Military Members Speak Out Against Syrian War Through Anonymous Meme

Military-meme-350x250Are we witnessing the beginnings of a new military member internet meme?

Military members are donning their uniforms and posting pictures of themselves with signs covering their faces that read, “I didn’t join the [military service branch name] to fight for Al-Quaeda in a Syrian civil war.”

The first image surfaced on the internet a few days ago and now another military member has made their own version.

Have military members finally found a way to speak out against U.S. Imperial foreign policies?



(Military members: please send us links to your images.  We’ll update this post with your submissions.)






UPDATE: Now a Green Beret has joined the ranks!



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  • john_hurd

    I got yer back boys

  • burtfisher

    The commander-in-chief is not faithful his oath of office. Our soldiers are therefore not required to follow theirs either.

    • madeuce42

      What Oath? The CIC is islamic NO OATH GIVEN TO AN INFIDEL IS VALID that is the koran besides which he is not even a citizen of the US. He said look at all I have accomplished I see absolutely nothing positive. He has created the most corrupt and destructive government the U.S. has ever seen what is funny all those hollywood millionairs that backed obama what will they do when the dollar collapses and all those millions won’ be worth the paper they are printed on. you 2 oprah

      • Muhammad Abbass

        You bigoted idiot. Obama is definitely not a Muslim (what you meant to say). However even if he was a Muslim, it doesn’t make him ineligible to be CIC even if being Kenyan would. There is no “infidel” in Islam that is a Christian concept. Christianity and the Law of Moses are considered to be directly related to Islam by us, we believe in the same God, respect and honour ALL the prophets of the Bible (especially Jesus whom we also believe will return and lead the righteous) and follow essentially exactly the same rules as good Jews and Christians do in essence. There is a lot of crap dumped on “Pagans” who were the original polytheist Arabs against whom Islam struggled to survive at first. However it eventually completely overcame and displaced them in that part of the world. Islam has always been the closest and most protective of persecuted Jewish and Christian sects and the West owes it’s evolution from the Dark Ages to all the wealth of knowledge, science, astronomy, medicine and civil and engineering feats which were looted frm the Islamic Empire the Crusaders saw, coveted and destroyed everything they could not carry away for the greedy popes and kings who sent them.

        An Oath in Islam is inviolable except under various circumstances. There are many interpretations of some crucial Arabic words used in the Quran. Arabic is an ancient and living language. One of the ways some of the interpretations have arisen is with deliberate deceit on the part of Satan and with time and slow pressure some variations have been allowed to arise and others are more blatant. Therefore it is best to consider the interpretations which are consistent with the oldest and purest Arabic. Hence a word Awliyah which is often falsely turned to FRIENDS, can only mean ALLIES and it would astonish you to see the difference that makes in a few verses. There are no contradictions in the Quran, and any which appear will be back traced to wrong interpretations. That has been established by even non-MUslim scholars. Thus when it says we must treat an oath as inviolable, except under specific circumstances which will be listed then it is as read. One more word on Pagans, Hindus are Pagan in the eyes of most Muslims it is true, and yet we have traditionally gotten on very well with them and do on the whole all around the world. (ignoring the Pak/Indian disputes which I know well since my wife is Pakistani and it isn’t a religious dispute but land mostly although religion then becomes a hook for both groups)

        In various places in the Holy Qur’an fulfilling a promise has been made obligatory and highly emphasised. For example, and fulfill the promise, surely (every) promise shall be questioned about.” (Surah al-‘Isrā’, 17:34)

        Also, “O you who believe! Fulfill the obligations.” (Surah al-Mā’ida 5:1) Similarly in Surah al-Baqarah the ayat says, “…and the performers of their promise when they make a promise…” (Surah al-Baqarah 2:177)

        There are no exceptions made in those. So when it says an aoth made to an unbeliever in order to save your life or the life of someone or to avoid committing a greater sin to Allah, then these like any idea are qualifications and not replacing the other.

        Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) has said: “There are Three obligations in fulfillment of which
        Allah does not give concession to any: To behave well with the parents, whether they are righteous or sinners; to fulfill ones promise; whether to a righteous person or a sinner; and to deliver a trust (to its owner) whether he is righteous or a sinner.”

