Heroic AutoZone Employee And Veteran Fired for Using Gun to Thwart Armed Robbery

When former AutoZone employee Devin McClean grabbed his gun from his car and chased an armed robber out of his store, he didn’t think his quick thinking would get him fired.

But it did:


“I was in fear of my life as soon as he walked through the door and I see the gun. Your heart just starts pounding,” McClean told NewsChannel 3.

As it turns out, McClean’s Yorktown, Va., store was being robbed by the so-called “fake-beard bandit” (probably the worst nickname in the history of crime), a criminal who had already knocked over about 30 businesses in the Virginia Peninsula area.

As the gunman forced the manager to unlock the store’s safe, McClean, a 23-year-old Air Force veteran, slipped out the back to retrieve his Glock 40 from his truck.

“I waited for him to go up toward the front, I ran out of the restroom, ran out to my truck where I keep my own personal weapon, grabbed my weapon, came back into the store and confronted the guy,” McClean recalls.

“When I yelled ‘freeze’ and I said ‘Stop! Drop the weapon,’ he threw his hands up with his gun still in his hand he started running,” the former AutoZone employee adds. “I felt like it was my responsibility to step in.”

The gunman wisely chose to flee.

“I watched him run down the street,” McClean told Fox News. “I came back inside and made sure my manager was okay and he called the police.”

But although the store’s manager was grateful for his employee’s bravery, McClean was fired two days later — right before Thanksgiving.

“It’s pretty much getting slapped in the face doing something that you feel was right everybody else around you feels you were right,” says McClean.

Other than to reiterate the company’s zero tolerance policy on weapons inside stores, AutoZone representatives refuse to comment on McClean’s firing.

Heroic AutoZone Employee Fired for Using Gun to Thwart Armed Robbery [continued]

Let AutoZone know that you support the 2nd Amendment and former AutoZone employee Devin McClean, an armed law abiding citizen who came to the aid of his boss threatened by an armed criminal.

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  • CJ

    I’m going to let Autozone know that I do not do business with companies that are run by morons.