New York sheriffs continue to fight against the SAFE Act

By Terrence T. McDonald

NY Sheriff Richard Devlin Jr.Otsego County has become one of the first counties in New York to tell the state it does not want its official seal used on a New York State Police web site being created to help gun owners comply with a new mandate that they renew their county-issued pistol permits.

“This would make more work for us,” Sheriff Richard Devlin Jr. told the county Board of Representatives this week before panel voted unanimously to stop any county logo or seal on a web site now being set up by New York state police.

The pistol permit recertification requirement was in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s gun-control measure, known as the SAFE Act, which was adopted in Albany last January. Devlin warned this pistol permit recertification threatens to become an unfunded mandate for counties across the state. Under the SAFE Act (the pistol permits, which are initially issued by counties, must now be renewed every five years).

New York sheriffs continue to fight against the SAFE Act [continued]


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    I beleive Wayne Co. was first.