Libertarian Party Chairman: Ron Paul On LP Ticket Would Be “Difficult”

As soon as Mitt Romney officially became the Republican presidential nominee last week in Tampa, many of Ron Paul‘s supporters began to ponder the possibility of him pursuing a third party run for the presidency. With Paul scheduled to make an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday, rumors of a third party announcement have spread across the blogosphere; citing the Libertarian Party’s ballot access, many have suggested the idea of Paul running on the ticket alongside presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

However, in an email to members of the Libertarian National Committee, Libertarian Party chairman Geoffrey Neale explains the several obstacles that would prevent such a ticket from becoming reality:

First, we have no indication that Ron Paul is interested in or would be willing to pursue such a path. Without such an indication, this really remains an intellectual exercise.

Libertarian Party chairman: Ron Paul on LP ticket would be “difficult” [continued]


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