Gun Rights and the Myth of a “Nearing” Tyranny

In my previous post on guns, I noted that the second amendment protected, not created, all rights to bear arms because of the mindset that the people, not the State, should have the power.  Arms are protected in the Constitution, not to hunt or protect from petty criminals, but rather to protect against another “King George.”

Many in the liberty or “pro-gun” movement decently understand this principle.  That a disarmed people are an enslaved people.  But when they vocalize their perspective they make a simple mistake that I think ought to be eradicated from the libertarian or constitutional conservative message.  This mistake, for example, was exemplified during an exchange between the slimy leftist Piers Morgan and his guest Ben Shapiro.  Start at minute 4:00 and stop at 4:05.


As you saw, Shapiro’s response to Morgan’s ridiculous question was this: “I fear the possibility of a tyranny rising in this country in the next 50 to 100 years.”  With all respect to Mr. Shapiro for engaging with the establishment hack Piers Morgan, his fear is wrongly centered on some future event in which tyranny has, at long last, come to the United States.

Tyranny, my friends, is indeed a relative term.  For while it is true that Obama has not murdered the Jewish population in his country such as Hitler has done, how can Obama’s presidency not be tyrannical when those brave Old Right and early libertarian individuals protested the rise of the Executive and cried out against Roosevelt, Wilson, and FDR?  For have not Bush and Obama continued the horrendous policies of the progressive era?

If the very institution of the 16th amendment was tyranny to the freedom lovers back in 1913 and the income tax rate at that time was less than 10%, how do we not live in tyranny with a tax rate above 30%?

If “war is the health of the State,” and the United States government has been involved in perpetual war for decades with the goal of colonization, gathering oil, verifying the use of the dollar, and playing favorites in the Middle East, by what other definition are you going to describe tyranny?

If the President can kill his own people with drones, detain them with the NDAA, spy on them with the PATRIOT Act, track their online activity with bills like SOPA and PIPA, regulate every single industry, steal from the middle class to give to the poor, steal from the middle class and the poor to give to the rich, then by what other standard are we going to define tyranny?

If every individual is mandated to have government regulated, controlled, and subsidized health insurance, if the working man is forced to subsidize the poisonous toxins known as psychiatric drugs, if every person, regardless of personal conviction, is forced to give up their hard earned money and their dignity to support the millions of murders in an act called abortion, how will we even recognize tyranny when we see it?

If the debt ceiling continues to rise year after year and has most recently been suspended, if the Federal Reserve can print their paper money and destroy the capital of the US economy, if the businesses are over-regulated, taxed, outlawed by Federal fiat, forced to spend far more on compliance than their profits allow, and are constantly existing in fear of an OSHA, EPA, or FDA assault, is there really something else that must be added which we will label “tyranny?”

If “consent of the governed” is used as permission to break natural law and if the governed have no permission to withdraw consent, must we really look for tyranny in the next “50 years?”

Income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes, corporate taxes, license and permit taxes (of which there are hundreds), gasoline taxes, accounts receivable taxes, the hidden inflation tax.  Taxes on taxes.  Fines on taxes.  Taxes on fines.

Compulsory education in which the State brainwashes the children.  Over 20,000 gun restriction laws.  Troops all over the world.  Armed marijuana raids.  Free speech zones.  Gun-free zones.  The TSA breaching our bodies and our dignity at the airport.  Anti-competing money laws so that the Federal Reserve can debase our currency that we are forced to use (is this not the real source of widespread poverty?!).

Monopolized oil industry.  Monopolized communication industry.  Monopolized airlines.  Bailouts for rich.  Bailouts for the poor.  Seeking the government’s permission to marry my wife.  Seeking the government’s permission to drive my car.  The government telling me I cannot drive my car because I need to have it smogged.

I could go on and on.  I have not even touched the surface.

Here is the point.  Don’t wait for a Hitler to call your government tyrannical.  We will never have a Hitler.  Hitler was German.  If we had a Hitler, the people would rightly revolt.  We have Bush and Obama.  They salute the American flag, therefore most Americans think these presidents, “while imperfect,” are not the enemy.  If only the Germans had rejected this “patriotic” mindset during Hitler’s reign.

Please do your liberties and your children’s liberties a favor and realize that to love one’s country is to be ever suspicious, paranoid even, of that country’s government.

The reason most American’s don’t see it is because they are so well behaved, they don’t know what to look for.  Here is a test.  If you stopped paying taxes because you felt that it is your own money that you want to spend on your own well-being, how would the government respond?  With a fine.  Then what?  Threats.  Then what?  Jail.  What if you tried to escape them when they came to kidnap you?  You might get shot and killed.  For what?  Protecting your property.

Stop looking for a tyranny in the next century and starting recognizing it here and now.  Should we then revolt to overthrow the government?  Hardly.  Secede, nullify, protect yourself and your family.  That is the American way.  God will protect you from the tyrants.  The government will crash on its own.

See this post on revolution.


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