Dog Murdering Cop Loses Job Because Of Hundreds And Hundreds Of Angry Callers

The video should start to play in about 30 seconds.

man-forced-to-kill-his-own-dogThis is a bad situation that occurred,” he said. “It’s a situation that we’ve never had to deal with.”

Sheriff David Traylor said in his nearly three decade career in law enforcement, he’s never had a department receive so many threats for a single incident. Ultimately, he said that is why Deputy Dooley was fired.

“He’s had threats that he needs to be shot in the back of the head,” Sheriff Traylor said. “And it came to the point that Deputy Dooley was actually in a dangerous position and he put any other officers working with him into a dangerous position.”

They have received so many calls that it has hindered work.

“Hundreds and hundreds of calls, some of them pretty vulgar to listen too,” he said. “It’s taking up the time from what we need to be doing.”

Deputy Dooley had been working for the Rains County Sheriff’s Department for six months and Traylor said other than minor complaints he had no issues with Deputy Dooley.

Dooley will not be allowed to return to work at that department regardless of the outcome of the current investigation…

Dog Murdering Cop Loses Job Because Of Hundreds And Hundreds Of Angry Callers [continued]

UPDATE: The deputy is very sorry for what he has done now that he has lost his job.  He wasn’t crying like this when he shot and murdered the dog that day.

Not a tear was shed when the dead dog lay before him:


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  • Swampfox

    Not only should the wantabe Rambo be fired but his accreditation should be terminated so he can’t work as a po-lice again.

    • n4zhg

      That’s what would happen in New York, termination for cause means automatic revocation of certification as a law enforcement officer. Not so sure about Texas.

  • FreeOregon

    There’s a more general societal problem here.

    How do we deal with people inclined to murder? Is firing them effective? Won’t they still be loose in society and, worse, under financial stress to steal and kill?

    Since few accept personal accountability for their actions, isn’t there a high probability this man will blame the community that complained he killed a living creature in cold blood, and seek retribution?

    If you take returning veterans with mental issues and attempt to mainstream them back into society by getting them jobs enforcing laws they do not understand what results do you expect?

    • n4zhg

      You take people off the street with mental issues and make them law enforcement it doesn’t work out so well either. They’re recruiting sociopaths, and there is method in their madness.

    • OneHitchhiker

      Your inclusion of veterans in a straw man argument is unwarranted and clearly unjust. Implying a broad class of individuals are all sociopathic and ignorant is – at best – quite a stretch of imagination, and callously disrespectful. How about you take some personal responsibility, and apologize.

      • FreeOregon

        Do killers deserve respect? Does giving them a uniform make what they do respectable or acceptable?

        After the Vietnam War civil society incarcerated large numbers of returning veterans. Why was that? Most were conscripts.

        Incarceration was a poor solution, a poor and ineffective way to assist people with combat and combat training induced mental issues.

        Now that we have a professional military incarceration would be unseemly. Instead we recruit them into police work to provide jobs.

        It does not matter why someone joins the military. The profession itself is not honorable not matter how much propaganda the government spews.

        If you want respect for the men who join the military, first clean up their act.

        • Peter K

          I served in the Marine Corps and went to war. You damn well better believe I deserve your respect. Military service is honorable, and you only have the freedom to spew your propaganda because men like me fought and died to give you that right. Crawl back into your hole, you pathetic leech.

          • FreeOregon

            Exactly how is the world, and specifically our country, better off because of what you chose to do with your life?

            Why are you upset when someone questions your rationalization?

          • Peter K

            I already explained that. Freedom of speech is a new thing, brought about by the military service of Americans, bought and paid for with the blood of patriots. Are you really so daft that you don’t remember that men like me stopped Hitler? And others? Really? These are just a few examples. I followed that tradition because if men like me don’t, you will lose your freedom of speech and the Hitlers of the world will regain strength. Perhaps you didn’t like our involvement in Iraq, but I don’t miss Saddam. He was a brutal murderer, a Stalin protege. Because – in part – of my actions, he is gone. Just because these politicians are corrupt and spy on our own people while they get rich and try to take away our rights….that has nothing to do with me or other military members. We swore an oath to uphold the Constitution which recognizes the many rights that you cherish. Yes, they have been trying to use the military to protect their riches, but that is no reflection upon the honorable service of our members.

