No-Knock SWAT Raid Leaves Texas Father Dead, Family Traumatized

Fort Worth Police prepare to ram down a door into a residence.  (Source: WFAA)

FORT WORTH, TX — Gun-wielding, black-suited law enforcers busted into a home with a battering ram, terrifying everyone inside and leaving one man dead. Newly released helmet-cam video of the incident shows in graphic detail how this violent no-knock raid produced yet another casualty in the vicious War on Drugs.

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The raid took place on May 16th, 2013. So-called “Zero Tolerance Officers” from the Fort Worth Police Department staged raid on a suspected “drug house” with the intent of rounding up and imprisoning people for getting high without government permission. Police sought and received permission from Tarrant County Magistrate Cheyenne Minick to break into the home with no warning in order to surprise everyone inside.

As the video shows, sometime after 3:35 p.m., men in helmets and black uniforms sprinted through the yard with shotguns and pistols already drawn. A cop with a large steel battering ram instantly went to the front door and smashed it in without hesitation. From a first-person perspective, the video shows cops running into the home, aggressively screaming and aiming guns.

In a video obtained by WFAA, an officer holding a shotgun literally sweeps his barrel past everyone he sees in the living room. First a large man sleeping on the couch, then a tiny female child dressed in blue, a woman in purple, and three men seated at a round table.

“When they came in, they had their weapons drawn like we were members of a drug cartel,” a woman who was in the house told the Star-Telegraph .

Cops aim guns at Jermaine Darden. (Source: WFAA)

After sufficiently terrifying everyone with the surprise assault, officers proceeded to force everyone to lie face down on the floor in handcuffs.

Jermaine “DJ” Darden, 34, who had been startled awake by the intrusion, received particular attention from police. Darden, a large man who weighed over 300 pounds, was having physical difficulties after being forced to the ground with several officers on top of him. He was physically unable to breathe in that position due to his asthma condition, heart disease, and the weight of the police officers.

“They physically pulled him off the couch because, like I said, he was asleep,” explained his mother, Donna Randle, to CBS-DFW . “They pulled him off the couch and they tried to put him on his stomach. He can’t breathe on his stomach. He don’t even lie on the bed on his stomach.”

Officers characterized his futile struggle to breathe as being “met with resistance.” At least five officers piled on top of him, exacerbating his breathing problem.

No-Knock SWAT Raid Leaves Texas Father Dead, Family Traumatized [continued]


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  • Dave Whitney

    Ahhh, the sweet smell of Libertarian Republican Texas.
    Don’t even try to pin this on DHS or Obama like many will try.
    30 years ago the Democrats were painted as ‘soft on crime’ ‘pro druggy’.
    Now they are tough on crime anti drug.
    Yeah riggghhhhtttt.
    This is your legacy conservatives. Yours alone.

    • blakmira

      Ahhh, shut your face. The War on Drugs could have been shut down by any president since Nixon but they’re all preselected fascist puppets. Especially your precious Obomba.

    • USAPatriotSC

      Funny how you say “Conservatives”, show us the proof that Conservatives are responsible for this kind of behavior.

      • Dave Whitney

        Texas is full on Republican conservative. Check the link above.
        It occurred on their watch, their turf.
        Next you may claim DFW is a Democratic haven.
        But again, where is the old they are soft on crime argument of past?

        • USAPatriotSC

          Just because there are a lot of Conservatives in Texas does not mean life is perfect. Would you like for me to point out Liberal areas that have far worse police brutality happening? I don’t think I need to or have a desire to inform you of something you already know unless you have the normal Liberal blind spot when comes to your party. We “Conservatives” do not abide by this kind of behavior, just because it happened does not mean we condone it. You seem to just want to direct your Political hate at someone.

          The warrant was issued by Tarrant County Magistrate Cheyenne Minick
          who was fired from his position and is no longer a Judge.

          • Dave Whitney

            For the record I am not a liberal. I am very moderate.
            Pro-Choice and Pro 2A, don’t really care for gays, but they hurt me not.
            Both sides bring much to the table. I do hold conservatives to a higher standard because of all their constant blather about liberty, personal freedoms, etc. When they again and again speak one thing and practice another I call them on it.
            Yes, police attrocities occur everywhere, conservative and liberal states.
            I assume you are a regular reader here at the ‘Crier.
            LC highlights the really horrific and dramatic. If you begin to keep a score card, and I recommend you do for awhile, you should become enlightened (no disrepect intended, just a word.)
            Your score card can be started now.
            1. Texas
            2. Florida
            Hash marks will dominate under these states.
            Fill in other states as they occur.
            You can also start a score card of positive articles of examples of Liberty here on the ‘Crier. That score card can start;
            1. Colorado
            2. Washington
            A clear trend will present itself.
            Glad to hear the judge was fired.