        Amir ul-Mu’minīn ‘Ali (a.s.) says: “One must also fulfill that promise that he has made to his wife. For a Muslim is always careful of his promise except when it is for making a prohibited thing legal or prohibiting that which is permitted.”

        Please don’t play into the ones who are really behind these wars and attempts to create greater ones and waste your energy hating the wrong people, for the wrong reasons. I am an Aussie Muslim convert also as it happens, and don’t have any reason to lie, but I do have every reason to know what I’m talking about. Obama is bad news, though he isn’t quite as tightly controlled by the same main lobby which shall not be named, in his case it is done more directly from Wall Street rather than the lobby in Romney’s case and Romney would already have had WWIII going, indeed we may not all even be here talking on the net like this if he had won. But the difference is no big thing. The course is set at higher levels than the silly games they have us playing, the old Left/Right paradigm they convince the sheeo a democracy can possibly evolve to. That’s a duopoly has a business connotation for good reason.

        Wake up to yourselves. There is a war coming, and even needed perhaps, but it is not with “that group of people over there” who you’re being told it is. If you end up fighting that one, then everybody will lose, except maybe the small group at the top of an exclusive club which you aren’t in. The war is between you and them. Represented by your/our own governments and intelligence agencies and then with the people behind them. They are ‘foreign’ controlled but the people controlling them don’t exactly have a nationality and even if it is only superficial in most cases, they do have a shared ‘religion’ though they consider themselves more a tribe. They have similar numbers in the USA to Muslims but 96% of the US media isn’t owned by 6 Muslim owned/controlled companies and if there is an Islamic ceremony going on the Whitehouse, ever let me know. Indeed it could be enlightening to see exactly what if any religious feast days are observed at the Whitehouse. ~~~
        ..cue ironic jingle and exit stage right..

        • madeuce42

          Thank you that is probably the clearest explanation of islam I have ever been ,given. Louis Lamour wrote a book called the Walking Drum in the time after Constantine. It is about a Basque boy’s search for his father much of which is through Islamic Spain and the med. He talks about Christians and Jews being people of the book and what you have said about their knowledge and love of learning.
          Muhammed that was how I viewed Islam until recently, Iam 70 years old and I never before encountered Sharia, seen 6 and 10 year old girls beheaded, therein lies the problem. Jihadists along with obama Who I believe is Jihadist and controlled by banking interests out to Destroy the country I love that is why My war is with those in our government who are OATHBREAKERS and no longer represent the people.
          You have my most heart felt Thanks for what you wrote. but all I hear lately is Sharia, Al Quaeda, The Muslim Brotherhood They have taught me a very negative view of islam which I cannot accept. My law is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and they cannot coexist with Sharia. I would have no problem with any Muslim who could give their allegiance to the U.S. over Mecca. That would make islam a religion and not a political entity as I now see it
          Muhammed I am saying Good Night with hope that we can continue an open dialogue

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Yes. Thanks. Although there are something more than 70 sects, divided mostly into two main camps regarding ascension or ‘leadership’ they all have certain basic tenets in common, or can’t really be called Islamic. Belief in One God, Allah the God of Adam, Moses, Abraham, Jesus and Mohamad. We believe Muhammad is the last prophet and the seal and that all people are born as Muslims technically since this is just a pure state of knowing there is just One God and being at His mercy. Then we forget or are taught away from this depending on our culture. There is no authority as such like a priesthood in Islam.

            If The Muslim Brotherhood or Hamas (an MB group) or any of the Salafist (Wahhabi) examples had been the ones I noticed I’d not have been drawn to Islam. Over many years of first questioning the official narrative of 9/11, then examining the religion I was gradually coming to defend against what were inccreasingly obvious propaganda campaigns of disinformation I cam to most admire the examples set by Shiites. Hezbollah, Iran and as it happens Assad’s Syria. They all have other sects and religions, but unlike the Sunni run societies they are tolerant, peaceful and moderate. AND peaceful. But also independent, tough and pious. I’m not Shiite but I can say that’s increasingly how many Muslims see it too, no matter what sect they idenitify with if any.

