Florida Sheriffs Association Has Declared War On Second Amendment

By Chris Joseph

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri from Pinellas County FloridaA bill that would’ve allowed people to carry concealed guns —even if they do not have concealed weapons permits— during riots or natural disasters was killed in the Florida Legislature last week. Had it passed, SB 296 would have made it legal for anyone to carry a concealed weapon during riots or natural disasters that require immediate evacuation.

The Florida Sheriffs Association helped kill the bill. It passed the House last month by a vote of 80-36, but Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri called it “insane.” So Gualtieri worked with Republican Sen. Jack Latvala to add an amendment that would have limited the exemption for concealed weapons permits to 24 hours as well as remove the exemption once the gun owner reached his destination after evacuating. But this ultimately killed the bill, as the original sponsor Sen. Jeff Brandes, disapproved of the amendment of giving people 24 hours.

“[The amendment] makes it a felony if you’re a minute late after the evacuation,” Brandes said, per the Miami Herald. “It makes the bill anti-Second Amendment. It defeats the whole purpose.” The NRA sent out a legislative alert saying that the Florida Sheriffs Association has declared war on the Second Amendment.

Florida Sheriffs Association Has Declared War on Second Amendment [continued]


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  • lonebear

    Let’s clear this up. The CONSTITUTION of the United States of America says we can and does not stipulate times when we can or can’t. Got it?

  • Capt. Parker

    Every one of these “sheriffs” has already removed themselves from their office by WILLFULLY BREACHING THEIR SWORN OATH TO FAITHFULLY UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION.

    • peck2

      Well Capt., I am not in Fla., but if my county sheriff were to declare this stupidity, I would ignore that edict as I do any other that attempts to disarm me.

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  • Richard

    Just so everybody that is not from Florida knows:

    Remember the Stand your Ground Law,made famous by Rambo of the suburbs, George Zimmerman?

    That was originally called the anti-looter law that was passed after the disastrous 2004 hurricane season. So now, you can kill somebody on your property during a emergency, but can’t carry. Ridiculous.

    • glock 19 fan

      Stand Your Ground (IOW, no duty to retreat) was not argued in the Zimmerman – Martin case; Zimmerman was jumped from behind as he was climbing back into his vehicle so retreat was not an option. Z’s biggest mistake was not staying in his vehicle with the doors locked. He was not shooting to kill — that requires aiming and there was no possibility of aiming — but rather was shooting to stay alive.

      Florida has been a leader with “no duty to retreat” laws because there are so many elderly and crippled citizens who CAN’T retreat. What are we expected to do: kneel meekly for execution?

  • dna

    NO permission needed from scumbag politicians and their’enforcers’ via a NRA bill……..for Creator granted rights…the Constitutional Sheriffs that have sided with evil..and I have one in my county….will be put on notice this next election…….and personal Nullification will follow any ‘emergency order’….evacuation is MY choice not any politicians ….My choice as a free and responsible citizen….imho

  • thetruthmaster1

    Here is the deal Folks, In Florida any person who is a NON-Felon over 18 years, can possess a loaded pistol in his auto’s glove box at any time, but not under the seat, but in the glove box while in his or her vehicle, as vehicles are part of the castle doctrine protection. I am a firm believer of 2nd Amendment rights. A person can also take all the firearms and ammo he chooses with him or her at anytime, in a firearms case and in the vehicle. If for one moment you just consider this: During an evacuation, which is usually under a panic state, all these non-trained idiot numbskulls start packing heat, with no firearms training, and stuffing pistols in their pants, and acting brave, if someone cuts in front of them on the highway or gas pump, or is desperate enough to start car jacking people and their belongings, as they would be legal carriers, up to the point the commit their first crime. Take a look at the demographics of idiots in the state of FL, who would all the sudden be legal carriers of firearms. It would be the wild west of shootouts everywhere, with idiots. If you don’t qualify to conceal carry now, then you should not be blanketed to carry later on. You can still have your gun in the car glove box. Now, if you want to be covered to carry, then go apply for your concealed permit now and Get prepared, what are you waiting for? Florida already has over 1 Million Carry Permits out there. Whats stopping you from doing your due dilligence now, so you are covered later and during an emergency.. This happens to be one of the first firearm bills I also questioned, when I begin to think of the Millions of Brainless idiots suddenly packing heat on their bodies and all of the situations I see today with no panic or emergency. I have my carry permit, and so should you if you qualify. If you are too stupid to qualify or get your permit now to protect your family today, then later, you deserve to be car jacked and left for dead on the road. Idiots will not survive much of any disaster. Natures way of weeding out the week and stupid.

    • Dave

      Well said.

    • ninammam

      The constitution is our permit!!!!

    • ninammam

      This is just a ploy for them to know WHO to go after!

    • Robert

      Do you really think a law will stop anyone from carrying a gun in an emergency? NO, It will not That is exactly why the 2nd Amendment was placed in the Constitution.

    • Jack Combs

      You watch too much tv

  • Wayne Herrod

    This guy needs voted out ASAP!

  • georgev

    Good move you dumba$$es. Now the only ones with guns will be the criminals that won’t follow your unconstitutional laws. Take you heads out of your you know what.

  • Robert

    Can anybody say RECALL THEM.

  • Jack Combs

    So they make it possible for only criminals have guns. What dumb ass’s

  • Jack Combs

    Free men don’t ask nor need permission to be armed. What the hell makes you better than me?

  • Legatus legionis

    Take the guns away from the Sheriff and his deupty’s. Let them for a day feel what it is like to be unarmed. Besides, we do have the 2nd Amendment. The NRA should post Bill Boards with JURY NULLIFICATION messages.

