Cop Intentionally Cuts Off Longboarders, Nearly Kills Them

A West Vancouver police officer in an unmarked SUV abruptly swerves in front of a group of longboarders to enforce a $35 bylaw violation, nearly killing them in the process.

West Vancouver Police Department Non-Emergency Line – 604.925.7300



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  • Jim Morrison

    There’s a popular skateboarder slogan, “Skateboarding is not a crime!” — to which many non-boarding pundits reply, “but it should be.”

    However, aggravated vehicular assault and attempted vehicular homicide ARE crimes — felonies — and that cop should be charged with three counts of each.

    In their defense, even though the longboarders were guilty of a petty offense, they were all responsible enough to be wearing suitable helmets. I hope they hire a lawyer with the cojones to press a criminal case against that cop. And I hope the cop had a dashboard cam with a mic inside the SUV so we can know whether he muttered, “Ah’m gonna git me some BOARDAHS!!” before he made his illegal, unsafe, and life-endangering lane change.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    We need a game show called Protect And Serve. Ubiquitous video cameras are now providing ample video of police officers involved in questionable behavior. Contestants watch a short video clip and try to decide if the police officer is protecting the public or serving the public. In this context, “serve” has the modern street definition, meaning a public slap down, as in, “You’ve been served, sucker!” Compare the contestant’s answers with the consensus of the studio audience.

    Our laws are way too complex. We should only need one law. Be cool. In each instance, a jury decides if someone was cool or not. After reviewing the video evidence, a Canadian jury would quickly decide that Officer Dick was guilty of being totally not cool in the first degree.

    • Bobnotacoporcopsupporter

      Look I am not a cop or a cop supporter and I think that most cops are psychopaths. But if you were driving on this street and one of these morons ran into your car who do you think would be at fault? Who’s insurance would pay the bills? Do these longboarders have liability insurance? C’mon, Dudes, WTF? If the cop were a real psycho he would have run the longboarders off the street into a concrete wall and pleaded that THEY were breaking the law and he was just enforcing it. No, most cops are assholes but I think this cop handled this situation well and I’m sure he was responding to a phoned in complaint. West Vancover should enact legislation that calls for the registration of the longboards and in order to get registered they must have liability insurance to operate on public roads. Why not, your car has to have insurance. You have to look at the longboarders safety and liability too.

      • BigAngryMoose

        This cop almost killed three people, and you think he handled the situation well!? You realize longboards DON’T have brakes, so by swerving into their lane he’s essentially setting up a steel wall for them to run into at 30+ mph. Sounds a lot like forcing them into a concrete wall, doesn’t it?

      • LetsTryLibertyAgain

        I expect kids to behave like kids, and police to behave like adults… law abiding adults. It’s outrageous that you excuse the criminal and reckless police behavior based on the fact that he didn’t use a police cruiser to pin the skateboarders against a concrete wall. You have a shockingly low standard for appropriate police behavior.

        I remember when police cars displayed their motto, “to protect and serve.” It wasn’t that long ago. The new motto seems to be “respect my authoritah!” The taxpayers pay the police salaries, so why are we forced to lick their jackboots and quiver in fear when they approach us? It’s crazy. We are now quite literally paying for our own tyrannical police state.

      • jesusknight

        Just because he was responding to a call does not give him the right to almost kill them. A cop should always consider safety when responding to such a call. Not just his – but theirs as well. Common sense states there was other means of stopping them besides what he did.

      • Nick

        Bicycles don’t require licenses to be vehicles on the road in Vancouver so I don’t see why long boards require it. Even if their isn’t legislation enacted to deal with long board incidences, I would find find it incredibly bizarre for a judge to not base his or her judgement of liability off of the extensive rules in place for cyclists.

  • BobtheGrape

    I feel that the longboarders are doing something that is both dangerous to them and the folks operating automobiles. I didn’t notice that the cop drive right at the longboarders and attempt to run them over or run at them. That being said, doesn’t the dop have something better to do with his time than harass these morons. If these longboarders need this type of thrill why don’t they invest in a piece of property with a hill on it and put their own downhill course on it where they could have junk cars parked along the course and do slalom longboarding.
    I didn’t see the cop do anything felonious. It appeared that he blocked the street but I didn’t see him attempt to run these folks down. If I lived on this street and this was a daily occurence for the longboarders to street-surf down the hill I would call the cops too. If you hit one of these morons you don’t think for a minute that the longboarders would admit that they were at fault. It is you and your insurance that would pay for his hospital/funeral expenses. I am no lover of cops but I think these longboarders are wrong.

    • LetsTryLibertyAgain

      If you lived on the street and the long boarders were causing you a problem, it’d be much better for all parties involved to spread a gallon of pea gravel on the road – not an issue for cars but no fun for long boarding. Not so much to wreck them, but enough to make it no fun for them. A little near the top of the hill and gradually more on the way down the hill. Not the nicest thing, but better than calling the police to come out and deliberately attempt to kill them.

    • blahblahblah

      It seems your big issue is with if they damage your car by some fault of theirs. The answer is they are legally liable just as anyone walking by your car, jogging by your car, or riding their bicycle by your car. I suppose we should force those guys to get insurance to. Besides that point, I didn’t see anybody argue that the longboarders are in the right and should not have been stopped and ticket. However, the arguement was made that the officer intentionally endangered the longboarders lives and should be held culpable for it. I put his actions on the same level and clocking a speeding car and ramming it head on to give them a ticket. The level of force is not merrited by the level of the threat.

  • R.Young

    Could have been worse the Cops could have set up a cable or rope at neck level and stretching acrossed the street.