Making Cop-Worship Mandatory

prostrate-religion“Get on the ground! Get on the ground!”

That demand is spat by police into the face of thousands of people every day in this country, many – perhaps most — of whom have neither been caught in a criminal act nor have been named on an arrest warrant. The refrain is recited by home invaders in paramilitary garb after they have kicked in a door, usually as a follow-up to an attack with a flash-bang grenade.

It is often performed as a prelude to Taser strikes, baton blows, or other punitive violence used against people who refuse to render immediate and unqualified obedience.

Once the victim is forced to the ground, the familiar liturgy continues as the assailants chant “Stop resisting! Stop resisting!” in counterpoint to punches, kicks, and other varieties of state-licensed criminal violence.

This exercise, we are told, is carried out in the service of that most important of all considerations, “Officer Safety.” It is true that the use of such methods is of great practical value to the privileged aggressors in government-issued attire.

However, there is a sacramental function being performed here, as well: When a police officer – a carnal emissary of the divine state, an accredited member of its punitive priesthood — orders a citizen to prostrate himself, he is, quite literally, demanding worship.

The Greek word translated as “worship” in the New Testament is proskuneo; it is related to such English words as “prostrate” and “prone.”

The typical gesture referred to by that term involves placing one’s self face-down on the ground: “…. And when I, John, saw these things, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel…. Then saith he unto me, ‘See thou do it not: For I am thy fellowservant…. Worship God.” (Rev. 22:8-9)

For both Christian and Jewish believers, this act was appropriate only when directed at God. This is why three refractory Hebrew youths in Babylonian captivity refused KingNebuchadnezzar’s command that they “fall to the ground” as an act of worship before an idol of the king’s construction, even when death was prescribed as punishment for this act of resistance (Daniel 3:6).

Prostration in prayer and worship is widely practiced in many faith traditions today – both Catholic and Protestant Christianity, in addition to Judaism and Islam. For believers, this is done as a display of complete submission and unqualified surrender to the only Being who has the right to require it from us.

Most people of faith believe that refusal to render such worship is a matter for God to deal with in His good time. This isn’t true for the State’s armed emissaries, who respond to such impiety in much the same way that Nebuchadnezzar did: Refusal to prostrate one’s self at the command of a government functionary is cause for summary punishment, often of the lethal variety.

Making Cop-Worship Mandatory [continued]


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  • tamajam10

    It’s been a slow and deliberate advance toward a ‘police state’ here in the U.S. However, I doubt this government inspired force will prevail in the end. The numbers demanding justice and peace are great and increasing every day. In the end, I tend to think that The People will prevail. No doubt there will be chaos and that countless hundreds of thousands will do as they are told. However, there is an energy – a sense of strength and righteousness – that is quietly building, and it will not be controlled by any brute force. People are beginning to awaken in spite of the fluoride, the chemtrails and toxic food supplies. We are beginning to realize our own spiritual purpose; and, it has nothing to do with servitude. It is about Freedom, and Self-Realization, and Peace, and Global Harmony.

    Moreover, the U.S. military will never fire on their fellow citizens. The police will though – and perhaps foreign soldiers. However, I wonder if the police ‘force’ will begin to sing a different tune when they realize the government has stolen their pensions – which I have no doubt will happen in the not-too-distant future. We all know our country is bankrupt; it’s only a matter of time before the controlled media is allowed to let us in on it. By then it’ll be too late for most of us to do anything about it – though I also imagine that is why they are preparing the FEMA camps. They will need this new breed of bully police – the ‘gang in blue’ – to herd everyone to a ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ location.

    So, the question then becomes: Because they need to cooperation of the police to control by force, will they loot the police pension funds before or after the American population is let in on what the rest of the world already knows?

  • jag uffluc

    The thugs in blue would be much safer if they respected peoples rights. Too bad their god complex gets in the way.

  • R.Young

    It’s the New AMERIKAN Police State just the most wonderful thing all Citizens must tremble in fear before the LEO’s!