Codrea: Guns are not the only things that ‘progressives’ are trying to regulate

By David Codrea

CigarsAs has been observed many times before, the ongoing struggle we talk about in this column is not about guns, it’s about freedom. It’s about the freedom to make our own choices and not have Big Brother government dictate what “privileges” they will bestow, and importantly, withhold. It’s about the freedom of adult Americans to make choices for themselves, as opposed to being dictated to by bureaucrats who pretend they know what’s best for us, but in reality are simply amassing power for its own sake, and exploiting useful idiot do-gooders while masking their control agenda with the false air of benevolence.

As anyone who visits my Facebook page or listens to my regular appearances on Salem Radio Network’s nationally-syndicated “Armed American Radio” program knows, I’m a cigar smoker. I don’t smoke them every day, but if I did, that’s my business, and, I’ll concede, my insurance provider’s. I’ll not sit here and make the case that tobacco is good for us, although there’s something to be said for the relaxed state of mind and contentment enjoying a fine smoke in a congenial atmosphere can help bring on. Nor will I ask you to change your mind if you think it’s a nasty habit and don’t want to allow it in your home (I’m relegated to indulging either outside or on my enclosed porch, as I don’t particularly want it in the house either). As with guns, it is your right to personally claim or reject.

For those of you, who like me, enjoy the occasional fine stogie, there’s another threat to our rights looming on the horizon, and while it may not seem as critical or as important as the gun issue, it’s nonetheless a matter of principle, and one that will affect our ability to make our own choices as well as the size and influence of government over our lives. It’s coming from those who act like it’s their right to make our choices for us.

In short, it’s about the pursuit of happiness, supposedly an unalienable right. And true to form, the collectivist blue-noses can’t leave anything alone, especially if it looks like someone may be enjoying himself without their permission, rules and oversight.

Guns are not the only things ‘progressives’ are trying to regulate [continued]


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  • R.Young

    Only the Regime knows what is best for all Subjects!