Gun owners groups consider recalls of Calif. lawmakers

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks, center, flanked by Tim Knight, who led the recall movement in Colorado against two state legislators for their support of gun control laws, and Jennifer Kerns, founder of Free California, announced that they are considering a recall campaign against five Democratic state lawmakers for their support of gun control billsGun owners groups said Thursday they are considering recall campaigns against five Democratic lawmakers in California, including Assembly Speaker John Perez, for supporting a variety of firearms bills this year.

The effort could be patterned on recall elections in September that unseated two Colorado legislators, including the state Senate president.

The successful Colorado recalls suggest that lawmakers also are vulnerable in California, Jennifer Kerns, who recently founded the group Free California, said at a Capitol news conference.

Some of the lawmakers are newly elected to their seats and have the support of independents who are more likely to oppose gun restrictions, she said. Kerns is a Republican political strategist who helped with the Colorado effort. She also is the spokeswoman for the gubernatorial campaign of Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of Twin Peaks, who was the only lawmaker to attend the news conference.

Donnelly said lawmakers who voted for gun control measures ignored their pledge to support the Constitution.

Gun owners groups consider recalls of Calif. lawmakers [continued]


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  • stevor

    even though darrell steinberg is being “termed out” and not able to run again for his legislative office, he needs to be listed as one of the NAZIs behind the gun laws (and gov. brown for signing them)

  • Anothercoilgun

    Now this is change I can believe in.

    Recall the bums out.

  • Rich Grise

    Well, Governor Moonbeam just signed the law forbidding NSA infinite detention and all that schtuff – maybe somebody should ask him if he’d be kind enough to uphold the WHOLE Constitution!