Feds Evict Elderly Couple Who Owned Their Home For 40 Years Citing Government Shutdown

It sounds like satire. However, for Joyce and Ralph Spencer the story is all too real. Joyce is 77, Ralph, her husband, is 80. They’ve owned their Lake Mead home in Las Vegas, Nevada since the 1970s.

Last Thursday park rangers arrived at the elderly couple’s home and forced them to leave. Their home sits on federal lands. Even though the Spencer’s have owned their home for more than 4 decades, the park ranger told them they could not return until a budget was passed.

“I had to be sure and get his walker and his scooter that he has to go in,” Mrs. Spencer said of her husband Ralph. She also forgot to get his jeans and undershirts, so she is having to go into town to purchase more for him.

Feds Evict Elderly Couple Who Owned Their Home For 40 Years Citing Government Shutdown [continued]


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  • R.Young

    So tired of the Shutdown BS, just go ahead and shutdown the entire Country by declaring Martial Law, show the Subjects it not nice to mess with the Regime!

  • BigUgly666

    These ‘park rangers’ should have been treated like the rabid dogs they are …. Oh, but they are just following orders …… Yes, good little German soldiers that they are …. just like the ‘park rangers’ in DC.

    • peck2

      Exactly. I have no doubt in my own mind, that I would have held that costumed park Nazi at gunpoint and made him strip naked and walk away. I’m 72 and I take no shit from anyone.

      • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

        God bless you and your kind. We need more of you. We need more of us.

  • faustinaagatha

    Here is the question: why do the local LEO’s comply with this vindictive policy? Surely the ruling elite know nothing about this house. As someone else said, where was the sheriff or local reps to protect this couple. We are such cowards. People have to just start saying no to the police state. Yes it will hurt, but everything worthwhile demands sacrifice.

    • peck2

      You can’t possibly mean that you expect sheriff deputies and “local reps” to actually behave in the public interest.

      • faustinaagatha

        Actually yes I do. I realize that they often do not between federal money bribes and all the new military toys LEO’s get they have incentive not too. I guess I am disappointed that with Oathkeepers etc some one will get some courage to stop an actual outrage in progress. I have started to write my state reps that I expect them to protect the citizen of Maryland (yes I know that this is a losing proposition in this deep blue regulation loving. job losing state).

    • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

      The day local cops and sheriffs start protecting the mundanes from the swarms of federal agents sent forth to eat out our substance, that’s the day we take our country back.

      • faustinaagatha

        That sounds about right. The USSR was over when the soldiers would not fire on citizenry. A different take on how to change things is the Truckers’s Convoy planned for this next week:


        Hopefully a lot of locals and out of towners will be there. We can only do what we can do.

        • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

          I am watching with great anticipation.

      • peck2

        That’s how I see it, but I’m not holding my breath. You and I have to start it.

        • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

          I agree. But to be honest, I’m too pretty to go to prison, and too old to take a tazerin’. I’m not scared to say I’m scared!

          • peck2

            Nice to know you do not suffer from “vanity”, even though I feel the same way. But I am not scared. I am alert and prepared. The headline will read…Deranged 72 year old NamVet shot and killed 2 Leos who were trying to beat him to death.” Life goes on.

          • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

            You got nothing to lose once you’ve got nothing to lose…

  • Drdetroitdanchap

    What “HEROES” what “men”, I hope their children murder them in their sleep.

  • ChiefSteve Grant

    It’s called “inland piracy”. They should be hanged.

  • krybaby

    Punishment! These folks are paying rent to the US for the privilege of living at Lake Mead. The Indians in this country also rent land to ???for the purpose of building on a reservation, especially near water.
    This is lunacy. The republicrats have voted to pay the expenses for this bloated government–that is expenses minus Obama care.

  • JackieO

    Q: Did they vote for the metastatic putrid gov’t that has metastasized over the last 5 decades? If so this is the result. It not they likely wouldn’t be living on gov’t owned land.

  • LaRae Bailey

    this bullcrap serves who? nothing more than following the corrupt king obamas rule to make american citizens hurt. this spoiled naughty child should have his royal butt kicked right out of the whitehouse, down the steps and into the waiting muslims arms he caters to. this “thing” he is not a man, does not deserve to hold this office or any other. the spineless who go along with him are no better than he is, includng the gutless rhino wonders in the republican party. shame on them all for this lack of compassion,humanity, values, morals and much more.

  • crappinrocks

    I’d shoot those rangers….in the head. Stand up for liberty.

    • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

      I’d keep a gun on them while they explain their sudden change of heart to my satisfaction. I need them to convince me that they’re MY employee and that this “make life difficult” order will, henceforth, be disobeyed.

      If I’m not convinced, then they’re going to have a bad day. Brief, but bad.

  • Lisa Page

    Our government has totally lost their collective minds. Fire them all!!!!! We may have voted them in but we can darned sure go kick their insane arses out. Is there a single person here that thinks its ok for the children, poor and elderly to be the main ones suffering from this? Is there anyone who thinks its OK to punish so many people for the governments BLATANT lack of doing the job they were voted in to do? I see stories of children not getting WIC (which means no formula) and now this………..I am very disgusted with the name-calling incompetents but one thing I still am. Proud to be an American. Those in office have no damned clue what that is anymore.

  • Rogoraeck

    Don’t laugh Murica! It’s coming to you all!

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely
    believe they are free.”

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • Herb

    These rangers are scum and I hope someone puts a bullet into their coward gullets

  • Tadeusz Kościuszko

    The law is no longer the law.

  • danny

    we all voted the people into office that gave the park rangers their orders.

  • Aaron

    They’ve got a solid lawsuit then. The land their home sits on would either be owned by them or leased to them by the federal government. I’ve seen these types of leases and a government shutdown is not addressed in them so the government has no authority based on the lease they signed with the couple, to evict them from the land.

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