Dennis Kucinich: Report on Benghazi Not the Full Story

“Why did the U.S. spend U.S. tax dollars to open the door for Al-Qaeda in Libya?”

Washington, Dec 19 - Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today took to the House floor to remind colleagues that while a supposedly independent investigation faulted the State Department for security failures in Benghazi, Libya it was the Administration that took us to war and created the chaos in Libya.

Transcript: “This past September 11th, four Americans, including our Ambassador, were killed in Benghazi. The responsibility for security failures has now been placed upon the State Department. End of story? No.

“The deeper question is why did the US intervene in Libya in the first place? Twenty months after a U.S.-led mission to overthrow the Libyan government, militias are still battling in the streets for control. Al-Qaeda-linked groups have a foothold in Libya which they did not have before the U.S. intervention.

“Why did the U.S. spend U.S. tax dollars to open the door for Al-Qaeda in Libya? The intervention itself was a disaster and it makes the case that the U.S. government’s policy of intervention in Libya was wrong and that everything that proceeds from that intervention is bound to be tainted.

“The Book of Ecclesiastes says ‘That which is crooked cannot be made straight.’ Nothing will ever be made straight about U.S. intervention in Libya.”




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