            No Muslim will ever give allegiance to Mecca, it is a place. I place which we’re all supposed to visit once if we can as it is a sign of faith. But most of us struggle with the sort of “Muslims” the Wahhabis who control and are the official protectors. It is a sore point especially with Shiites whom are hated most by Wahhabis. They call them the worst them imaginable, Kafir, (which can only be applied to former Muslims) and in truth might more aptly be seen by them in the mirror. These are also the US allies. However no Muslim will give allegiance to any bu Allah and Islam whilst it is not a centralised religion with a central authority, remains One religion in the eyes of most of it’s adherants and we will defend our religion above any other cause too. However if you’re in a cause which can attract an honest Muslims resistance, you’re on the wrong side of history, morality and God. It just goes with the definition of Islam. Those cannibal, rapist, murdering Takfiris in Egypt, Syria and Libya are by the same definition not Muslims either no matter what they pretend. Someone dies defending their homes against foreign invasion and attacks on their religion, are martyrs. People killed whilst raping, looting and terrorising others, especially women and children are never martyrs but if they were Muslims they would really have to be kafirs by definition.

            Sharia is the law of Moses and it is not as simple or strict as people assume. It is the one thing all sects agree on, but all sects and socities apply it differently. For example homosexuality is not forbidden, just it’s practice but the penalty can be whatever the judges consider appropriate to the severity of the sin, against social order. One society says it is no big deal, whip them twenty times and send them home and another says stone them to death. The society as so often is the case with any idea, is the problem.

          • madeuce42

            Again I thank you for your explanation and that is the way I saw islam me bigoted it is the result of what other islamists around the world have taught me. They are here in the USA and in some places Sharia is being legitimized over the constitution. In other places our history is being rewritten. I have no problem with islam AS A RELIGION in this country but that is NOT what it is. It IS a political entity that wants to take over my country replace Constitutional Law with Sharia Law. In a nutshell ISLAM IS THE ENEMY OF ME AND MY COUNTRY. We cannot coexist as Sharia and the constitution are incompatable, we must all live under One law or the nation will tear itself apart that is reality not what is in a book.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Sharia isn’t a big deal, it’s just the same Law of Moses that the Jews have and which underpins most Western Law anyway, but it’s simpler and more direct. When it is instituted as such which everybody is all worried about, it just means it becomes recognised and able to be practised legally by Muslims. It doesn’t go against Constitutional Law (as if that has any meaning anymore anyway) and it is not over riding any US Law when it does. I am sure that’s how it will be, as here and the UK ad other places. We also recognise Aboriginal tribal law but in the same way it is extra to not replacing what we have. It is also only applicable and only by their choice by the Aborigines. Just as Sharia Law is something I can observe and be subject to here in Perth I still am subject to Australian Law and just because Australia recognised Sharia Law doesn’t mean a non Muslim could ever be forced to submit to a Sharia law or court such as they are. Sharia Law protects my wife’s rights very well under Sharia, better in fact than Australian Law, but I am still subject to Australian Law and my non Muslim neighbour wouldn’t even know Sharia Law existed, or if he does like you he thinks it is some boogey scary thing to be kept away or it will be like a Zombie apocalypse or something. :)
            I’m a sixth generation Scottish English heritage Aussie and Muslim convert and I know there are 200,000 new Muslim converts in the USA annually, and 65,000 daily worldwide. We’re not going anywhere although Zionism would like us as well as you to go to a self inflicted hell for their benefit and we’re headed that way. I think the same country which attacked the USA on 9/11 was the same one in the Lavon Affair and USS Liberty and is your real enemy today. Muslims have been the victim not the tormentor of the great USA. Give the law thing a rethink, it is a huge red herring in fact. You can indeed have many laws, so long as there is the law of the land supreme. Cheers

          • madeuce42


            This is why Islam and sharia are unacceptable and why i will always be

          • Muhammad Abbass

            That’s just an example of why bigots are so dangerous. They assume a lot, and project their misinformed views. I already explained that Wahhabis are not even Muslims by real Islamic standards. They are the polar opposite of Islam and as such are your allies. The Saudis are Wahhabis and Saudi Arabia is a sick and weird country, it is not typical of Islam and is both a goad and embarrassment to Muslims. However the cultural issues which are expressed in how they administer Sharia law do not speak for Sharia law itself, just the society from which they are applied. I did already explain this but as happens the closed mind ignores information contrary to its paradigm and selectively applies the exception as the rule.

