Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano For Governor Of New Jersey 2013

What could Judge Andrew Napolitano accomplish as Governor of New Jersey?

Via nullification the Judge, working with a liberty legislature, could undo a multitude of Federal evils. Here are some examples, to name just a few:

1.) Destroy the Federal Reserve Note monopoly by legalizing competitive currencies (including bitcoin) and setting up a gold backed state currency.
2.) Nullify the Drug War (including marijuana legalization of course) and allow non-profits to help those who use drugs by treating them as persons with a health issue, not as criminals.
3.) Nullify the TSA and let the state or private enterprise provide security.
4.) Nullify Obamacare and allow the free market to thrive.
5.) Nullify any Federal gun control legislation; past, present and future.
6.) Legalize Hemp production allowing New Jersey residents to participate in a multi-billion dollar global industry (jobs! jobs! jobs!).
7.) Nullify the Patriot Act and put an end to all Government spying on the people of New Jersey.
8.) Block all unconstitutional drone surveillance.
9.) Cut government spending and taxes for the people of New Jersey.
10.) Undo the militarization of police forces in New Jersey (sell the mini-tanks, etc.).
11.) End illegal DUI road blocks and all illegal search and sezuire of all kinds.
12.) Arrest and jail any Federal agents enforcing nullified Federal laws within the border of New Jersey.

…and the list goes on and on!

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What are your thoughts?

What else could Judge Andrew Napolitano accomplish as Governor of New Jersey?

What are other positives and negatives to this idea?


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