New York Police Lose It Over a Drone

January 10, 2017

Published on Jan 8, 2017
November 13, 2016, a SHARK team uses an Angel drone to get an aerial view of Marshall Farms, a company in North Rose, New York that raises beagles, ferrets and other animals for research.

Although absolutely no laws were broken, police made an illegal traffic stop that lasted more than an hour. The bullying and incompetence is hard to believe.

The police lost their credibility, their dignity, and any legitimacy by selling out to a company that sells animals for research. Shame on the New York State Police and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department.

We are in the process of reviewing our legal options, and will provide updates as decisions are made.

Please email both law enforcement agencies about how their officers acted. Please be polite, and please let us know if you get a response:

New York State Police:

Wayne County Sheriff:

Sheriff Barry Virts

While we very much appreciate the supportive comments many people have left, we ask you to consider that threats against police officers is not the way to go. While SHARK will stand against bad cops, we do not wish them harm – we only wish to get rid of the bad cops, so the good police can do their jobs.

Harming others is what we are trying to end, so let’s not threaten even those with whom we very much disagree. We certainly understand the emotion, having seen so much corruption firsthand, but violence is not the answer.

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I am a Drone Pilot. And while there may not be Any Laws Broken, These Officers are doing what I would hope they would do for me if I saw a Drone flying over my house. People have a Constitutional RIGHT to Privacy. If you happen to think I’m doing something wrong, GET A WARRANT.


Whether you agree or disagree with the agenda of the drone-fliers, the actions of the police in this case are more in the realm of Keystone Kop (if you focus on the stupidity) or Nazi Gestapo (if you focus on the deprivation of rights) than they are professional policing.


lol. Also I have to agree. However I understand my Constitutional RIGHT to Privacy also. If the Drone Pilot has a Right to His Privacy not to show his ID to Police, then I as a land Owner should also have the same protections in place for me should a Drone Pilot choose to Ignore MY RIGHT to Privacy. So his Camera footage should have been confiscated to protect My Right to Privacy. The footage was taken WITHOUT a Warrant.