            Honour killings and even the manner of arranged marriages in Pakistan are often judged as supposed Sharia Law by bigots. The truth is these are inherited social customs from Hindu India. Sharia Law is the moderating influence. Sharia stood between my wife and I and honour killings when we bypassed family tradition and were married in secret and faced retribution. Sharia detremined that since I am a good Muslim, capable of supporting my wife and she even as a young woman who normally would have been quite “oppressed” by your standards (actually no such thing, try safe and secure) she had the right to marry me despite her father and brothers’ refusal. Saudi Arabia and several other grim examples of the worst within Isma would easily be dealt with by the Islamic Umma (Muslims) if they were not being propped up and armed and helped in exporting their extremist propaganda everywhere.

            Why the hell is that terrorist and extremist hater Choudary allowed to spew his hatred on the BBC and UK press? He’d be arrested for the terrorist he is in the countries your ignorance is allowing to be destroyed. Moderate and one time secure and happy countries like Iraq, Libya and now Syria. These were the most moderate and secular, peaceful and secure coutries in the Middle East yet idiots like you ahve allowed them to be plowed under and broken, turned into extremist, terrorist breeding grounds. You will face a judgement for what you have done. It is less unconscious I suspect. It is getting painfully obvious which side is good and which is bad, or even increasingly undeniably evil. At this stage.

            It is not the West or Islam or any country either. The evil cuts across the board as does the good. I said this would happen. Howe ever the next war starts, it will be between countries peoples and religions, it is going to quickly evolve into a struggle between good and evil. The selfish, violent, lazy, cannibalistic, ignorant, cowardly, greedy and stupid are the sort of people behind the wars against others in far away lands, based on thin lies of terrorist threats and the same sort of people are running around committing evil crimes and weakening Islam which could have been the last bastian against the NWO whilst thinking that shouting Allah u Akbar makes it alright. That is why Israel, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey,some vile and reclacitrant gangster regimes are as thick as thieves in the ongoing rape and pillage of Syria. The majority of the world’s people, and certainly all those informe and most Muslims are firmly on the side of the long suffering Syrian government under Bashar Assad.

            The more they make war and spew hatred, the more the truth is exposed and the masks have fallen away. Your emperor has no clothes. Our emperor has none either. We just had a change of the guard, a new puppet PM. It makes no difference. Australian foreign policy is not indpendent, we are a vassal state and everyone knows it. However nor is US foreign policy. It is dictated by others and the same people own the media which they use to formulate public opinion behind the pre-decided outcomes. You are living in a matrix and only fear keeps you inside it.

    • BigIron8

      We have seen that when attempts have been made to properly do their duty with regard to “unlawful” orders, those in control have failed to protect the “whistle blowers” properly.

    • Sarah Conner

      The military’s oath is to The Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic…and we all know who obozo sides with…the military are obligated to disobey orders from the president that are contrary to their oaths’,and we stand with our military…

  • madeuce42


    • WhatsHappenedToOurCountry

      I love this–thank you for having the courage to stand up for your convictions–we are with you now and always–we support our military–not the regime that is trying to undermine them!

      And as a side note–we think it should be mandatory for every elected politico in DC to have to have military service so that they know and understand exactly how our military functions/what’s at stake!

      • madeuce42

        CONGRESS needs to say NO and then say we are IMPEACHING YOU AND PROSECUTING YOU. We need elected officials that represent the people and do not think of themselves as an aristocracy. But first priority is getting rid of King Jellyfish the First ” THE WUSS OF THE WEST “

        • Ben

          NOT “another investigation”, but a FULL REENACTMENT :

          We petition the Obama administration to:

          Ask the American people to reenact 9/11.

          According to Wikipedia ( ):

          “When the World Trade Center twin towers were completed, the total costs to the Port Authority had reached $900 million”, MUCH less than the price paid by the American people for last decade’s wars.

          Please remind the citizens of the U.S. that they are free to peacefully assemble, to organize themselves, to use available blueprints, dummies, full scale replicas of planes and WTC buildings, in order to reenact, in a remote location, some of the events of September the eleventh, 2001.