  • The Don

    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

  • Jay Nowman

    had enough yet? Do something about it or quit whining >>…………………………. WE THE PEOPLE, due to the continuing recognition by all government bodies of Barack Obama as President of the United States despite his failure to prove American citizenship as required by The Constitution of the United States of America, and due to the progressive rulings of the United States Supreme Court which have served to further diminish those protections afforded to United States citizens under the Constitution of the United States of America, and due to the lawlessness and lack of accountability for this administration, hereby and herein endeavor to restore and protect the legacy of our forefathers by any and every means made necessary. Therefore, it is with great regret, trepidation and willing sacrifice, albeit with grand honor and historic pride, that we shall impose a peaceable strategy of “impede and impair” upon the highways, businesses, communications and conveniences of this county and state until such time as they shall demonstrate an alignment with our cause by complying with the following demands:
    1) Publicly announce your refusal to comply with or enforce any mandate or requirement imposed upon the will of the people within the borders of this state by the federal government occurring after November 4, 2008;
    2) Mandate video and audio recording of all custodial interrogations and interactions involving any citizen of this state and any member of a law enforcement or investigative agency within the borders of this state;
    3) Release all nonviolent drug offenders from prison and prohibit all prosecutions for the possession of any plant containing tetrahydrocannabinol within the borders of this state;
    4) Prohibit teaching of the Common Core curriculum in any public school within the borders of this state, except for the special education needs of otherwise intellectually challenged students;
    5) Prohibit the introduction and sale of genetically modified foods or livestock within the borders of this state;
    6) Prohibit corporate lobbying and corporate campaign contributions regarding any act of legislation or contest for political office within the borders of this state;
    7) Bring within the purview of justice the personal and private assets of any law enforcement officer and/or employee of any investigative agency, having been found guilty by a jury of their peers to have engaged in an act of excessive force or brutality or blatant disregard for the constitutional rights or physical safety of or against any person or pet residing within the borders of this state;
    8) And enact by legislation all manner of enforcement deemed necessary to effect all of the above.
    We The People, being sincere in our belief of righteousness and steadfast in our resolve, and by the authority and duty imparted to us by the Declaration of Independence, do thus declare our motives and intent so help us God. May the powers that be act swiftly and judiciously.

    We The People ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Impede and Impair – The Last Peaceful Resort to Engagement
    By Boris and Natasha Baddenoff
    Unarmed resistance is based on the recognition that as soon as a person engages in violence they can be justifiably silenced forever by the authority they resist. In application, it is a nonviolent effort by an individual toward an agenda shared in common with many. It is engaged in the resistor’s own or neighboring domains, and when many individual resistors engage in many different domains, it becomes a force to be feared by the opposition because it has no chain of command that can be infiltrated; it has no single battleground where it can be confronted; it has no troop movement that can be detected; it has no direction that can be intercepted, and it has no confirmed target where it can be entrapped. Because it does not involve violence or weapons the primary risk one faces is arrest. In short, it is unstoppable by any intent or strategy or by anyone but the resistor herself or just dumb luck. Politically speaking, it is the combined impact of individual endeavors to hold those in government accountable to those they govern. When necessary, it becomes the means by which convenience is destroyed, people are empowered, and tyrants become enslaved. It is the art of sacrifice, the assassination of apathy, and the spontaneous combustion of the norm as “they” have necessitated it. It is government compelled by the few, for the freedom of all, at the cost and comfort of many, but it is not without its ethics.
    Every Soldier is a general in their own right, responsible for their own actions, commander of their own will, counsel to their own conscience, master of their own mayhem and lord of their own design. We are also patriots and Americans and we make our objectives known, because action without an agenda is just vandalism. We don’t carry firearms, so that close-quarters combat may be required for our apprehension. We do not seek chaos merely for the sake of chaos, but to compel the restoration of the order. The first rule of engagement is – ALWAYS adjust your field of fire to minimize the risk of physical injury to anyone. The second rule of engagement is – ALWAYS adjust your field of fire to maximize economic mayhem. The third and last rule of engagement is – NEVER be caught in the act.
    Tools of the Trade are the best weapons. Carry them everywhere and they don’t look suspicious. Chainsaws can cut down trees, signs and telephone poles. Hacksaws can cut thru metal sign posts, gate chains, support wires on cellphone towers, the legs on television and radio towers, (we try not to target electrical towers because home medical equipment relies on it)…and it can do it silently. With a hammer and a pair of heavy duty wire cutters you can pound spike nails into low speed roadways leading into a town and clip the heads off so they stay in place, puncturing tires on hundreds or thousands of cars – until they jam up or finally just stop coming weeks or maybe months later . A single squirt of superglue into a lock will prevent it from opening with a key, and the glue can’t be seen. A fifty pound bag of high yield fertilizer can be used to write messages in the grass of yards and public parks… and they’ll have to mow it every other day to keep it from being seen or let it grow into a hayfield. Total vegetation killer will destroy the bushes and shrubs in municipal planters, parks, and the yards of corrupt police officers. A couple drops of Tinks sunk oil or fox urine can vacate city busses, passenger jets, trains, the entire floor of any hotel or resort, any restaurant, fast food business, city hall, or any place or business that just might happen to give comfort or accommodation to the enemy as a matter of course or during a time of crisis. And there’s even a game the kids can play – called switching random license plates around on cars.
    It all happens in the dead of night and the wee hours of the morning when the sheep are in their fold and the cop is banging a high school cheerleader in the cemetery.

  • racerx605

    if you need a permit to carry in the first place (‘lawfully’ according to them) the 2nd amendment is already dead… (like all other rights, stripped away by those who swore an oath [on that same constitution] to protect them!)

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