FBI, Police Surround Michigan Town With Checkpoints, Stop & Question Every Vehicle

Police question drivers at a checkpoint in Armada, Michigan.  (Source: WXYZ)

ARMADA, MI — Long lines of traffic formed as travelers attempted to enter or leave the Village of Armada; government agents roadblocked all routes around town and put every driver under scrutiny as part of a massive murder investigation.

The blanket search was conducted on the evening of Thursday, July 31, 2014. Swarms of FBI agents, Michigan State Police, and local police officers joined forces to create three massive checkpoints around the small community (population 1,730), causing traffic to be “backed up for miles.”

The police action came one week after a local teen girl was found murdered in a drainage ditch on July 24th. Short on clues in the search for April Millsap’s killer, investigators decided to stop, question, and document every traveler in town — “car by car.”

Traffic was "backed up for miles" around Armada.  (Source: Local 4 News, Detroit)

“They’re stopping every car both ways, and they’re taking license plate numbers, names and addresses,” one resident named Brian told CBS Detroit, after being stopped by the FBI on Fulton Road. “They’re writing all this stuff down, they have a clipboard, and they’re writing everybody’s information down. It’s not like they’re just checking and you go ahead, they’re writing everything down.”

WXYZ reported that police scrawled an “X” on the hands of every person they had talked to.

FBI, Police Surround Michigan Town With Checkpoints, Stop & Question Every Vehicle [continued]


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  • georgev

    Show me your papers if your a citizen.
    All while the illegal aliens are rushing through our border unchecked.
    What the hell?

    • Lynn Peters

      It’s just the USSA, you’ll warm up to your totaalitarianism.

      • Logical mind

        How can you say we’re a fascist nation then turn around and say we’re a communist nation?

        • John W Tobin

          I’m still looking for the part where Lynn used both “fascist” and “communist”.

          • People need to educate

            Did you not read her comments above? USSA in reference to communist Russia. Then stated Fascist above that. Furthermore totalitarianism is not the same as communism.

          • John W Tobin

            USSA; United Socialists States of America. It does not reference the soviet union/communist Russia.

          • Lynn Peters

            He was quite insistent he knew what I meant re: USSA and fascism. I in fact intended USSA to be the United Statist States of America, which includes both fascism and communism. Statism is not limited to a certain type of authoritarian rule. And we got here thanks to everyone in the Oval Office that helped build the foundation upon which every successive tyrant operated.

          • John W Tobin

            I stand corrected, thank you!! I had not heard it that way. Your comment is quite true. The statists have been working to destroy the Constitution since it’s inception.

          • Lynn Peters

            Russia was never for the people so while everyone called it communist it obviously was not. All the isms have the same totalitarian base anyway. Are we really going to mince words while Rome burns?

  • lilbear68

    with no probably cause you just refuse all questions, no consent to search and repeat ‘am I free to go?’

    • Lynn Peters

      I am a free woman and I still think we are getting to the point that they will shoot and kill anyone that refuses like in any fascist nation.

      • lilbear68

        well ive done my bucket list and ive been all I could be so ill take that risk on my feet and face to face with the pigs

  • tony

    I would want them to check every car if it were my daughter!!!

    • Lynn Peters

      I know you would and it’s understandable. When they find out everyone feels that way, soon they will use the lie of a missing child to continue their constitution violating activities. It’s a slippery slope.

  • Bflag

    Checking cars for what? If they want info on everyone in town go to the DMV or a phone book. FBI? Makes no sense.

  • Jerry Mael

    So we just need to put an X on our hand?
    Which color?

  • Matheus Grunt

    Shoot them all, one by one, or a bunch at once. End that real quick.

  • Lou Whow

    This is a General Warrant and is Unconstitutional as it comes. Too bad so many people don’t know their Rights!