          Reenacting some of the events of 9/11/2011 will indeed bring change and hope, will boost confidence, credibility and stability, will promote prosperity both in the U.S. and all over the world.

          Kind regards,

          Ben Franklin

          This petition can be signed at:

    • texaschris


      • madeuce42

        3 percenters

  • BigIron8

    My protest against action against the Syrian government is that it is based upon a “false-flag” operation to designed to allow the US to carry out the orders of the NWO/PTB against the “lawful” government of a “sovereign” nation under a pretext that makes no sense whatsoever.

    Why would a Government already winning against a “rebel” force use a WMD against such a force and suffer “condemnation” in the “world court” for such an action? Such an act by Syria would be a “lose/lose” act! … especially with O’s ridiculous “saber rattling” attempts to gain some degree of statue in a world which more and more sees “him” for the cowardly, petty-tyrant that he really is.

    Such a MISSION against the “lawful” government of Syria carries NO honor and is a “misuse” and “abuse” of OUR soldiers who are OUR responsibility. We, the People, MUST accept the blame for allowing this misuse and abuse to occur. And it is because we care about our soldiers and our honor that we must oppose these unconscionable acts against Syria and other sovereign nations of the world and cease following the orders of the NWO/PTB.

    Our solders MUST know that our opposition to aggression against Syria is in “support” of them, our soldiers, NOT in condemnation of them!

  • BDev

    If they end up in Syria with orders to kill “for” Al-Qaeda, just turn around and kill Al-Qaeda.

    Problem solved.

    • musings2

      If that costs one American life, it is one too many!

      • texaschris

        We signed up with the full knowledge that we may very well be asked to give our lives in the service of protecting our country.

        Not Syria.

  • Larry Hall

    Our muslim brotherhood pres wants our guys to help his bros out.What a joke why wont they impeach this guy?why are republicans so afraid of him.Hell I don’t blame him anymore cause I know what he is and what he stands for.But he has no opposition to speak of.Sure there are people making n oise but again that’s all it is noise our chicken s**t people in gov wont stand for anything good its all talking heads and it just keeps getting worse and worse.
    Time for the people to rise up and take over vote out everyone that just talks and has no action.We should be storming our senate and congress with millions of people.
    Or just take over with a revelution.Its about time we the people get with it.

  • Larry Hall

    Just like all of us on this board its great to have a place to gripe but comes a time action is required.

  • Tatiana Covington

    I’d recommend they wear gloves. Freckles and moles can give one away.

    • musings2

      I recommend they come out of the shadows and soon.

  • Vic Pittman

    These are brave soldiers ! Thank you all ! As a last resort, the powers that be will try to turn you against us and us against you…lets not buy into that either !! Thank you !

  • RJ O’Guillory

    ….good for them….now we need to see the same message related to enforcing Martial Law within the US…..refuse to enforce it…and go after every traitor…cabinet Level or above for the last fifty years…let us build The National Gallows for American Values at Ground Zero 911….to be constructed from thermite tainted steel from the WTC…and let us begin to have a Grand Jury return inidctments for treason….let us begin to impeach and convict….then start hanging and seizing family assets…. of the Bush/Clinton/bush/Obama…..War-Crime Cabal……


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

    • Lex Mercatoria

      America has legally been under martial law since the civil war. That we are under martial law was admitted by a congressman and entered into the congressional record in the 1960s. Those presidents take an oath to “United States,” NOT “The [with a capital ‘T’] United States of America” which are two distinctly different entities. They and their bureaucrat/politician minions are no more our leaders than Bill Gates of Microsoft corporation.

      • RJ O’Guillory

        …yes….well, I worked as a “Federally Protected Whistle-Blower”..for US DoD all over the world…the government has been corrupt my entire life…so a more militarized form of ML will not shock me too much….I cannot wait for local and state treason trials to start…and we get to begin going after these “national leaders”….


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  • NHConstitutionalist

    I stand with those in our military who see the fallacy in this Incompetent Fraud they are supposed to take orders from.
    Those sand flea camel humpers have been killing each other for centuries. It’s their culture, tradition, and cult of hate. If they want to annihilate each other let them. Not a thousand of them or their brother Obama are worth one more American’s life.
    No one should be expected to follow the fiats of a duplicitous coward. It is Obama that is unfit to serve and derelict in his duty he has been MIA from the onset.

