February 28, 2015

Editorial: U.K. Could Use A Right To Bear Arms To Prevent Petty Tyranny

January 25, 2013


The Second Amendment isn’t meant to protect hunting. Politicians came up with this whopper as an excuse to impose silly restraints on the type of arms that can be kept. The needs of someone shooting a deer in the forest differ from those of a man who wants to fend off criminals and keep the government itself in check. Though liberals might scoff, guns are absolutely essential to preventing petty tyranny.

To see how a disarmed people are treated, one need look no further than Great Britain. There, the Conservative government announced on Tuesday it would begin the process of limiting the 1,300 reasons that local and national officials can cite as an excuse to intrude on private property — often without a warrant. For example, if an individual fails to pay a few parking tickets or speed-camera notices, a bailiff can be dispatched to a home, walk inside and grab a television set, computer or other valuables to satisfy the alleged debt.

The British Parliament has so little regard for the sanctity of private property that it has conveyed entry powers on low-level city council bureaucrats through no fewer than 150 laws. The 2006 Health Act that introduced …

Editorial: U.K. Could Use A Right To bear Arms To Prevent Petty Tyranny [continued]


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