” LENAPE means to ABIDE with the PURE. The LENAPE were (and are) Christians. The oldest history in North America is the LENAPE HISTORY.

            The first Lenape historian was probably a Norse man in James Bay, Camada in AD 1358. He reported on Lenape events back to about AD 1000. The last Lenape historian was shot, point blank in the head, by English commander Ralph Lane at Roanoke (Hovel Folks) VA in 1585.

          • MyronDavid
          • Niku

            “I will try to give you the links in days to come.” Save yourself the trouble. I, for one, won’t be reading anything more from you. A little fantasizing sometimes makes the real world a a little easier to endure, but Ive seen enough of what you have to say. Hans Christian Anderson did it better.

      • MyronDavid

        Were these leading authorities of Norse in America telling fairy tales in 1979?

        The VIKING VISITORS to NORRH AMERICA, a 1979 video designed for viewing in school, presents evidence that the NORSE were in Canada 1000 years ago.

  • kktex12

    This woman is full of bs. She cherry picks the historical fact and then rewrites it to her satisfaction. We do not need liberal history rewriters. Not even rinos.

  • columbus

    sounds like time to stir up a false jewish flag ! nope here comes the viking from asia ?? gee ! i wonder if they got a s s i and a piss port ? number from the king of u k first ?
    if you din’t build it , it aint yours ! and no one can claim it so when you check out leave it here for others to use .

  • Bodinky100

    The sheeple will believe anything they are told by any authority figure. That’s why the American people embrassed the police state and love politicians who are criminals. What a tragic reality America has become!