  • Dr. J

    May God bless you all.

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  • tom brown

    Didn’t you know the NSA can detect who you are? They can analyse the hand and can make that paper vanish using software. Still I guess your hearts are in the right place. Just Say NO to liars.

  • marino

    According to U.S. Code 50 (Chapter 32, Section 1520(b)1)) states that the Department of Defense MAY “conduct any test or experiment involving the use of any chemical or biological agent on civilian populations” only if the DoD notifies “local civilian officials” 30 days before testing chemical or biological agents on U.S. civilians.

    • Sidnee Farr

      We need to get rid of the inhuman and unconstitutional laws made by corrupt government. We need to start with the constitution and the American people need to vote on all laws.

  • JeremiahtpoG

    Wow, wow, and wow, thank you so much, you are our national treasures, and there are a lot of American patriots who don’t want you fighting for Al Qaeda in Syria either

  • JeremiahtpoG

    Take a look at your Senators, and Representatives, there a just a very few with the courage to stand up to Obama, makes you wonder, are they being bribed or threatened

  • Jenny Murphy

    You must fight and die for the bankers and Israel they are your true masters..until Israel is the lone nuclear superpower in the middle east American troops will die..

  • Robert Zraick

    I salute the military. By that, I mean the men and women in uniform. I have little use for some of the generals who seem to be looking for eternal war. I know that people enlist in the military to defend our country and everything for which it stands.
    When out government leaders engage in treason, it is the duty of the soldier to refuse orders. I believe that our men and women in the military are more tuned in to the truth than the average civilian. But there are many civilians who are waking up to the truth.
    It is up to the people of our country to save it from the leaders who have betrayed us all in almost every way.
    I know there are things which you can not do. But this looks very good to me. If you have to conceal your identity in order to use your first amendment right to speak out, then so be it.
    When the tyrannical government turns its guns on the people, I hope you will be beside us. If you are, the tyrants do not stand a chance.

  • same song

    Remember Bradley Manning getting 35 years for info online that could reach Al quaeda !

    • texaschris

      It’s sad what the government did to that poor boy’s mind.

      • Zach Davis

        I believe he wants to be called a she now.

    • Sidnee Farr

      The tyrant probably put him up to it so he could get his message across and blame someone else.

  • suprabrew

    Too bad they are cowards, afraid to stand behind their convictions with their faces.
    I hope they can better appreciate what Manning and Snowden have done in making meaningful, courageous sacrifices.
    I am glad they are at least holding up anonymous signage, though it isn’t very convincing when they hide behind them at the same time! That should give our enemies even greater confidence.

    • BenH

      These men are NOT cowards. Thank GOD for these men who see the DISGUSTING CRIMINALITY and CORRUPTION coming out of D.C., Congress attempting to ABOLISH the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Homeland Security jack-booted POLICE STATE, and the Rothschild/Rockefeller Federal Reserve ZIONIST bankers who have “taken over” the world and murdered MILLIONS of people by USING the US MILITARY and US MONEY to TAKE OVER THE WORLD per Bzig Brzezinski’s 1995 book The Grand Chess Board. In the book, Bzig states that Americans were peace-loving; therefore, it would take a HUGE ATTACK for Americans to want to go to war. ISRAEL, PNAC full of Israeli dual-citizen war-mongers, the Mossad, and the Bush admin made SURE that big attack happened – 9/11. GOOGLE: Dancing Israelis, GOOGLE: 911 moving van with mural Bzig has recently said that the American people are “waking up” too quickly for these continuing FALSE FLAGS like the Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Syria LIES to continue.

      • Zach Davis


        Actually, they are hiding behind pieces of paper. If they wanted to show their true convictions, they would do it in public showing their faces and willing to face any consequences that come with it.

    • Charles_C

      Those men are not cowards, remember what happen to those who has spoken up against that piece of shit in the white house?

    • Sidnee Farr

      You are as bad as the corrupt government! What an awful thing to say about our dear servicemen who came forth. If they show their faces they would be in jail or wiped out like other people that spoke against King A.H. in the white house.If something happened to them then who could we count on.

      • Sidnee Farr

        P.S. you are probably part of the terrorist group that King A.H. supports. By the way A.H. stands for ass hole.

