Is The Government Preparing To Confiscate Our Gold?

The government wants to know if you are selling gold or silver. Why?

From Forbes:

…In April 1933 FDR and his allies at the Fed and Treasury attributed widespread bank runs and failures to private “gold hoarding.” Using the “Trading With the Enemy Act” (1917) as a precedent – an act that gave the president wide latitude to restrict exchanges and seize assets during “emergencies” – FDR declared that private gold should be seized and given over to the Fed, in return for irredeemable Federal Reserve Notes, to stem an emergency in the banking system. This was sanctified in the Gold Reserve Act (January 1934), which required that any gold held contrary to U. S. law must be forfeited to the U. S. government. Key parts of the “Trading With the Enemy Act” pertaining to gold seizures persist in the U.S. Code even today…

That’s right, in 1933 our government declared private ownership of precious metals illegal and claimed the authority to confiscate them from us and to force us accept paper notes (they could inflate) in their place.

People who are selling precious metals are likely to have more precious metals in their homes.

If a crisis hits history shows us that our government will ban private ownership of precious metals and confiscate them from us.

In the event of gold, silver and precious metal confiscation it would be “handy” if the government had a database of persons most likely to have precious metals in their homes.

According to a Canadian news anchor speaking about gun control, “registration equals confiscation“.  Should we think it will be any different with precious metals?

Read FDR’s Executive Order Banning Gold


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