Libertarian Candidate For VA Governor Robert Sarvis Beats Margin In Poll

Robert Sarvis

The Libertarian Party message of cutting the size and scope of government is gaining traction in Virginia. Robert Sarvis, the Virginia LP’s candidate for governor, is polling at 7 percent in results released Tuesday by Public Policy Polling (PPP) — beating the margin of difference between between his Republican and Democratic challengers.

In his campaign, Sarvis has focused consistently on reducing government, with proposals to end the income tax, implement school choice, legalize marijuana, decriminalize harder drugs, reform asset forfeiture laws, reverse the militarization of police, and fight for marriage equality. His Democratic opponent, Terry McAuliffe, leads the poll at 41 percent, and his Republican opponent, Kenneth Cuccinelli II, received 37 percent — a margin of only 4 percent — but they both plan to raise taxes, increase spending, and further entrench the government’s power to control people’s lives through endless regulation. The election will be held on November 5.

PPP suggested in its release that the Libertarian Party message of small government that Sarvis brings to the Virginia gubernatorial race is polling higher than the margin because the state’s voters are ready for a change from the same tired big-government policies the Republican and Democratic challengers represent.

Libertarian Candidate For VA Governor Robert Sarvis Beats Margin In Poll [continued]


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  • texaschris

    “Marriage equality”? What does that even mean?

    Show me a candidate that says, plainly, that government has no business regulating marriage, and I’ll show you a “marriage equality” candidate.

  • jdelaney3

    While I am heartened by the Libertarian candidate’s support, in the end it will translate into a slam dunk for Progressives in Virginia. A catastrophe.

    For the sake of Virginians, I can only hope that when the polling makes it abundantly clear that he hasn’t a Chinaman’s chance to win, Sarvis will pull out of the race and endorse Cuccinelli who is, by far, the better of the two major candidates. But, alas, that won’t happen. Sarvis will, on principle I suspect, stubbornly stay on to the bitter end, and plunge Virginia into a Progressive morass. In the end, egotism–not selfless public service–drives politicians of all stripes.

  • rightsman

    AS jdelaney3 pointed out, selfless public service is not the reason that anyone runs for office.
    The true Libertarian view on marriage is that the government has no business in the marriage busines. Peace, Robert Walker