            As for your second question, which is pure bs manipulation…stick it up your hiney.

          • FreeOregon

            If you are certain your story is correct, why are you upset?

          • TrevorLyman

            You have a really bad attitude Peter. No one has to respect you and you don’t deserve anyone’s respect just because you were in the military, or because you killed people in another country. Don’t come here and push people around and act like the big tough guy. This kind of attitude is not welcome here.

          • Peter K

            “This kind of attitude is not welcome here.” Now who’s pushing people around? Do you own here? Didn’t think so. What kind of a hypocrite tells people not to tell people what to do by telling people what to do? Wow…… You and FreeOregon are welcome to call me a murderer….it’s a free country with free speech. You’re welcome for that, leech.

          • TrevorLyman

            I do own here actually and I’m about to prove it. Goodbye asshole. Oh, and you don’t know a thing about free speech. Free speech is between you and your government. Free speech does not mean you can come onto my private property and push people around. You don’t even know what you’re talking about.

  • ChuckNoland

    A person who is so stupid they can’t see a dog wagging his tail is not a threat is too stupid to do anything but take tolls in a booth.

    • Margaret Sheehy

      Probably too stupid to make change though either

      • watersisland

        He’s not to be trusted in the capacity of a public servant in ANY position…and that includes ones that require you to ask “do you want fries with that”.

  • lilbear68

    the internet is great, a 5 minute or less search and you can find out where this guy and his family live
    its good to remember this when other pigs screw up and the dept refuses to act

  • James

    This is great, but unfortunately he’ll just move and be in another police department in a few months.

    • n4zhg

      Then you follow the bastard and raise a public outcry there. Hound him out of the state if necessary, then make him ship out to a country that allows his kind to carry guns — Somolia, Cuba, North Korea.

  • Jack Rauber

    Someone used the word sociopath for this police officer, and I think that is correct. This is what seems to be the problem with most of these cops who are killers. They do it with complete lack of concern for the victim. For some reason, they believe themselves to be above the law they are there to enforce. Also, as someone else said, this is a conscious decision when hiring these men. It is akin to what China did when they brought in Mongolians to take care of the student protest on Tiananmen Square.

    • n4zhg

      This is the kind of person police departments are recruiting. And it’s not an accident.

  • tamajam10

    Good. Finally some sense and justice. Glad to see more people stepping up and taking action. Remember, there is always strength in numbers.

  • JDuree

    So, the only reason he was fired, was public out cry? The sheriff had no problem with what he did! The power to stop police abuse lies with the public, we do have the power to stop it. Stay outraged, We need to push our states into a non police investigation unit , police should NOT be investigating themselves…it always results in no consequences, and the bad cops are back out on the streets.

    • Peter K

      It’s a shame this guy was fired over public outcry, yet cops are not fired all the time after shooting humans, or just simply beating them to death.

  • guest

    Stupid fat fcuk. Mace or taser wouldn’t work??

  • Steven Kaufman

    The police are nothing but a violent gang and like any other violent gang all they understand is force. It’s good to see the people standing up to these thugs in blue polyester especially as we witness the increased militarization of local police with overwhelming force now being employed for ridiculous reasons and many tragedies occurring as a result.

    Funny how you never see UPS, FedEx, or even the USPS killing dogs. Just goes to show you how trigger happy these thugs really are.

    • Peter K

      The worst part about it is that it’s our fault. We taxpayers who vote have the power to put an end to this…..yet the problem only grows worse.

  • Gardentoolnumber5

    Sad part is that without a prosecution this clown will go work for some other county/city.

  • 12grace

    This is a very upsetting video. I pray that this precious dog died quickly and did not suffer.