Hillary Portrays ‘Fake News’ As Danger To The Public, Urges Government Action

December 9, 2016

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton turned a retirement party held for Democratic Senator Harry Reid on Tuesday into a lecture about the dangers posed by an “epidemic of malicious fake news and propaganda.”

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Full Hillary Clinton Remarks on ‘Fake News’


This is the complete speech of Hillary Clinton on her 2016 election loss at the tribute to Harry Reid and John Glenn – Reid, for his portrait unveiling and Glenn, who died that day. Clinton blamed her loss on “fake news”, which has become a meme advocated by Democrats. She called for limiting the First Amendment political free speech rights, to censor what she deemed to be fake. Critics argued that she was in self denial over her own shortcomings, and also that the attack on fake news really was an attack on news outlets that were critical of her, or pro-Trump, regardless of the accuracy. However, Clinton supporters argue that free speech should be limited to only the authoritative news outlets they believe are accurate. Do you think that the First Amendment should be limited in the way advocated by Clinton?

Harry Reid was the Democratic leader in the Senate and the Senator from Nevada. John Glenn was the Senator from Ohio for many years, after having served as an astronaut.

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This woman is truly pathetic! The only fake news comes from the mainstream media and Clinton and the Dems are devastated that we did not listen to their biased reporting and vote for Clinton like obedient little sheep. To me, this suggestion that free speech should be curtailed is blatant censorship and that if George Orwell’s 1984 ever comes to complete fruition, it will be liberals that are “Big Brother”, not conservatives. Go retire in your bunker in the woods Hillary – America has rejected your arrogant elitist ideology TWICE. Time to take the hint….


Who is Hillary Clinton?

Mike Loki

exactly, the Clintons have nothing left to sell in the wake of her loss.