  • Paulus

    TOO late. They should have done that on November 5th, 2008 like Patriot Lt. Col. Lakin who paid it ALL for his Constitutional OATH!!!

  • Daz

    Oh come on Guys, where is that ‘stiff upper lip’ which your Brit cousins are proud of in dire situations. It’ll all be over by Xmas. Although some of us might be glowing in the dark.


    • Sidnee Farr

      I hope you are joking. If we have a nuclear war no one will live to talk about it unless you are invited underground to join the illuminati group. Frankly I’d rather die then sell my soul to the devil.

  • NFL420

    The military needs to overthrow and arrest all the ZOG whores and put them in a zoo where kids can throw peanuts at them!!

  • Sidnee Farr

    If the tyrant puts us to war please destroy their under ground bunkers first, so they may die the same way the rest of us will. We need to protect America from tyrants and the all mighty groups who decide most of us need to be snuffed out. No illuminati group or any other group has the right to kill off people to reduce the population to the “chosen” few but our God. Please return home and protect us from our government. Any law that puts the government in total charge and can tell the military to fight against Americans without just cause has to be against our constitution. According to the 2nd Amendment ,before the tyrants added their own amendments (that was strictly for there protection), the military belongs to the people and not the government. They have enough against our president to give him the death penalty so I think it is time for you all to come home and clean up the big house. The Americans are planing a trip to D.C. on 9/9 and we need our military to protect us. We have corruption throughout the government and we might not have enough honest American politicians to get him out of office. If we did why didn’t they get rid of him before this? They removed Nixon and he only did the watergate thing. This man and his white house army has done more than that. They betrayed us. We need to take back America and send all illegals home. America is ours. If they want a perfect new world they can start one in some deserted island and we won’t bother them unless they try to come back. That goes for all of the illuminati and terrorist groups.

  • Sidnee Farr

    Thank you for all you do for Americans and God Bless you All.

  • Sidnee Farr

    Fellows come home now Government threatened congress that if they vote no their will be serious problems for America and some of the things you need are missing down south. Destroy their underground city and don’t forget Cripple Creek gold mine. Got lots of room down there. Contact Russia and China tell them of our problem. Contact our Allies if we don’t do something we are all doomed make sure they have no place to run from the destruction and please come clean the house now!!!!

  • gringott

    Here is a picture of the bronze plaque from Constitution Corner at the USMA, West Point, NY. This is what the military oath is to, not a human being in the White House. An unconstitutional order is an illegal order. Period.

  • guest

    yes…. i agree a million time + what you are saying. our own military gets a pay cut but how many billions has been given to the brotherhood and arms. what high treason crimes against america and her people but such treason disgrace to our brave military people.our military should NOT! fight for al-qaeda period. how many,many soliders have died by their hand and 9/11.these are our enemy and no president should even ask this or cut their military pay and fund the brotherhood. i am shocked the military leaders have not sent soilders to arrest and tried for high war crimes and high treason against all of america and her people. what would our founding fathers who many died for this to not take place.what would they have done long before now. yes we are a christain nation and we love freedom not dictaorship. we should have rights that our founding fathers fought for them and us to have. our tax money should not be spent to fund the enemy as it has.period! all crimes done to american and her people must stop before we are gone and lost 4 ever!!!!! and ever. our morals have been taken and replaced with unholy morals cramed down our throaths. someone has to do what congress will not do to save america. these thing being asked is of madness not sane and our military should not be asked to commit treason by fighting for the enemy. this is russia’s call not the u.s.a. period! our military all should be brought home from the middle east period. this isnt bush’s doings so stop blaming bush and look into the face who lied on 1st term said all military would be brought home in 18 months in 2009 this is 2013.wake up!!!! nothing being done for america only for the brotherhood high crimes high treason.

  • Zach Davis

    Too bad they didn’t have the balls to post those pictures with their faces in it.

  • SteveLNew

    I didn’t realize when I joined the military… We actually get to choose the wars we are in? Really??? When did that happen?!?!?

  • John Litton

    Its time for the middle east to un-screw itself right about now.

  • Andrew

    lol what does a US navy chief know about that? Going to be hard having to drink coffee on the boat for a few months instead of coffee on the shore.