          • Gardentoolnumber5

            This is straight out of Merriam-Webster Dictionary- “Neoconservative: A former liberal espousing political conservatism.”

            In other words, a liar. I detest these individuals. They have given constitutional conservatives a very bad name with their central planning schemes. They are fighting harder against the constitutional conservative than the socialist left they have more in common with; namely, big government.

          • Dave Whitney

            Whew, good thing I’m not a NeoCon!

      • OldPoorRichard

        People on Red State defend the terroristic cops. Some Red Staters make their way over to Lib. Crier to defend the terroristic cops here. Many conservatives are perfectly OK with police brutality because they foolishly believe they’re immune because they’re not poor or not a minority. Everyone is vulnerable to greater or lesser degree, and the sooner conservatives wake up to the disaster their attitudes have sown, the sooner we can put a check on cop tyranny.

        • USAPatriotSC

          Why then is the majority of rouge police brutality coming from blue states? We are all individuals including cops, the problem is the no law attitude that has infected people in power and authority. Mostly everybody I know is a Constitutional Conservative and I live in a red state but do not see what you are describing. One bad apple does not ruin the whole barrel, there are bad apples no matter what state you go to.
          The difference between a true Conservative and all others is we don’t allow our own party to act like Liberals, Democrats, Libertarians or Rino’s. We call them out and put pressure on them. All other party’s turn a blind eye or encourage their corruption and lies.
          Stop pointing the finger at others and straighten out your own corrupt, lying and deceptive party.

    • Giovanni Campanella

      How does this even begin to describe anything libertarian? This isn’t libertarianism, this is conservatism and liberalism.

      • Dave Whitney

        Article is a highlight to the assault upon personal Liberty. Not an example of Liberty.
        My very first statement is sarcasm…sorry.

      • USAPatriotSC

        So what exactly do Libertarians believe in? I am a Constitutional Conservative and if you want to know what I believe in just look up the Constitution. In plain simple English it is laid out how the Founders wanted this Country to be.
        Are you one of those nutty Libertarians who thinks like a Liberal, if it is not what you think and believe you are against them. You are not taken seriously because you can’t have a Society where you can do what you want without boundaries.

  • gowithpete

    He was murdered by the Marxist/Fascist, Obama/Bush Police State !

    • SophiaB

      It would be better if you understood the words you are using. Fascist yes. Marxist no.

      • gowithpete

        They are the same. Understand their goals, and it is completely obvious. Marxists use the same tactics that Nazis do. The fact is Marxists have been responsible for far more deaths since 1917 than the Fascists/Nazis by a factor of 10 or more.

        **Fascist from the Italian Fascio, Which means a bundle of sticks. A collectivist concept.
        Arthur Schlesinger Jr. Associate Professor of History at Columbia, a highly regarded Democrat in the Kennedy Administration, pointed out how both Fascism and Communism have far more in common than they do differences.
        This has always been my point.
        “In certain basic respects- a totalitarian state structure, a single party, a leader, a secret police, a hatred of political , culture and intellectual freedom- fascism and communism are clearly more like each other than they are like anything in between.”**

      • Herb

        Fascism and Marxism/communism are parallel paths of evil. They are Socialist ideologies with only really minor differences in application

      • calman62

        love it when a condescending person like you gets schooled

  • anarchyst

    I hope it never comes to this, but there may come a time where aggrieved groups “take things into their own hands” . . .

    Find out where one rogue officer lives. case his home. Wait until early one morning and catch him as he comes out of his house- bring a gang. Once you have successfully beaten him into unconsciousness, go into his home- tie up his family. Break everything in sight. Pour sugar in all the gas tanks of their vehicles. Get all the info you can off their cell phones and computers. move on to the next rogue officer until you have visited them all. Then case the rogue chief of police. Keep doing this and they might start to back off being such assholes. When these bastards have to “grow eyes in the backs of their heads”, they might decide to “behave themselves’. Give these so-called SWAT bastards a “taste of their own medicine”.

    The above is just a thought. I hope it will never come to that, but . . . with the amount of unjustified murders that cops get away with . . . it is a possibility.

    There have been individual cases where rogue cops have been “black bagged”, tied to a tree and warned to start behaving themselves. Of course, these cases are never publicized.

    Look up “the battle of Athens, Tennessee”. This is one instance of the townspeople “taking back” their town from corrupt “law enforcement”.

    Obtain and read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. In it, are history lessons, law lessons, and ways to take back our country . . .

    • Uncle_Meat

      It’s all going to happen this way. In every collectivist takeover of a government the cops are used to go after the citizens. They fight back instinctively when the critical mass is hit. They will set ambushes and do home invasions wiping out the cops and their entire families. These cops will find out and there will be no pity.

