Doctor in New York arrested for stealing pro-gun signs

By David Andreatta

A doctor was arrested in NY for stealing pro gun signsA pediatrician from Perinton, New York was arrested in Wayne County for allegedly stealing lawn signs calling for the repeal of the state’s stringent new gun law. Annamaria Kontor, 46, of Valewood Run, was charged with petit larceny on Thursday after the doctor was allegedly seen swiping “Repeal NY’s S.A.F.E. Act” signs from the lawns of houses on East Townline Road in Williamson, according to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Barry Virts said deputies responded to a call from a homeowner earlier in the day and tracked the doctor to her office, Williamson Pediatrics, on Old Ridge Road, where officers found five of the signs in an outdoor trash bin.

Kontor was issued a ticket to appear in Williamson Town Court on Jan. 15, Virts said.

Doctor in New York arrested for stealing pro-gun signs [continued]


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  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    The doctor wasn’t arrested. She wasn’t taken into custody. She was cited or ticketed, but not arrested.

    She should have been arrested. Her crime has nothing to do with the cost of the materials she took. The significant crime was trespassing on other people’s property to deprive them of their right to free speech, but this is the standard MO of the anti-gun crowd. Rights are for me, but not for thee. She doesn’t honor other people’s second amendment rights, so why should she honor their first amendment rights?

    I thought doctors are smart. Dumping the signs in the dumpster next to work wasn’t very smart. Then again, trespassing on a gun owner’s property and stealing their stuff… also not too bright. Nobody should be shot for stealing a yard sign, but it would be easy to mistake her illegal intent with very bad consequences.

    • binaryloop

      All good points.

    • marmaru

      She must be sued by those she trespassed on. This is not a second Amendment issue. The Bill of Rights were not to be “law”/rules for the electorate and citizenry. They were and are to be the “chains that bind them” for the Federal Government, their employees and contractors. Nothing more and nothing less!
      This is a major problem. Most would agree with your statement, but what that does is make the Bill of Rights some sort of base code of “law” for US. We had Common Law or as the Founders referred to it as “The Law”. Essentially law is “Do all you have agreed to do and do not encroach on other persons or their property”. Law was usurped by government. This is what allows so many legislated or decreed Rules to be considered “laws”. America is a nation under Law. Not a nation of “laws”. This distinction and the resultant plethora of “laws” that create so much havoc is at the root of all this political bullshit.
      Her efforts are misguided. She obviously has a serious case of “kodachrome”. But the issue is between private persons and their property. Keep the government out of the law “game”. Look at how bleeped up and insidious our “legal” system is.

      • Herb

        she should be publicly beaten. Tarred and feathered. Trespassers should go to jail. Trespassing is actually a crime, not just a civil infraction.