Judge Napolitano: If The Fourth Amendment Was Written For Anything, It Was To Prevent NSA Surveillance

JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO: What the president said and what the president has done is as distressing as anything I have observed the government doing in my entire professional life. This president has orchestrated an end run around the constitution of gargantuan proportions. He approved it, he authorized it, he knows it’s extend. He did it in secret and now he is denying that it exists. The federal government, in order to make their job of catching bad guys easier — they are determined to catch bad guys, God bless them for that — has decided to sweep up the private communications of everybody else, as well. If the constitution and the Fourth Amendment were written for anything, they were written to prevent exactly that.


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  • glock 19 fan

    Back when Oliver Wendell Holmes was a Supreme Court justice he called wiretapping a “dirty business” because all conversations on the tapped phone were recorded including those of innocent callers having nothing to do with any crime. Intimate family secrets were recorded by Big Bro. Well, what with today’s technology and our present day officials’ contempt for the Constitution, what horrified Holmes is now small potatoes indeed. Not only that but some of this “gee whiz” technology will eventually fall into criminal hands. How is that for nightmare material?

  • texaschris

    Judge Nap is my president after Ron Paul’s second term!