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I’ve always thought that running a Libertarian candidate for President was a waste of time.

The Libertarian Party simply doesn’t have enough power to overcome the corrupt Federal political system.

Libertarians can’t get in the debates and they can’t raise anywhere near the kind of money needed to win a Presidential race.

To those who would argue that Gary Johnson made progress in the last election, I disagree. I think the only reason Libertarians got any traction was because the other two choices were so incredibly bad. While I do count on the political system to always produce terrible candidates, this past election cycle was an exceptionally bad crop.

Instead I think that the Libertarian party (or that liberty minded people) should organize to run a Gubernatorial candidate.

First, becoming the Governor of a State is like becoming a mini President. You’ll have plenty of power to make positive change.

And second, because it’s the kind of race where we can actually raise the funds needed to win.

Note: In the last Presidential election cycle, both candidates spent around $1 Billion each.  The most expensive Gubernatorial race in the nation was $50 million, with most races coming in at well under $10 million dollars.  THIS is something we can do!

If a liberty minded person were to win the office of Governor, they could essentially create an incredible amount of liberty by nullifying most Federal Government programs and departments in their State.

Nullification is a point that is often confusing for many people.

For example, if a Government were to eliminate the Federal Department of Education in the State of Texas it would not mean the State would not have a Department of Education. The State already has its own Department of Education. What it simply means is is that an outside body would no longer have control over the way the Texas decides to run and fund its educational system.

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.Lord Acton

A lot of people forget that absolute power brings absolute corruption and that we are not supposed to have one central absolute power over the educational system of the entire nation, which is why we allow the states to handle education. What has been going on for many decades now is a consolidation of power in Washington over many things that States used to run on their own.

This move towards consolidation is always done in the name of “making things better” but what it really means is that we only need to corrupt one office in order to corrupt all of the educational system, instead of having to try and corrupt 50 independently working offices at the same time.

So, for example, if you’re a business and you want to get your Coca-Cola machines into schools across the country, clearly you want the Federal Department of Education to be able to decide if your machines can be distributed, not each of the 50 different states.

I think the political system is absolutely impossible to fix at the Federal level and that we shouldn’t waste anymore time with it.

In general I think politics is very difficult to deal with and is mostly a failed system, but if I had to bet and put my money on things getting better anywhere, I would say the only chance would be at a more local level.

The more local you can get the better.

This is because proportionally your vote matters more, your activism has a more focused influence, etc.

I think that anyone who wants to try to work towards liberty should never be distracted by Presidential politics again or even by Congressional politics. In my opinion Federal politics are a 100% distraction designed to pull you into an unwinnable fight that does nothing more than sap your energy and steal your time and resources so that you don’t focus on things that actually would make a difference.

If the “liberty movement” could muster up a qualified leader who could run for Governor, I think it would be one of the most amazing things we could do.

It would be a race that we could win and it would bring the message of liberty to many millions more people.

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