      • sprky777

        Unfortunately it isn’t the cops that are responsible for our government. they are only tools. But it is the cops that will take the brunt of the retaliation that will inevitably occur. Those responsible will take a step back, play the innocent card and begin plans to start over. It is the traitors in our government that need to be removed. The sooner the cops learn this the better for them and for us.
        I would love to see the cops stand down and turn on their masters. After all, at a personal level they are closer to us than the controllers and they and their families would be safer taking our side in the coming war.

    • Herb

      it isn’t going to stop until the people do take things into there own hands. There are very few instances where a no-knock warrant is legitimate or even useful. These police are terrorists. they dress like terrorists, act like terrorists and they kill like terrorists.

      • whitewolf

        And don’t forget the terrorist assholes in the black robes that cover for the LEO’s, they are just as guilty.

  • anarchyst

    There are things that could be done to reign in questionable behavior by police and other public officials.
    1. Eliminate both “absolute and qualified immunity” for ALL public officials. If public officials (yes, this includes police officers and their administrators, firefighters, prosecutors, court officials and all other “public servants”). If they knew that they could be sued personally (and possibly lose everything they own), they would tend to behave themselves. Require all public officials to purchase and maintain “malpractice insurance” as a condition of employment. Insurance companies might be unwilling to “pay out” for a “questionable situation”.
    2. Establish and enforce an “video audit trail” whenever there is interaction by any public official with the public. In the case of police and firefighters, no “video audit trail” would mean the inadmissability of “evidence” as well as censure and immediate dismissal with loss of pension if public officials’ fail to assure that this “video audit trail” is present. “Equipment malfunction” would not be a valid excuse. A “video audit trail” works both ways and would also do much to eliminate the possibility of frivolous lawsuits by the public against public officials as well as assure that public officials “behave themselves”. This is especially true in police interrogation rooms where police-coerced “false confessions” occur with alarming frequency.
    3. Prosecutors should be subordinate to the grand jury. Grand juries should be able to indict without needing the prosecutor’s “permission”. Of course, there would be NO absolute or qualified immunity for prosecutors or grand jurors.
    Police agencies should not be allowed to “investigate themselves”. Outside, disinterested agencies should do the investigating.
    4. Civilian police review boards should be mandatory–they should exclude anyone who has a police background or relatives of police from serving. Civilian police review boards should be able to bring up charges against corrupt police officials and officers as well.
    These changes would put the public on an equal footing with our “leaders” (who are actually supposed to be subordinate to us citizens).
    There have been many cases where people who have been legally recording police (mis)behavior have been harassed by police, their equipment damaged or destroyed, and charges brought against them. This police misconduct must stop! Severe punishment should be meted out to those public officials who interfere with lawful recording by citizens.

    • Capt. Parker

      1) If they are breaching their SWORN OATH and breaching the Constitution, they have already removed themselves from their office and the “authority” of that office, AND, the protections of that office. They are naught but common, armed, criminals, engaged in criminal activities.
      3) This includes ALL those who swear an oath under the Constitution.

  • Ed
  • lilbear68

    and then the sheeple wonder why some on the fringe have decided to start harvesting the pork.
    kudos to any out there that decide to harvest the pork, when it hits the fan it will mean fewer pigs to deal with

  • Sarah Conner

    Welcome to the nazi police state…keep your powder close and dry…

  • dan

    A State and Local issue that MUST be dealt with…NOW….NO more ‘investigating’….a worn out catch phrase….JUDGES and POLICE chiefs,sheriffs MUST be held CRIMINALLY accountable for all LEO actions….then down to the individuals who assault the ‘vi tums’….imho

  • alabamasummer

    They even got the murderers of Kelly Thomas before a jury, and still not even a small fragment of justice for these craven lunatics dressed in the color of law. The public either so brain programmed and or the jury so tampered with , not even a digital movie of Kelly Thomas being beaten literally to death was enough to convince the disgraceful jury to render a GUILTY verdict. With the whole nation a victim of America’s Most Wanted brain programming convincing us all that lust for naked bodies and contraband is the most dangerous thing we have to fear and only a murderous gang of thugs dressed in the color of law can protect us from it all. AMW terrorized USA and made us ripe to be picked, to be convinced into giving away the liberty to not be victims of tyrants. The Gulf War and the Bushes could have never happened with out Walsh and his brain programing propaganda. Jerry Springer, AL Sharpton, and all the rest of the cartoon characters Westinghouse and GE brings into your living room by the TV and mind meld of evil.

  • Boomer

    This is not terrorism? Good grief, does this kind of behavior by law enforcement make you feel safe? If it does you have no idea the meaning of freedom! Beginning to understand why they want our guns? The gestapo would be completely out of control if they knew no one had a gun. People who put blind faith in government are insane.

