December 19, 2014

‘Daily Show': You Won’t Be A Police Shooting Statistic, There Are None!

October 9, 2014

The Daily Show” correspondent Samantha Bee took a close look on Tuesday night at the fact that there are no statistics about the number of civilians shot by police each year.

During her report, Bee interviewed former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik. Kerik was “confident” that the data existed and said that it “goes somewhere in the federal government.”

Oh that data goes somewhere,” Bee said. “It goes like this: ‘Poof!’ And then it just disperses to the wind.”

‘Daily Show': You Won’t Be A Police Shooting Statistic, There Are None!  [continued]



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  • sprky777

    Major news channels prefer to abuse statistics regarding citizens using firearms and avoid mentioning cops abusing firearms.

  • tionico

    If someone were to contact Will Grigg on the matter, I believe he has some fairly accurate tally figures. He writes about out of control cops and their victims on a regular basis. Seems I recall a figure of some 500 per year of late.

    I wonder if there are any tallies of civilians kiling cops? It seems only natural that if cops as a class don’t begin self-restraining, the tables will turn on them as a class. read just yesterday about that guy, maybe upstate New York, ambushed a cop or two and has evaded their charade of chase for some four days now. I do not condone such conduct, but so often due process is denied when LE abuses their powers and we the people, I can understand one’s taking such action. Sort of like in that film The Shooter, or Shootist……… sometimes the corruption is so deep and so complete the usual methods of dealing with it are wholly ineffective. Yet such evil must be dealt with somehow.

  • M.J.

    there is a website
    Documents Victims of Police Violence

  • M.J.

    There is a website
    Documents Victims of Police Violence

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