DEA Supplied With Access To Vast Database Of AT&T Phone Records

cell-phone-radiationBy Steven Musil

Project Hemisphere, which was detailed in slides supplied to The New York Times, included access to phone logs dating back 26 years.

U.S. law enforcement officials working on counter-narcotics operations have had routine access to AT&T’s enormous database of Americans’ phone records dating back more than 25 years, according to a New York Times report.

The Hemisphere Project involves a close relationship in which the government has paid company employees to supply drug-enforcement officials with phone data dating back as far as 1987, the Times reported. The partnership, which began in 2007, is reportedly similar but separate from the National Security Agency’s controversial data-collection programs revealed earlier this year.

However, unlike the NSA’s collection of phone logs, the data covered by Hemisphere is stored by the company with access granted via administrative subpoena. The database, which includes records on every call that passes through the company’s network, not just AT&T customers, grows by 4 billion records a day.

Details of the program were revealed in a 27-slide PowerPoint presentation provided to the newspaper by peace activist Drew Hendricks, who received the information in response to public information requests. The slides were marked “law enforcement sensitive” and indicate that the program was to be carried out in great secrecy.


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  • Silverado

    Why does the govt treat every citizen like a criminal that must be watched? What are they afraid of?? Losing “control” and the coming revolution??

    The duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from it’s government – Thomas Paine

  • American Patriot

    If I locate any cop’s telephone number, and address, I can make sure they CAN be spied upon, the pedestals will grant me access to their punch down blocks, and clipping a recorder into the line is an easy task.
    Clip and go….come back 24 hours later and listen to what you were supplied.
    Leak the info on the net so America knows what goes on as well.
    The ‘law’ can be severed by anybody when those that enforce it, also destroy it, so the law means NOTHING!