  • alabamasummer

    It was not enough that we all be responsible for the feeding, housing , education, medical care, incarnation, mental health of all of the USA national’s dependents without income, but now USA is responsible for same of other nations that simply dump there dependents into our nation. The borders are being ignored and the social safety net we begrudge our American Nationals is being pilfered whole sale and with the blessings of churches and the chief executive. We have a traitor, a terrorist perpetrator as the chief operating office of the Corporation that is USA, that is a international crime syndicate.

  • Blank Reg

    I think it’s time we hit the Reset Button on all “police” departments across the nation…

  • Richard Martin

    I am 100% supportive of police officers. All of the ones I know are the good guys that are trying to make the world a better place. This causes me great concern because they have so little caution and such poor information. If anyone else did this, they would be considered terrorists.

  • Matheus Grunt

    Find out where these pigs all live at and make their lives miserable. Leave their families out of it. Just target the pigs and harass them and make them feel unsafe. Then hit them in the face with a bottle of 3% beer, LOL.

  • Head In The Sand

    It’s time to put controls on these ‘legally’ armed thugs ambushing citizens during these senseless acts of terror.

  • Uncle_Meat

    It won’t be long now when all you punk ass cowards with badges become the hunted. Hope you think your paycheck is worth getting your head blown off because that will be the price you will pay.

  • jcalex

    Who are these filthy pigs? Their master must disappear.Find out who these low life bastards are.Post pic`s of them all over town.Tell their children`s class mates.

    • Dave Whitney

      We are the Master(s).
      What it will take to change.
      First; those who are violated need to sue and hold Firm.
      I see how settlements have ‘softened’ the blow. Sadly, to many, an offer of 50-75k is a handsome sum. And of course the standard line of no admittance of fault from the municipality/state.
      Hold firm and go all in. There is a possibility you may lose. If you win, you may win more AND there will be a finding of accountability.
      Enough of this and soon the insurance pay outs WILL make a difference, let alone the accountability.
      There will be scrutiny of and change of policy.

      • Blogengeezer

        Alb NM pays out millions… per ‘event’. lawyers ‘take a number’, get in line. They get half, with millions (6 for latest) going to each ‘family’. The most value the ‘vics’ have ever had in their lives… after ‘suicide by cop’. Followed by taxPayer Lotto.

  • Reality as it is.


  • IfYouHadBallsYoudRevoltAlready

    Signs You May Be Living In a Morally Void Police State:
    You have TONS of photographic & video evidence of rampant criminality & abuse perpetrated upon you by your own authorities, yet it is absolutely USELESS because you have no one in power willing to do a motherfooking Goddamn thing about it.

  • BoyAreYouPeopleFooked!

    “The man was roughed-up by officers for no justifiable reason” ————-I beg to differ. According to Amerikan ‘logic’, that man was guilty of SEVERAL offenses, all of which amply justified the brutality with which he was dealt. These reasons are (in no particular order); He was BLACK. He was NOT wearing a shirt. He was morbidly obese. AND he may have made a snarky remark to one of the Einsatzgruppen ‘officers’. All clearly FELONIES, each and every single one of ‘em!

  • reality as it is

    If we are going to start, start where it begin’s, at 5 years old when you walk into the kitchen and smell the COFFEE that your parents are sipping on, than you take your first sip
    for the first time in your life, that where drug abuse really began.

  • Redpill911

    As long as there are no consequences for their actions, the police will continue to terrorize the people.

  • GunstonHall

    Don’t think it can’t happen to you. I recently read where some fellow who had been a prosecutor had his house broken into by the police. It had been fine by him when he was sending people out to other folks homes, but he didn’t like it one damn bit when it happened to him. So you may be upper-class and connected, you are not immune.

  • Black civilian

    So many cops have to come through me when they are ready to retire, and I see a lot of them are my age or slightly older, indicating they we’re put off the job because of something like this… I don’t let anyone go in without me taking their id.. They show me their badge, and I refuse it.. They don’t want to give me their state id because I assume they feel I will memorize their address and send some goons to get them lol… I personally won’t, but if they were that concerned, they must have been pretty dirty cops, and they will get their day regardless

  • IIdoves

    I would have tracked down everyone of those cops and shot them point blank in the head.

  • LogicDefined

    What was the drug? did anyone ever hear?

  • together as one it has begun

    Cops have no remorse. .the biggest gang in the. World. Cops.many times they ar aragent ignorant and never own up to there sick of this bull ish.fuck cops CIA And the government. .there time will come ..what i have seen personally. Stick a gun in my friends face an knock out his tooth. And he was only 16 ..took me in for questioning an punched me multiple times all for mistameners. .they can taze you. Shoot you hit you with a club an pepper spray you and it. Seems there. Still scared and they only answer they give is your. Under arrest (for what) are safety we have to cuff you