April 20, 2014

Fox News Got An ‘Angry Phone Call’ From The White House After Airing Attack Ad On President Obama

June 23, 2012

By Brett LoGiurato

Last month, “Fox & Friends” produced this four-minute piece that came across as a hit piece on President Barack Obama and earned the network a ton of criticism — even from conservatives.

Turns out the White House also wasn’t a fan of the piece. The New York Times reports this morning that the “Fox & Friends” piece earned the network an “angry phone call” from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

In an angry phone call, the White House press secretary, Jay Carney, told the network’s executive vice president for news, Michael Clemente, that even by “Fox & Friends” standards the video crossed the line, according to two Democrats who weren’t authorized to speak of the private conversation.

Fox News Got An ‘Angry Phone Call’ From The White House After Airing That Attack Ad On President Obama [continued]

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  • texasconstitutionista

    If the shoe fits

  • glock 19 fan

    BO is always talking “change” but he never says “change” to what. However, Change to a police state is what he is working toward.

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