New Mexico homeowner shot 250-pound bear after it tried following him into house

250 pound black bear shot and killedMost of the time when an intruder is trying to break into a home, it’s someone looking for easy loot, not a 250-pound black bear. But as one New Mexico homeowner discovered last Friday morning, intruders come in all shapes and sizes.

According to a local news report, it was about 5 o’clock in the morning when the bear was first spotted in a Cedar Crest neighborhood, about 15 miles east of Albuquerque. Witnesses say that the bear was acting hostile and aggressively moving towards people in the neighborhood.

Yet according to Sgt. Aaron Williamson of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office, when the bear moved into a back yard, the homeowner fired a shot to scare it away. The bear left, but a short time later came back, harboring even more aggression.

The homeowner then shot into the air a second time, attempting to scare the bear away, but it didn’t even faze the animal. When the homeowner started to go back inside his home, the bear followed him and that’s when the homeowner shot and killed it.

Neighborhood residents think that the bear that was killed may have been the same one that has been hanging around in the area for several weeks now.

New Mexico homeowner shot 250-pound bear after it tried following him into house [continued]


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  • miltfarrow

    Are you sure it wasn’t a “congressman in drag”?

  • jdelaney3

    May have been rabid, so I guess the homeowner had no choice, but I always feel a twinge of regret for animals in such circumstances.

    • binaryloop

      Sure. He fired warning shots. He tried scaring it off. I don’t think he wanted to put it down. But, bears that aren’t afraid of humans are the scariest kind. This one would have walked right in his house and sat in front of the fridge.

      • peck2

        I might have fired a warning shot..depends on what was going on. Guaranteed If I had been forced to kill it, I would not have told anyone. Just as I would not tell anyone if it had killed a biped intruder.

        • binaryloop

          He probably didn’t tell anyone. But, he was shooting outside in a pretty populated neighborhood. I bet one of the neighbors filmed it or said something.

          • peck2

            You could be right. I am so used to living in an isolated country location, with the occasional bear, that I cannot think or react like a city-slicker.

    • Thebes42

      I doubt rabies.

      When bears become pressured, or also near hibernation times, they make dangerous decisions- like raiding the dumpster. If it is cold they may act drunken. Bears that have had previous human interactions winning them food often become aggressive in seeking food.

      I had a bear tap on my window while on the can once in a cabin in NM, though that one scared off the next day with yelling… the warning shots had zero effect, the bear did not understand that the noise was a danger, but two people yelling and clapping, two dogs and a llama chased it off from the dumpster and goat pen, eventually.

  • lonebear

    Tomorrow we will get to find out what kind of charges he is going to be brought up on for defending his own life

  • David Stovall

    He can avoid charges by informing authorities that it was just a “post birth abortion”.