City Of Orlando Allows Man To Keep Front Yard Vegetable Garden

By Kristin Giannas

City looks to change codes after man petitions for garden

COLLEGE PARK, Fla. – A College Park man’s garden will continue to grow in his front yard after the city of Orlando was inundated with emails following a Local 6 story that generated national headlines.

The city of Orlando received hundreds of emails that focused on Jason Helvingston’s 25-foot-by-25-foot front yard vegetable garden in College Park.

And now, the city has decided not to pursue a violation against him. Instead, city officials said they’re trying to work out a solution, which could result in a change in the city’s landscaping codes.

“The times are changing quicker than our codes can adapt, and so we’re certainly looking at this as an opportunity to look at what the new standards should be,” said Jon Ippel, the city’s sustainability director.

Helvingston’s front yard garden first gained national attention last week when he petitioned the city to keep his garden.

The city’s landscape code never considered front yard food production, which raises concerns from aesthetics to storm runoff.

City Of Orlando Allows Man To Keep Front Yard Vegetable Garden [continued]


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