February 28, 2015

Houston Neighborhood Turns To Private Security Firm For Protection At Half Cost: Crime Rates Fall

October 22, 2013

The Houston neighborhood of Sharpstown relies on S.E.A.L. Security Texas to help keep crime in check. The Sharpstown civic association says it is saving about $200K per year after making the switch away from regular police and the area is safer for it.


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  • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

    And no traffic tickets.


    • Another Guest

      And no harassing trafic stops!

  • Jason

    The best part is they are accountable to the people of the neighborhood. If they do a lousy job, they will be fired. Simple as that.

  • Snowdog

    I used to live in Houston. Civic Associations, as opposed to Homeowners Associations, are voluntarily funded. There is no penalty for refusing the pay the fees; yet they still have the money for this.

  • Naga Din

    There’s nothing new about this tactic. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, The Nation of Islam formed a security group that patrolled the high crime Black neighborhoods in Chicago at no cost to the city. Crime decreased 90% in those areas. Suddenly, the Chicago Police began to molest the members of the teams because they were “mostly Muslims”.

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